Saturday, 30 May 2009


When was the last time you went for a bra fitting? Do you know that a woman should be fitted every 6 months? The size of a woman's breasts change that often plus any fluctuation in weight tends to change their size.

The other day I saw a woman shopping for a top and I just stood there staring at her contemplating if I should go up to her and tell her she needs to invest in a good bra not a top!! Dear Lord what a horrific sight!! There was spillage everywhere! Left, right, up, down, you name it she was spilling out of it! It looked as if a breast tsunami has hit her and you didn't know where her breasts start and where they ended! I bet my life on it that she was wearing a 36C while she was obviously a 38DD the least! It made her look horrible.

Now that being said it made me bother my ass and go get fitted, I always make sure I get fitted at least once a year. And boy was it an interesting fitting! I was smacked with a D!! Come on I was aware Betty n Boop were growing but a D! Seriously!! D is one step away from a future of boobies being thrown over the shoulder cuz they'll be too heavy to carry :/

Do's and Don'ts:
-The waistband should NOT ride up your back.. if it does then that means it is too big for you.

-There should be NO spilling out of the cup!! Please make sure there is no spillage out of the cup as that makes you look chubbier plus saggy! And am sure none of us want saggy boobies :/

-The middle triangle'ish part of the bra SHOULD stick to your chest hence separating the girls and NOT making them smack each other with each movement.

-Buy bras that close on middle clasp NEVER get bras that only close on first clasp as that means they are too tight!!

-Opt for padded bras as they give better support plus they save you from those awkward "feeling a bit cold moments" and have the ladies saluting the public.. If you already have a decent pair try and and find bras with thin padding..

-Do not and I repeat do NOT wear a balcony cut bra for outings as they are intended only for enticing your partner in the bedroom and not to give you full support when out.

-Do NOT wear frilly bras under tight shirts!! Its a No noo, I know you like'm and they make you feel sexy but seriously just don't cuz all the lace and detailed crap on them will bulge under your tops/dresses..

-Don't wear external bra fillers or fillets as they do NOT stick in one place and tend to move around giving you a lob sided looking boobies :/ Most bras now come with fitted fillers so just go for those instead of additional stuffing

-If you get your size and it is too tight go for a larger digit with a smaller cup. For example, you are 34C go for a 36B. See when the waistband is too tight from the back it looks like there are roads and highways going on under your shirt and it ain't a pretty sight..

- And this is just one last request under NO circumstances wear a red bra under a white top! It is NOT sexy it is trashy!!

Now go spend some money and buy good support for the girls..
They deserve it!


Stand-Alone~ said...

thankx for the tips and advice lool =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

me needs to go bra shopping =\

CuteandCuddly said...


the red bra under the white is so trashy. That is so true :)

Hasan.B said...

Ola kil hal rules for underwear! Ala ekhali lemkasar wel fanela lemshaqiqa

zuz said...

looool, my boobies arent constant either:s, they change sizes kel sa3a:@!!! thats why bra shopping is so hard for me;/ chenna ma9na3aw bra for my boobs yet:/

Anonymous said...

hahaha thaanks for the tipsss ;p wallah i need to get some :p

miss me? :$


FourMe said...

my pleasure :)

please do! you have no idea how a good bra can change the overall look

oh verrrry trashy!

shfee g7a6aa :p

those were the ones off the top of my head.. there is more.. what did u think it is easy being a woman?!

no listen it's probably you haven't tried enough bras on at one go.. bras are like a pair of jeans, a good one is impossible to find because the material and style differs..

just go get fitted for size and get every single style you can find.. i would recommend a t-shirt padded bras.. those tend to fit all shapes and sizes plus give good support..

hope they helped..

without a doubt :*

f7ee7eely said...

boobunami haaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahha

if u keep this up el urban dictionary bey3azzel :P

f7ee7eely said...

3ala 6arry el boobs the funniest description of saggy boobs i have ever heard came from a perverted 70 something year old pervert 3endena bel diwaniya hehehe --- he confided to me his urge to find a new perky wife

Me: eshfeha um e3yalek allah eykhaleeha lek 7afthetek ew 7afthah baitek.
him: balak maa sheft edyood'ha chennah edlaq ( sucks ) 7a6een feeh eshwayat ramul (sand )

sakkatny hehehehehe

FourMe said...

hehehe u have no idea..

like ewwwww! but true assuming his wife is around his age so yaa her boobies would look like a pair of old socks filled with sand..damn it boy! now the image is engraved in my head for the day!! cheers mate :/

Anonymous said...

looooooooool umbeeeh mo 9eej

suspic said...

For a boob post, I'm highly disappointed.

Âme said...

Its a good guide and advice Suspic :)

~ Soul

P.S: I understand the disappointment

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

looool @ suspic ;Pp

FourMe said...

at time i can get a tad bari3 :p but this is purely for educational purposes :D

yes i forgot you only understand things when they come with visuals.. i will post some when you give us one more look at those damn fine hairy legs of yours..

i see suspee has rubbed off on you..

dont ya think we should see a pic of his boobies :p

Daddy's Girl said...

Eeeh... something as simple as a suitable bra and a mirror seems to skip many many womens minds for some reason...

I went for a fitting once in my life... and i was smacked with a number that was amazingly tooooo big... seriyously disastrous number... but i said to my self nah they are professionals and what do i know about it?

so i buy that size they said it's mine,o whenever i wore a shirt or a blouse, every thing was sliding in every where g63!

so i threw them away... bought every possible combination i had, o worn them under my clothes for a trial until i found my size... it was 2 sizes less than the fitting size!!!!

oh and sometimes depending on the shape and the material of the bra, u need to go up and down a cup... it's tricky but it's part of being a woman y3ni we must pay attention!

Um Mit3ib said...

shda3waa kil 6 months! they dont change!