Monday, 6 April 2009

Matters of the Heart..

What is a heart? I'm no MD but what I know is that the heart is a muscular organ, its job is to pump blood, not to feel. If it is just a muscle then why do we feel pain in it, emotional pain that is. When hurt we feel daggers going though our hearts, when sad we feel as if the life is being drained from it, and when happy we feel it lighter and joyful! All such feelings are supposedly sensed by the brain, then why do we feel it in the heart?? Why do people say you have a white or black heart? When the heart itself cannot think or judge? Why not say you have a white brain?

Usually you don't hear or feel your heart beat unless your head is on a pillow or you're putting your heart under immense pressure and make it beat a million times a second. Lately I'd be sitting and over thinking my brain as usual and all of the sudden I can feel my heart beat, literally feel every single beat as if I had a stethoscope on and listening to it. I don't know what it is but it makes me feel alive it makes me feel like everything is fine and it is still beating and has not given up on me.

I might not make any sense but I feel my heart is unique. In a way it is, I was born with a hole in my heart, thankfully it hasn't affected me through out the years. The hole was supposed to close by itself by the age of 8 but it didn't and since then any doctor that hears my heartbeat automatically knows I have an irregular beat. My heart has become a Swiss cheese physically and emotionally, there are holes in it left and right. I have put it under so much stress and heartache than any heart can handle. At times I feared it would stop, I would wake up and thank God that it was still beating..

To My Heart I Promise To..

take care of you from now on,
be kind and gentle to you,

never over stress you,

put my guard up and protect you,

never break you again,

listen to you and only to you,

never love another heart more than you..

Forgive me my heart for I have taken you for granted all these years without any consideration to your physical and emotional state. I can feel you beat, I can feel your irregular beats, and even though you cannot feel I know you are in pain and I promise I will make that pain disappear. For you are my heart, you are what keeps me alive, and for that I am thankful..

Can you feel your heart beating?


Anonymous said...


Z. 3ashaan man6ag :P

Anonymous said...

o 7raaam for

soso / soul

3ashaan they reserved for me (A)

Anonymous said...

salamt ur heart.
my heart goes to u

FourMe said...


thank you dear :)

eleventhst said...

When it comes to matters of the heart, at least the emotional ones, I learned to be selfish..walla no one deserves the heartache anymore because if you are nice, they will walk all over you.

desertpalms said...

dp doesnt do this mushy wushy stuff..=/

TOUCHE' said...

It's time to look the at the heart with both eyes rather than one eye.

Only if the heart could voice out his mind.

Silver said...


can definately feel my heart pump

know why?

cuz i have an exam in an hour and im sitting here, readin blogs and whatnot..not reviewing or even casting a glance at my papers..

yep...hearts pumping alrite!

Someday said...

I guess it’s simply the behavior of the emotion
as tears are the behavior not the actual emotion
salamat galbich
may it be filled with eternal joy

eldctora said...

yep.. i'm pledging the same thing.. my heart is in an iron cage.. belongs 2 me nd only me..

cheer up, hun

time heals all wounds

now u feel ike bleeding to death.. but slowly ra7 yqel el pain shway shway..

Candy said...

interesting post!!!
so many events poped-up in my brain *smile* when i was reading ur post..

zuz said...

the heart does lots of work, it pumps blood, it makes us feel and lotsss of other whatever jobs;p, thats why we should return it's favors by taking care of it(L)! u reminded me of "him" his heart is screwed up yet its the most beautiful heart in the world!soo i think ur heart is one of the most beautiful hearts in the world;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

in L-O-V-E? are you?

Daddy's Girl said...

Oh sweety...

Whomever inconsiderate stupid whole puncher you have come across doesnt deserve all this pain ur going through...

7ram 3leech... u have a whole in ur heart and u have not been eating well and losing weight o 7altich 7ala...

3la shino? 3la sa7lool?

o b3dain? Tabeen yeseer feech intay shay o oho ga3ed mafeh shay???

always remember this... one one door closes in ur face, god opens another one exactly the moment that door closes. U might not see it u might resist it o wallow in what u have lost...

but can u lose someone that was never urs to begin with?!?!? that's a Q to ponder...

Âme said...

Don't want to put a feet on your feelings, but hey, its the trick of the mind.

Heart pumps blood.
And the daggers going through the heart is nothing but deviations in blood flow depending on your breathing.

Breathing again mostly is dependent on what your thinking, if not controlled.

And the idea of heart and emotions is a nice stage, in emotional states.


The whole scientific explanation fails to see the inner explanation what you are trying to convey here, however, it is read in between the lines.

Take care of your heart.
It needs your attention.

~ Soul