Friday, 24 April 2009

Ugly Duckling

  • I promised myself I won't bitch and complain anymore but then I wouldn't be FourMe if I stop bitching and complaining :/
  • Do you ever look at yourself and think "ukhh I look so ugly" ? I do.. I feel so blahh..
  • My weight doesn't wanna go up.. no matter what I do it doesn't wanna go up.. its pissing me off BIG TIME!!
  • I'm beyond bored.. eh whatever..
  • I'm feeling the ugliness..
  • I attract weirdos! No I really do!! Over the years I have heard every chat up line out there.. I have literally seen and heard it all from " you have 7 different smiles" (which was a line from a Meg Ryan movie!) to getting on one knee in the middle of Selfridges asking me out for a cup of coffee by a total stranger.. but yesterday was the funniest! A dude comes up to me in the middle of the street and asks me "Are you Jamaican? You walk like a Jamaican!!" someone pleeeeeeeease for the love of God tell me how a Jamaican walks!?? I had no response I just looked at him with a blank face.. I honestly did not know how to reply to that one :|
  • My hair is too short.. I have no idea how to style it.. Alah ysam7ik ya Essam 3ala hal githla hatha wana gaylatlik mabeeha eg9eera wayed! 7adi 9ayra om ghthaila.. Ehh guess have to wait for it to grow out :/
  • I feel ugly..
  • Now I have this urge that I really wanna go to Jamaica :/
  • Migraines are back!! WohoOoo fun fun funnnnnn... Its like on the dot a year since my last Botox and now the pain is coming back full blast! I really don't wanna do it for a 3rd time but I'm waking up in the middle of the night with stabbing pains :( ukhh whatever..
  • Hands up those who want some Jamaican grass drinks :p
  • They have been blasting this song on the radio over and over again and now its stuck in my head.. Get out of my head damn it!!
Use Somebody- Kings of Leon


Anonymous said...

To small things that make ppl happy ;*

FourMe said...

is my ugliness making u happy :p

cheers babe :*

Anonymous said...

Abi athakar eghneyat "obo gthaila" bs mo gadra ;p

I just remember the part " khanaat 7ailii khanaat 7ailii obo gthailaa " ;** ;p loool


Nice blogs, looking forward to your future updates.

PaLoMiNo said...

OMG FourMe shfeech mama? laaah laaah laaah mo min9ijich!!
tathkreen u left me a comment a couple of weeks ago madry muta, zafyteny 3ala nafseety el ta3esa?!?! el7een hathy sheno ballah?? :X

a7na bas sha6reen nen9aa7 :p t3laaay 6abqaay ya mama? MAKOOOOOOOOO lol ;p

ow b3daain t3laay!!! meno Ugly??! ur ugly?!?!
maskeeeeeeeeeena!!! Ur beautiful & Super HOT!!!!!!!

mo shyftch bas a7es chethi ;p

Big Pearls said...

I am sure you are beautiful:)

desertpalms said...

*looool was the guy jamaican himself?

*hope ur feeling better now and the headaches lessened

*have you seen the weather outsiideee? go outtt, go shopping, have funnn and forgeddd abouud iddd!

and i love kings of leon! try of my favs

Ms. D said...


ana my miraines same u!!!!

lesh ma aqiz botox sajja!!!!!

baqtiri7 3la 6batby el3zayiz eqichny!!!!!!!!!!!!

ana hal esbo3 migraine free.. last month kanaw mit2alqeen my attacks DAILY!!!

o im feeling the ugly my dear.. wayhy dimmal o gari9 o zbalaaa


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

me wants jamaican grass drink =D

zuz said...

loooooooooooooooooool aham shay u walk like a jamaican;p! maybe he meant ur butt looks like a jamaican butt?;p!

atoona said...

u probably looked like a walking bob marly? ;p
Jamaican seems like a compliment!

hehe, the weirdos u attract are funny!

Grey said...

looool ! yep It wont be FOurme if you didn't .... :PpP

super-sonic said...

LOOL for real?
Must be really fun being you!..
I'd like to walk in your shoes for one day and randomly have someone kneel to me and beg me to have a drink with them, I wonder how that feels?!..
I guess I'm not as attractive so I'll never know!

Kings of Leon! I like that song :)

f7ee7eely said...

hey there ugly jamaican -- Since I suffer from chronic migraine attacks I would like to share few tips with you -- the moment you feel you're about to have a migraine attack inhale water thru your nose ( marrah,marretain aw 7ettan thalath )-- I know its quite painful but it works hmmm 60% of the time --- try it and lemme know if it works with ya

did you know that queen Victoria consumped pot to cure her persistant migraines?!:P

btw I would only kneel down to look up a girl's skirt:P

Ruby Woo said...

My weight won't go down. Fourme!!!!! I've been hesitating about getting the botox for a year now. I'm scared that I'll look weird. I heard that there were side effects. But I really want to do something about it because I've been getting my migraines for the past 2 weeks NONSTOP! It's a record.

Reassure me that it's perfectly safe. I know ini ga3da a7in about it but I'm just scared!

Ms. D said...

u r not fat ush :@

FourMe said...

like i remember a thing at this hour :/

football man:
thanx you :)

la elnafseyaa ok bs el araaf mo mn shay mn my weight its bugging me that's why i'm annoyed not because of anything else..

hahah super hot my ass.. i feel like hell :/

i honestly don't care how i look i just wana gain weighttttt..

woman i have no ideaaaa i just blanked him off!.. headaches are there 24/7 they never go away :/

its freakin amaaaaaazing.. but seems like gona start pissin for the rest of the week :(

ms d:
if u get them alot go for it.. its such a relief..

I guess we're feeling the ugly :/

shloon elkharaaz wil tjaan inshala sawaw shoghol :p

lool join the club :p

ya righttt i'd kill for a Jamaican behind :p

heheh i have no idea..i was walking at a slow pace too! ohh you haven't heard half of it :p

true true :D

hehehe its men and their uncontrollable urges.. trust me i ain't much more than any other girl.. but sometimes ppl see a certain thing that catches their eye.. beats me what it is cuz i ain't got a clue..

hell i'd kill to become a dude for a day :P

hmmm my migraines usually attack out of te blue without prior notice its full blast pain :/ but I'll give it a try.. thanx..
All hail Queen Vicky :P

ohh you perv :p

woman mine wont go up its killing me no matter what i eat it wont move :( ok maybe i dont eat much but still not gaining..

go for it.. no side effects its good.. and u dont look like a freak or abnormal.. i will take a third in a month or so.. cuz i cant handle the non stop daily migraines.. at least yours for 2 weeks mine just go on till foreverrrrr!!

S said...

lol awal shay obo igthaila igoloon 3ana shibeeh ireem.. ya3ni 6ala3tay ib shay zain ;p
is Essam by any chance Lebanese?

eldctora said...

well .. judging from the weirdos u attract, i'd say ur prob gorgeous.. (kneeling on his knee to buy u a drink? dsnt happen to just anyone sweetie)

and it really pisses me off when gorgeous girls complain abt being ugly..


shut up! :P

ur not ugly and even by an chance u are.. be a big girl and suck it up! its the inside that counts (or so i hear)

ha shrayech bl zafa? :D

eldctora said...

i hv a perfect way to gain weight

i used to weigh 50 kg.. gained 5 kilos in 2 months..

the trick is..

5al6ay fat ppl who eat a lot.. and eat along with them..

ZoN said...

waaaaaain ily teqol eshrab 7aleeb waid tamteen.. loool :P
sheftay ena ma3indich salfa.. inzain if u got any idea eshlon u gain weight let me know, cuz i need 5 kilos extra :DD

obo ghthilah shebeh ilreem sha7lilah obo ghthilah
sim3ay hal eghnaya, ymkin u feel better about urself :P

FourMe said...

heheh its nice bs wayed eg9eera :/

yup he's damn good..

lol! every woman is gorgeous in her own way, she just needs to know how to play it right :p

apologies for pissing you off :/ but I feel so ukhhh! hahhahaha chenich 6abaitay feeeni @@
fineeeeeee I'll suck it up and be a big girl! i just like to complain :p

dear I used to sit with obese ppl and still I wouldn't eat I have no appetite at all :/

I started the past 2 days to drink milk again like a toddler :/ I went to a dietician couple days ago and she gave me a list I'll let you know what to do soon.. heheh thanx mate :)