Sunday, 17 May 2009


I've had one hell of a day! From Politicus, to FOOTBALL, to Fashion, and back to politics.. all my fave things happening in the same day leading to a dead tired FourMe now..

See when it comes to football I've done it all, I've been to Old Trafford, Wembley, Emirates Stadium, to sitting with the opposing team and supporting my team, to watching it in bars, watching it with a bunch of my dude friends and being only girl, but only place I have NOT seen a match in is a Pub (english style bar where if u support opposite team u can easily get hit with a bottle over ur head) and that's for fear of getting injured cuz I know they would hurt me cuz I don't know how to shut it :/

After sleeping at 6am and waking up at 12 and not having enough time to go back home and watch the match and here I don't have the channel so I had to find an alternative.. Only option was a local pub :/ ehy mota motaa and my boys certainly do deserve it.. I pick up and go to the pub, I walk in and look for the closest seats to the tv which is on the actual bar, my friends find a table further away and sit (they leave during half time and I stay there alone). But FourMe doesn't give a damn and parks her behind right on the bar stools in between 5 english men :D

People drinking left and right and FourMe orders cappuccino! Fineee.. No not really, volume is low, I look at the waiter (whom I have not seen yet cuz concentrating on match, DEAD gorgeous spaniard!!) and i flutter my lashes and ask so sweetly can u put the volume up? asks whom I'm supporting and after both him and manager call me a Good Girl for supporting the right team they put it up, and men next to me start thanking me cuz the dude wouldn't put volume up for them :p

As they miss shots men around scream bloody hell and piss off while your dear girl shouts off the top of her lung OH FUCK OFF at the screen! Yes I am apparently more vulgar than middle aged English men!! Hehe how adorable am I :p anyhows many more details but cutting it short I made the scouser next to me go out in shame and the arsenal fans put their head down in embarrassment :D in conclusion I have finally done it, went to an english pub, watched a match while sitting at the bar, drinkin 2 coffees and arguing about football with bob the builder, jack the plumber, and tom the electrician without getting smacked across the face!!

Congratulations to every Manchester United fan.. A win very well deserved.. A win long waited for.. A win that shut every single trap around uP!! A win that crowned them CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!

Chaammpionss, CHammmpionnnnssss, CHAMPIONNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :D

p.s. I made up my mind I wanna marry a spaniard.. Jesus they're gorgeous!! Especially when they start yapping away in spanish, beyond fabulous!


Anony said...


Stand-Alone~ said...

*does a victory dance for MAN U*

Mix said...

Yesterday was 90 mins of gut wrenching football. But thank God we made it in the end. 3 in a row...a sweet feeling. Bring on Barca !

Limited said...

it felt goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

CuteandCuddly said...

lol u should have seen my sister when they won :)
she was jumping up and down

Ms. D said...

ma 3rafty t9awren al ademy 9a7?!!!