Saturday, 11 April 2009

i wonder..

Don't you sometimes just want to be hugged?
Just want anyone to hug you and promises to keep you safe from the people that hurt you..
Where can one find such hug?

From friends?

Loved ones?




All the above can hurt you in ways you never thought possible.. So where do you exactly find that hug? Its not about choosing the right person because eventually we all end up hurting each other.. Including our parents whom are supposed to love us unconditionally comes a time when they hurt us..

So really does such "hug" exist ?
No I guess not..
As always I'm asking for too much....


kcal said...

i totally understand where you're coming from.. kil shay ibse3ra 7ata il hug has a price tag ;s thats why im not a 'hugger'

p.s. i love ur blog ;)

Big Pearls said...

There is no hug like mom's makes feel relieved.

Hasan.B said...

Khodni bel a7dan ya baladi!

Delicately Realistic said...

u shouldn't look at it that way 7bebti

Cuz ra7 tit3ben wayid


ZoN said...

there is nothing like a parents hug..

if u look at it from this point, even u sometimes hurt those person (wether they were ur parents or anyone else), does that make u love them any less?!
no one is perfect, even with that amount of unconditional love, no one is perfect.

zuz said...

i believe it exists becuz i had one recently....*people who hurt you the most are people who love you the most*

Anonymous said...

i need a hug.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i need one of those hugs...

oo ive been looking for the past 21 years...

tadreen laish? l2ana everyone who's ever hugged me like that ended up hurting me...laa mo hurting me, wounding me =\

FourMe said...

you're so right!! these days nothing comes for free..

thanx babe :)

true but sometimes even moms hurt their children..

afaaaa ya3nii mo be a7daan ya FourMe :p

ta3aaabt o khalaa9t.. ya some ppl say I'm "too emotional".. i see it as i'm just probably more human than alot of ppl..

you're right.. but honest to God I don't think I have hurt anyone as in really really hurt them! I might be wrong..

you are lucky! that my dear is a load of bull shit!! If someone loved you and reallly loved you they would never harm you.. they would love you too much to prefer to see themselves hurt before hurting you!

Sorry to burst your bubble but those who came up with that phrase love in the selfish way! they love you but don't mind hurting you cuz they can justify it one way or the other..

so do i..

we all do hun :/

baby don't hold your breath! I've been looking for the past 28 years and I haven't found it yet!

Anonymous said...

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eshda3wa said...

sometimes u even hurt urself

but wat matters is they are there for u

Daddy's Girl said...

U know who i turn to to hug?

who won't ever let me down?!

who won't make me cry every!?

U said it, all the above will make u cry.

But i have one that won't let me down

My pet duck Tootee...!

Other than that? no human being can give me the warmth i need,and wipe my tears away when i need...and listen to me patiently and never tires of my sadness...

Grey said...

Spouse! She's hot :P

Oranjina fadidra said...


Silver said...



gad ildnya ;)

FourMe said...

i have no idea what that is about :/


daddy's girl:
i don't blame u! that does seem like the most trust worthy thing to hug..

hehe :p

oran fad:

ba3aad galbi *HUGGG*

:::ShoSho::: said...

hmm my mum never hugged me.. i know she loves me but she's not the sort of person who expresses her love phyrically.. donno.. no hugs and kisses i donno.. my father does though.. but as a oarent i tell my kids all the time that i love them and i kiss and hug them all the time..

but i think parents should do that when the kids are older.. they need it more than when they are kids ..