Wednesday, 29 April 2009


The previous post was like a spill to me minus the anonymous part. It made me realise that no matter how often we spill there is always something bothering us or just sitting heavy on our hearts. Spilling my guts out on this blog is one of the best things I have done in my life, seeing I can't sit someone down and tell them how I feel I just spill it here and get it off my chest, so I can go on for another day, week, or month.

So here we are again.. Time to spill.. But no sex related topics this time around as this spill is for the matters of the heart not the private parts.. Spill whatever it is that is weighing you down, that's on your mind, what is annoying you, something you wanna scream about, or simply spill what sadness your heart..

You know the rules by now..
And if you don't then only Anonymous comments are allowed..

Happy Spilling..

To W: thank you for the offer.. This post is for you.. Hope you can spill here as this is the ultimate "spill your guts out" spot :p


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

wee saweet comment gabel la ashof lol :P

i told dad !!! :P

ashkara ana :P bs for the sake of following the rules :P

Anonymous said...

i can't stop thinking about him :)

Anonymous said...

me lovesh you and hopee you have a beautiful day elyom =**

(THIS time u will NOT know who i am!!)

Anonymous said...

ra7 arta7 etha 7as ebrub3 eshog eli feeny

Anonymous said...

Change is a natural process

I don't like the person i'm changing to

I love him
he wants to take it one step back
and just be friends for a while

I can't stop thinking
I regret this decision so bad
I wish i knew better
I feel its chocking me
And i hate the fact that i'm thinking this way..
I really really rally regret wearing a veil..
my life would've been so much easier whithout it
I'm ashamed that i'm feeling this way

Anonymous said...

i dont know why i am living ?? i am doing same thing every day work home << same places ... same shit every day

i feel so lonely even when i am with my family and friends

do u think all of us down cuz of love ?? why the guys cant feel the same ?? why we are the only one who is suffring from any relationship??
even when we are not in love we are so lonely

i miss to be happy

Anonymous said...

I love her more with every breathe I take and miss her so terribly that I can't even start to describe and beyond comprehension.

I wanna scream my lungs out echoing heaven and trembling universe saying I love you and I'll never get over you, love you, miss you and I hope you are happy.

Anonymous said...

i am completely and utterly head over heals over him.

he doesn't even know i exist.

Anonymous said...


As the REDS Go marching *come on ARSY fans sing along*

f7ee7eely said...

thank you for providing us with a venue to vent out -- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh since you asked -- I must get it off my chest once and for all I reallllllllly realllllly should -- I know it may hit you as a surprise but I am sure you and everyone else in this blog would really reallly understand the pressure I am under and would find me excuses -- eeeeeeeeeeeh ya fourme i dunno where and how to start -- therefore I am going to make it easier, shorter and as articulant as possible for you and your fellow blogers to understad and aprehend --- I am really and sincerely concerned about the Swine Flu Pandemic...

Anonymous said...

2 guys..

guy #1 = perfect

not attracted to him..

guy #2:

i wana strip him and.. ok never mind..

he treats me like crap :( but i keep going back for more

ps: no i hvnt done anyth with either guy.. bs in my head (guy #2)

Anonymous said...

im sick of this world, every one is so cruel, and i cry every day for unfortunate people,and for myself because im weak in the heart, im worried about getting older, and alone and no one would be there to supposrt me

Anonymous said...

i dont fit in..i feel sorry for myself, no real friends, no real people no nothing, galby e3awerni:'(

desertpalms said...


sorry f7ee7eely cracked me up, had to comment!

and se7en..shurup already! :P

Xo Xo-Gossip Girl said...

The Site ABOUT Kuwait, FOR Kuwait and BY Kuwait!


Anonymous said...

I know it might seem harsh but sometimes I wish I didn't have a family. At least it would then spare me all the stress I've been getting from my parents. They fight a lot so being my dad's favorite he comes to me and confess. My mother does the same, she comes to me and talk about their problems. They're being extremely selfish. I'm 21. I should be living my life instead of getting this weight piled up on my shoulders. It's just not fair. Dropping these bombs on me is cruel.

I cannot stand my family. I dread the fact that when I leave home, I would eventually have to go back. I hate coming back home. The stress and tension in there is so strong that it makes me sick.

It's just not fair. I just want to pack my things and runaway.

FourMe said...

i like this name more :p
how did you tell him!!! tell me details!

anonymous 20:44 :
I usually let ppl spill without replying but dear you need to hear this..

as it is men are difficult to handle and you need to baby and spoil them and bring that inner child out in them so you can really have them fall head over heels for you.. but in your case you say he does not even know that u exist!

So not only u are inafuated with a man that is not interested but u are setting yourself up for unnecessary heartbreak!! plus he won't give u the time of day so u can show him what u are made of etc.. simply let go it ain't worth the hassle.. am sure u deserve a man's full attention and not the opposite..

hahah u ........ I knew it! I knew you would come up with something like that at the end.. ehh spilling under ones "real" name requires moxy :p

mate we're freaked out at this end of the world :/ already we got some reported cases.. Alah y3adeeha 3ala khair..

LOOL!! you gotta be freaking kidding me! I was wondering when someone would start it up...

hehehe darling be very veryyyy careful who you talk about cuz it would certainly lead to some trouble..

Soul said...


Anonymous said...

i am in love with some1 who adores me ;*

MBH said...

Hey there fourme! You seem to have stolen my idea :p

Only I don't have restrictions on the material posted, apart from being Anonymous ;)

I donno if this would help with your mood or not, but maybe if you volunteer to help the disabled patients in hospitals, or chemo-therapy children. Go for an hour a day and give it a try.


FourMe said...

on previous spill posts there wasn't any restriction but they tend to turn into x-rated spills so that's why this one is a tad different.. hmm FourMe does NOT do stealing young man/woman..

honestly I don't have the heart for it.. seeing people in pain ruins me, especially children it breaks my heart to an extant that I cannot describe.. I wish I had it in me to do such things but I can't :/

MBH said...

Oh! I didn't read your previous posts so I thought this was your first. My bad then :)

You're there to have fun with them. Read them stories, tell jokes, sneak candy!

It's heart breaking if you just sit there and watch.

FourMe said...

click on the Spill tag at the bottom of the post and you will read wonders!

I really can't.. when I hear about sick children I start crying uncontrollably no matter where I am.. I feel the life being sucked out of me.. let alone be around them.. they will probably end up trying to cheer me up.. there is no way I could do that..