Sunday, 26 April 2009

Getting Down & Dirty

  • I am tired deeeeeeeaaad tireddddd.. cannot move anymore..
  • Living room done :)
  • Woke up with muscle aches from head to toe.. Thank the Lord for physio tomorrow..
  • Give me good music.. coffee.. and a good mood and I'm up for anything ;)
  • Received a txt from one of my best boy buddies that cracked me up.. "Sweetheart your hands are meant to be wrapped in silk NOT dipped in paint!! :p" yaaa I looked down at my hands and this is what I saw :/ silk my ass.. they look like Bob the builders hands :/
Palmistry anyone?
  • Got a blob of paint on my hair.. was washing it off and didn't know which was the paint and which was gray hair! laughed at myself.. Remind me to do my roots soon :|
  • Couple more rooms to go..
  • Note to self: MUST get manicure when done with all the painting :/
  • Screw politics I'm going pro :p anyone wanna hire me? you'll get good paint and a pleasant bossy painter :p


Anonymous said...


zwena said...

fourme masema3tay fe shay esma kfoof ???

zuz said...

loool ya36eech el3afia;p, told u ra7 etekaserain tekeser after painting;p!

FourMe said...

@@ to you too!

I wore gloves yesterday but they bothered me so today I decided I should go all the way and get my hands dirty :p

ey3afeech.. hehehe I knoooooow my back is out khalaaaas cannot move :/

f7ee7eely said...

hehehehe et'thakkart elle eygool 9abghat elsha3ar eb 700 riyal :

CuteandCuddly said...

lol you never fail to crack me up :)

Hasan.B said...

Lol! Eb cham sheghlech??

Ruby Woo said...

ya 7ilo eed il 3omal!

I always wanted to paint my room. In school I used to beg them to let me paint and they let me paint the auditorium door :p I loved every moment of that day.

I'll go back to a7in 3ala my parents to let me paint something. My car perhaps?

moi said...

loooool dye your hair woman!!

FourMe said...

heheh the dude obviously hates woman :p

we should talk when I'm in a very happy mood.. i'll have you pissing in your pants in no time :P

esa3a eb khamsa jnaih wil 7asaba bt7sib :P

heheh don't make a girl blush :)
I'll be doing the doors in couple of days! wana join me?

haven't had a moment to myself for a bit now :/ but i must must this week!

suspic said...

What's wrong with your thumb? :|

suspee scared =(

FourMe said...

*kicks suspee in the leg*
Why u being mean to me!

Âme said...

Regarding Palmistry, I have noticed some lines which say so according to Cheiro;

1. You are super possessive as your heart line gets into the middle finger.

2. You double lines of Mars, indicates inner strength. Overcoming illness and hurdles is quite the thing for ya. Not to forget you got a fighting disposition.

3. Venus is strong, love is strong.

4. Fate line is weak, though there is hereditary and wealth from the spouse.

5. Yeah, you will do your Phd.

6. You will marry once and it will be strong.

7. Highly heart centric.

8. From the spaces between your fingers, we can conclude, that you got not that great will; your actions will not be different than that of the others; you are preoccupied with finances and logical planning; and you think very differently and uniquely on your own.

Could tell more if it was a photo minus paint on your hand.

Keep up the good work.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

holly smoke Ame! :|

adezlek kaf eedi ?? :P

FourMe said...

Hehehe now why did I know u will have a go at it.. Well sir thank you for that, that was quite something!

Now I feel so naked.. What more can you tell!? Seems like you've said it all.. What's left is reading the side of the hand and I already had that read recently. Apparently I'm having a boy and a girl..

Makes me wonder what you would be able to read from a real hand not simply a photo!

Holy smokes sounds about right.. Noooo he won't read for u cuz ur being annoying this week! Promise to be nice to me first :p

At least ask the man nicely and say plz!

Ms. D said...

faragha msawra 3omrech wenty tsabgheeeen ;p

looool faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

fourmeeee tha7aaakteneeeeeeeeee

fourmeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen jowateeyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

e7em ..

Ame please read my pretty hand .. please? .. pretty please? i promise i'll be nice to FourMe (A)


was the good ? .. i should add a puppy eyes madre face and a babies accent eli men 6agat plomise:P o pleethes :P loool

Principessa said...

Wanasaaaa abeee a9baaagh!

Âme said...

You are welcome.
You can try sending a good resolution one and try seeing what I can say more.

If only you could send a picture of your left palm. A better resolution will lead to better analysis.

Will deliver the results on a weekend, almost trying to catch breath with my schedule.


Others please excuse me, I am yet to establish business in Palmistry. Not yet.

~ Soul

PaLoMiNo said...

hahahahha 7abeebti great job!!!
ya36eech el 3afiaa:)

PaLoMiNo said...

Âme !!!!!!!!!!
3afia 3afia meeee 2 ;p
abeee U read my palm for meee ;D

Anonymous said...


thank you Mr. Ame :D

the only problem is that i dont have ur email ..

kindly email me and i'll send you the pic

thank you :D

Stand-Alone~ said...

aham shay el ra7a el nafsiya =D

You know what to use to take the paint off 9a7??

desertpalms said...

fourme hobi..cheer up =(

camaaan..look..i promise i wont laugh too much when man u get thrashed tomoroowww? hmm? =D

bas tkfain cheerrr upp, i wana see that lovely smile back on my big sisters faceee ya hearr mee?!