Monday, 20 April 2009

Little Left.

Life is funny! One minute it is very cruel and harsh and the other seems to be very kind and giving. It brings along people that hurt you and then brings people that make you feel alright.

Can't help but make you wonder what's coming next? At times I wish I had the ability to fast forward the bad times to the good times that shall come. But then what if there aren't any good moments to come, what then? Would I have fast forwarded it till the end?! Living the bad moments really makes you appreciate the good moments and appreciate what they really are worth!

Why do we live in hopes of the future and in regrets of the past but some how we forget to live the present? Why do we live now trying to build something for later? Why don't we live now for now? Simply live the moment at hand, live each day as it comes without the plans for the future and without the regrets of the past. We're not guaranteed one more second of life to come yet we have the next 50 years of our lives mapped out in our heads.

Stop living for the future. Stop living in the past. Simply live this moment as this moment is all you have. It is the present it is what counts.. The past is gone the future is still unknown yet the present is here.. Excuse me for a moment as I need to start living the moment that I have..


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oo i dont wanna live this fucking sucks =\

f7ee7eely said...

mashallaaaah 7ekaaaaam 7ekaam fourme tag6er 7ekaaam :P

shey9eerlech fredrick niche?:PP

here is to a jolly life cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz

mortal being,


Anonymous said...

im busy planning parties :P

Oranjina fadidra said...

exactly! life is short be its p*mp and chillax

nameless said...

one of the best posts ive ever read, thank u..
ya36eich il3afya.

FourMe said...

are you alive?
Yes you are!
are you in a concious state of mind and able to form sentences?
Yes you are?
are you breathing?
Yes you are!!

missy suck it up and live this freaking moment and say el7amdila.. I know there are times where it ain't great but as long as you're alive and kicking be thankful for it.. and LIVE it damn it! simply live it till the a better one comes along :*

7athreeen :D
weld 3amaat khalat okho yaad obo om mort okho nseeb 3aam omin yabatny.. bil englaizy he's my thrid cousin twice removed.. ely ba3daa :p

w0hoo my personal dj is baack hahaha dude laish laish et'thakirny blaathy mathaa :/ hal aghany laha thkrayaat soda eb3eed 3anik :P

cheeeers matey..

hehe what's next wedding planner!

oran fad:
your comment made this song pop into my head

thank you dear, ey3afeek..

ZoN said...

i like this :)

Living Day Lights said...

When was the last time you lived in the present? During your childhood? If so Then why was it so. Maybe coz Ur present at that time was a happy and blissful one ? You dint need to escape to a different time for ur mind to feel happy and peaceful.Trust me Escapism{or daydreaming} is the best and the only way to preserve your sanity during difficult times.You escape and you work away at your problem so when the comes ur are still alive and sane to enjoy the good times again. And when the good times are back you will stop daydreaming too..

zuz said...

mu layeg 3lech tgolen chethy;p, but im glad u feel this way:D

Soul said...


walkaway~~ said...

"Stop living for the future. Stop living in the past. Simply live this moment as this moment is all you have. It is the present it is what counts.. "

ur soo right and loved ur entry :D

Ms. D said...

mithel ma gal el7akem demis rosis


o anaa agooolich o khalech hnee o 3esheee eb denyay o khaly jal hamich shlon try78en nafsech thum nafsech thum nafsich!!!

ya 3omre el3omr ma etikrar bil 3omr gher marra..!!!

just marraaaaaaa!!!!

why live hal marrra 7ag ghernaa!!!

eleventhst said...

I totally agree with you..You plan, and in a second, life throws you a curve ball, and everything changes!

So in order not to get annoyed, might as well just live day by day, and make the best out of it!

FourMe said...


Well I started from yesterday.. and before that I remember it was from 2000 till 2003 and that was the happiest time of my life because i didn't care about the past nor the future.. I lived each day as it came..

What is the point of preserving your sanity for a time that you are not guaranteed you will have?

I disagree.. one can daydream and escape reality all they want and it would simplify life but in return they are neglecting their present and digging a hole for themselves that is so deep that in the future they won't be able to climb out of without the help of others.. and as we live in a selfish world there is rarely a person willing to help another for no cost..

daydreaming is escaping, escaping is running away, one day one will wake up and find themselves X years in the future not knowing how they got there because they spent their time escaping their reality their present.. am done with daydreaming, gona live the moment even if its a horrible one..

la eyloog eyloog wila nesaitay ana ostatha :p well its either I post more stuff like this or i stop blogging all together.. I am this close to shutting this blog off because I'm fed up of hearing myself bitch about meaningless things 24/7 :/

thanx babe :)

what?! did I fuck it up :/

thank you dear :)

p.s. walking away is usually what leads one to those moments of regret! hope you never come across such moments..

ms d:
hehehe ee wala 9dagtay el3omer ma ytkaraar.. its one life why fuck it up!

so true.. that's what I'm planning on doing :)

Soul said...

looooool no hun u didn't!!! u just made me realise that i'm not living my present!!!

i'm gonna live the moment from now on o allah yaster @@ thanbi bergobtech ;p

PaLoMiNo said...