Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tripy Trip in a Bundle..

  • Am baaaack from my out of the blue pack in one hour go to the airport without a ticket trip :D
  • Remind me never to fly on MEA ever again! Its like travelling on a double decker bus :/ Getting there was hell, the plane was so packed that it literally felt too heavy to fly! Oh and the entertainment system was down so just staring into the wall just to pass time was super fun!
  • Waking up to this view was a good change..
  • No matter where you go men will be men! Even though their country is literally flooded with inflated lips and boobies they still stare! It was quite hilarious actually, was in the morning just in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt(tighter than usual) but not asking for it by sticking my ladies out or anything like that! Anyhows was waiting for the elevator and one of the bellboys was coming up the steps he was staring soooo much that he didn't see the last couple of steps and tripped and smacked on his face onto the floor :p 7araam kesar kha6ry hehe I felt embarrassed for him so I just looked the other way as if I didn't see him make a fool out of himself..
  • It was Champions league and I wasn't gona miss the match and the damned hotel didn't have the channel! So what does FourMe do? FourMe gets in the car tells the driver take us to Jemmayzeh and finds the emptiest bar there with a big ass screen so can watch the match in peace and quiet.. and no I don't drink but that's the only place I thought of where I can watch ended up in a place called Rehab it was nice apart from the bartender who supported the opposing team!! Anyhows when the match started I had the dj turn off the music and put the volume up ee mo tadroon ga3da ebait obooy :P I was screaming and shouting as if I was at home :/ thank God there weren't many ppl around! Come the 2nd half they started nagging that they wanna go to dinner so had to leave and sms'd ANONY the sweetest girl on earth and had her update me with the scores.. thank you baby you're the best :*
  • I cut my hair agaaaaaaain and I look like a teenager :D I haven't had it this short since I was 8 years old! Mine is more puffy at the bottom has more layers in it..
  • Was very sick before I left with the flu and fever.. and now I'm even worse the fever doesn't wanna budge nor does the flu.. probably need some antibiotics :(
  • Overall it was a good trip and put alot of things into perspective.. so weird how sometimes certain things just hit you out of the blue and make you realise what you want..
  • So tell me who missed me ? :p


Anonymous said...

na3emaaaaaaaaaaaan :D

Anonymous said...


agool 7ag soul she didnt sms et6amena wal tes'al 3anna NOOO she sms 3ashan soccer game :O

hahahahahaha ;***

khal akamil geraya :P

Anonymous said...

qasetay sha3rech nafs hathe??

hatha esma qaseta ya3ni ??

abe6 rasech wala amache3 sha3rech wala shasawe :@

ya bent elnaaaaaaaaas CUT MY HAIR ya3ni etgeseeer ba67a :@ sheber :@ 10cm :@ mo seb3eeen :@

ma3a6ach ma3a6ani :D

Soul said...

I missd YOU =@

na3eemaaaaaaaaaaaa!! nonee eshfeech 7elooo emdaraj lazem etqanze3 ya3ni @@

o salamaaat alf salamaaaaa.. ray7aa bar haaaa! men waraaaay ;p

ashwa u had fun.. hatha el ma6loob.. shrayech el safra el yaya Rome ana wentay? ;)

FourMe said...

my little one:
merci :*

hehhehe baby i adore the hell out of you, your twin, and soulo but this is FOOTBALL :P

eee that's called cutting hair not shaving it off like u! I'm still sane ma yanait lal7een 3ashaan agari3 3omry :p trust me that's veeeeeeeeery short for me ;)

soulo my love:
saaaaank you :** I misssed you even more woman!! alah ysalmich omi.. hehehe a7ad galich enha awal mara adish feha bar :P

trust me its in the books ;)

desertpalms said...

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! =$ =$ =$ i did!

welcome backkkk dude, im glad u had a good time (the best thing for me when i feel down is to travel for couple of days..its the best escape ever!)

and thats a very cute haircut! na3eeman ;p

(and zon if u steal this comment ima come over to nigeria RIGHT NOW and kill you..tarra arsenal lost elyom ow kilish maly khelg, im looking for someone to take my anger out on..dont let it be you!)

Anonymous said...

la7tha la7tha @@

safra men waraay laish !! :O soul ma7lach agolech emshay enro7 etgolen omy ma tertha :O ashof rethat 7ag FourMe @@

Oranjina fadidra said...

men are men but with different accents..
glad u had a blast 4me.. la7tha this bellboy wain 3yona; birkabaa?! qal3eeta jileiiil il7aya

p.s wb

Âme said...

Told ya.. it will be a win.

Welcome back.

~ Soul

Hasan.B said...

El7mdila 3lsalama yal gaay emnil safar

Squirreliya said...

el7emdillaaah 3al salamaaa ya gayy mn el safaaar ;*

anaaaaaaaaaa ..i miss youuuuuuu :D

Anonymous said...

oh sejj and na3eeeman ;p


Big Pearls said...

welcome back o na3eman 3al hair cut:)

Ms. D said...

haw gaseeeeety malt el3am :O

CuteandCuddly said...

i missed you :)
i cant stop laugh at the bellboy story :)
he had it coming i guess :P
walla i am glad you had fun and now your back :)
Welcome back and get well soon

FourMe said...

thaaanx mate.. dunno about cute :/ makes me look like a child!

ok I shall leave you to battle it out with zon.. be nice to him he's one of my boys :p

hush!! I'm special :p

oran fad:
so trueeeeeeeeee! hahaha woman for the rest of the trip everytime he sees me he waves from across the hall! he was adorable lol!

thanx babe :*

ehh beginners luck..

eysalmik bo 3li :p

alah ysalmich sweetheart :* missed ya too.. hehe thanx :)

thank you dear :)

ms d:
ya short was in last year.. but I don't do things on the fashion worlds schedule, i do it on my own time :D walaht 3ala t7l6mich :*

aww bless thanx dear :) heheh ya I guess he did :P men will always be men.. one tiny thing can make them go all wobbly at the knees ;)

ZoN said...

welcome back.. w na3eman.. w ur team is sooo freaking lucky :/

Amethyst said...

Welcome back, glad you had fun;*

I had a fever, too last week. Wrap yourself in a blanket, it works;p

eleventhst said...

Did you see the game today!!!! Can you believe it! And the penalties! No comment!!
oo the worse thing is now is that Chelsea has a good chance to win all three!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Ur back?!?!?!?!?

that was short!!!

il 7amd le allah 3la ur salamaaa

o i cant tell from the way you wrote ur post that u feel much better and different ... rejuvinated :D

3asa doom insha2 allah :D

FourMe said...

thanx buddie.. mate what luck!! please there is no luck in sight :/

thaaanx babe :*
salmtich hun hope its better now.. trust me i've been covering up but nothing helps :/
i need a hug..

I don't support football anymore.. I'm a cricket fan now starting from today that is :/

daddys girl:
yup am back :) yup was just a quickie :P alah ysalmich dear thanx.. do feel better but the end of the day if you are unhappy on the inside no matter where you go you will still feel unhappy but its ok hopefully things change as time passes by :)

PaLoMiNo said...

Miss u wayed :****
love ur hair cut!:) na3eeman:)

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3al salamaa