Sunday, 17 May 2009

Angels & Demons

Just watched the movie and what an interesting movie it is! The movie itself was fine, good storyline, Hanks amazing as always, blah blah etc..

What was so interesting about it is how they portrayed the eternal dispute over good and evil and how it is justified when perceived from different angles. Even though the story revolved around "the Church" and "the Illuminati" it made you question ideology itself. Religion vs science, logic vs faith and so on. Are the Illuminati a bunch of scholars and scientists that stripped themselves from faith and only believe in findings and only hardcore evidence? Can one be a scientist and a believer in the same time without crossing lines? Science is justified by findings. Religion is justified by faith. No matter how neutral one is they have to cross lines into either side. One argument can tip the scale either side, it is those with strong faith who do not cross the line.

Who are the angels and who are the demons?

If perceived from the scholars perspective, religion and its followers and imposers are the demons because they are leading the human race to believe in an ideology supposedly created by man. But if you are observing the matter from a religious perspective then evidently the demons are the scientists and scholars that have no faith and only base matters on findings hence there is no faith and such leads to atheism.

I might not make sense but our mere existence has always intrigued me and the more I try to justify it the more it will tip the scales, you reach a point where faith must prevail or else you are lost in the world of evidence and justification. Anyhows I think I drifted away from topic at hand, if you are a movie lover then it is a must see, Hanks always deliver so it a good 2 hour watch. If you are like me you watch things and try to see them from different perspectives then it is a must must watch because you will walk out of it provoked to question many issues. All it took was one look up at the sky to settle the matter and made me say il7amdila for my faith or I would be long gone..


Anony said...

i am the angel (A)

Anony said...

and f7ee7eely is the demon since he's ignoring me :(

CuteandCuddly said...

i loved the movie but the book was better :)
i am not saying that the movie is not like the book but the book is more detailed :)
i recommend reading his other books.
Dan Brown is the best writer ever !!!!!

Hasan.B said...

I did not think it was that good of a movie to be honest. Hanks was not very convincing either

FourMe said...

If u are an angel then I'm buddha.. Leave the man alone! from ur nagging he left the country and migrated to Tanzania

Haven't read the book so can't judge, movie was good, though first one was better.. Can't read anything now, got no time plus I'm already reading two books simultaneously..

It wasn't great but it was intriguing.. Wasn't one of his greatest performances but I adore Hanks so even if he mimed it I'd still say he was good..

Lucifer said...

i love the book .. i have to see the movie :)

Mix said...

Just posted a review of the movie. Thought it was great. Sooo much better than Da Vinci Code. And it gives a good insight into how the Vatican works.

Hasan.B said...

Le7gay 3laiy! Min awal ma yait deratich wel allergy is killing me;/!!!

FourMe said...

Hasan go buy Flixonase its the only solution and only thing that works with all that pollen flying around. Its hayfever its been killing me too. Now let me sleep and enjoy my town :p

A 3 AM Flight said...

An overly simplistic movie with a bland storyline dumbed down for the masses.

No hot actresses either.

Was waiting for McGregor to pull out a lightsaber... he didn't.


FourMe said...

And get the orange one not the green one

Bloggerista said...

thanks for the review

will go watch it today :*

K.D said...

i missed you!

i really did..
i dunno why.. i just did!

only you.. can make me say what the hell is she talkin bout?!
reminds me of the young!

some questions are better left un-answered.. not this one.. or those ones.. but.. some questions out there..

i saw the movie.. and all i can say is.. i totally get you
i had the same situation going on in my head right after spider-man.. the first part not the rest.. remember the matrix.. yea nothing like that at all :p

FourMe said...

U should its an interesting one..

Really? I liked D code more but this one is good as well in other ways

A3am flight:
I think u went into the wrong screen.. U sure u didn't wana see Star Trek? Now who wants to see a movie produced for the masses? Hot actresses, sexual content, violence, et voila a hollywood hit that satisfies the lot..

Don't blame me if u didn't like it :p

Is that you @@ !!
Ohh my lord he lives :p

Aww don't make a girl blush heheh dudeeee you have been missed! Your sarcasm was truly missed! Yaay me sarcasm buddie is back! Ur back right? Tell me tis true! U r back aren't ya??!

Hehehehe of course who would tickle ur mind with useless talk apart from me.. For a second there I thought I saw a different movie!! No one seems to get what the heck am talkin about :/ Alas KDD is here to rescue my lil mind..

Lool yes yes young boys in tights who fly and jump of buildings are one of the worlds mysteries :p

eshda3wa said...

if you think the movie is good


Âme said...

I have read the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

Its an entertaining and thought provoking read.

All what life asks you is to choose a side without fear affecting you in your choosing it.

Once you have made that choice, then everything falls in place so beautifully.

You can link all the dots.

All that relative crap just goes away, and you feel a special feeling of existence with freedom realizing its true potential.

Whether they call you an Angel or a Demon, it doesn't matter anymore.

~ Soul

zuz said...

i read the book but i havent watched the movie yet, but i always like the books more than the movies;/

FourMe said...

My reading list is getting longer by the minute :/

That's the point, its all about choice and choosing sides and once you have chosen on which end you want to belong you will disagree with the other end. You only feel freedom because you're not taking into consideration the consequences of your choice. You cannot be neutral in this matter, it is impossible, same goes for life. It all depends on from which end you are viewing it.

I haven't read the book so can't give an opinion on it. But what were Browns intentions for producing such piece? Even if he did strip himself from any or all biased thoughts they would still be visible in his writing. Such writings that have a strong impact on our lives should not be taken for face value. If I were to alter my life based on what this man has said, I would very much like to know the ins and outs of his life and how he came about to this conclusion that will affect my life.

I might not make sense here but in my head it does, problem is my brain is on sleep mode..

I dunno why they screw up the books when turning it into production?!

Âme said...

It is not about agreeing and disagreeing.

Its about understanding.
Both choices make perfect sense (without bias...thats when relativity kicks in)

But choosing a side is solely at your free will.

Only when the consequences of your choice are fully realized, understood and accepted, then only can freedom be felt.

Otherwise, its irresponsibility.

Hence, no true freedom of feeling life in its magnificence.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid i'm long gone..

i lose a bit of my faith every single day :(

i cnt help it

too many thoughts in my head and no one to relieve me..

i'm not sure where i stand on religion..

ed3le plz ena i find my way

FourMe said...

It makes perfect sense if it were a case study and we're simply observing but when it comes down to the person there is bias.

By choosing a side you are accepting a certain set of beliefs that make complete sense to you, which have no consequences. Consequences are only visible when viewing it from the other side, hence one is being biased.

Dear there nothing more beautiful than faith.. Inshala alah yahdeek/ch I really hope u find ur way.. Read the Quran it has all the answers in it u just need to look closely, u don't need people to convince u, u simply need an open mind and to read it and truly understand it.. Alaho yahdy man yasha'aa..

Âme said...

Every choice has consequences.

And consequences can be seen from any side.

There are mere events happening and can be observed by anyone from any side.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

it does but one does not acknowledge it as a consequence, therefore it is as good as not existing..

Âme said...

I guess you are referring only to the "ILL/UNWANTED" consequences part and not all the consequences.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

I don't need to look it up in a dictionary I know what the word means..