Friday, 15 May 2009


I am in desperate need of colour.. I am so bloody white that I would put Snow White to shame :/ ok maybe not THAT white but ya I am white white and it's very annoying.. I hate my whiteness.. Seeing my plans for a mini break got screwed last minute and there is no Sunny sun here I opted for the next best thing..

Almost a decade ago I was a fan of the stand-up tanning booth thingy (damn am old).. but soon realised it ain't that good for the skin.. well desperate times calls for desperate measures.. I need a damn colour.. not brownie brown just a freaking glow to eliminate the whiteness that I am in.. so do any of you know how harmful stand-up tanning booths are? and if couple of sessions would really do permanent damage? please say NO so I can get rid of my whitey glow..

On another note, was out with some friends yesterday and a photographer of some magazine (forgot name) came over and wanted to take photos of my friend and I to appear in the "London Scene" section.. ya7lail omii wana 7a6een 9oorty eb some mag :p Out of all he asks the girl who hates photos the most!! Gotta love LONDON! Weirdest crap keeps happening on daily basis..

See if you're a Londoner you would know how shameful it is to like ANY of Take That's songs.. Shame on me , shame on me, shameeeee on meeeeee.. but I like their comeback song :/ I swear to you I'm ashamed of myself for liking Take That :p

Ok bs bss shut up FourME.. Ignore me I'm in a talkative mood today..

I want my world to come alive.. ehh can't have it all can we.. can i?

*raises her cuppa tea*
To living each day as it comes.. To letting go.. To Great days to come.. To insanity.. To you my dears may you have a FABULOUS day..
Cheers :*


Anony said...

Tawni basawee comment 3ala el post eli 6af;@

FourMe said...

Jesus girl aren't ya supossed to be napping?!

Ms. D said...

atwaqa3 wala blogger e3rf mino take that ila ana wenty loool!!!

way wer old!!!


aaaaaaaakh a7ebbbbbhom!!!!!

ya akhy kanaw 3athaba el3ashigena ayam 3omrna 9 chethy ayam walla ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam 6ufooooleeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

inzeeen ana shofy betha.. lakin kharabt loony like 9 yrs ago eb hawaiin tan products.. bs amshy o ala6ikh.. sert akher shy D om freckles (A) fa ma ansa7 eb tan any more.. la sun tan wala sunbooth.. spray is so fake.. ila if u opted for the golden glow fa ur good.. try it!

7aleyan am yellow fa ma 3ndy ay mashaaaaaaaaakil :> lesh elbayath o ma bayaath.. 3ash el9ifaar 3aaaaaaash

Ms. D said...

TTs video not available in my country!!!

ma3loom!!! b3ad mo ana my feed tamil nedo hendoras india!! aked not available video TT!!!!!!


FourMe said...

Loooool D u cracked me up, look it up on youtube its the Greatest Day. I'll reply later gotta change n go out :*

Âme said...

*raises his water glass*

To living each day as it comes.. To letting go.. To Great days to come.. To insanity.. To you my dears may you have a FABULOUS day..

Cheers :)

~ Soul

Anony said...

And to f7ee7eeli opening a blog

*terfa3 glass el may*

Ms. D said...

*lifts a lighter o tghany*

*sings at the top of her lungs*

*no lung capacity*

*no voice*

*mako gher screeetches o n3eeeeeg elmohim esmy mindamjaa*

Anony said...

Ee kent tawni fat7a 3yooni ;p smela 3alii perfect timing ;p

O golaay 7ag ame tara jara7 masha3re :(

Ms. D said...

anony shetghadety ;p

Ms. D said...

aby may ween elmay.. aby maay.. wen elmay wenaaa???


Ms. D said...

yser nel3ab fe blog fourme wala t3aseb 3lena? (a)

Anony said...

kaho el may khalasta :\

la mataghadeet yo3ana :( ana radeet o nemt allah wakeelech tawni ga3da :P

you think et3aseb? chan bakhat bs ga3da asawe sheghel mama :\ khal akhales bs

FourMe said...

Girrrllssss behaveeeeee! I feel like I'm a nursery teacher :p Don't play around.. The more u do the more the friggin BB starts beeping like mad..

Daddy's Girl said...

looooool shakhbary take that!!?!??!?

heard new kids on the block got back too, interested?! ;)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Hmmmm.. Tara the colour u get off sunbeds last, cuz its a "real tan" y3ni it works the same way as a natural tan ;p

stand up booths as in spray tans? Not harmful at all.