Saturday, 25 April 2009

D.I.Y. FourMe

Right so its Saturday and one of my girlfriends call and asks me to meet up..
Me:Because I'm painting the living room..
Her: Come again?!?
Me: I'm in colourful jogging bottoms.. Holding two paint brushes.. and my face and hands are covered in white paint because I'm PAINTING THE LIVING ROOM!
Her: Why didn't you hire someone to do it?!
Me: Because I want to!

So on so onnnn.. she didn't quite understand why I was painting the living room myself but I tried explaining to her that as long as I can do it, why not do it?! It reminded me of something my grandma Alah yer7amha used to tell me every time I used to tell her I can't do something.. She used to say "laish matsaween 3ala eedich nagsh el7enna?" (why wouldn't you do it? do you have fresh Henna tattooed on your hand)

It bugged me! Why wouldn't I paint the freaking room myself? At times I might act spoilt and too lazy to lift a pinkie but at the end of the day I enjoy doing things around the house and anything a man can do hell I can do even better! Hell this is my first time at painting and its better than any professional painter :p Even though I got a splat of paint in my eye, other on my hair, and my black socks were coloured white but all is good.. Tomorrow I'll do the second coat and if my arms don't die on me I'm gona do the whole place :D


On another note..






I swear to you as I was watching it I knew it would be a repeat of 2001 without a doubt!! And as the 2nd half started to unravel I started screaming and clapping with joy like a bloody maniac :D :D Hell by the fifth I was clapping like a penguin and jumping up and down on the couch :DD

Need I say more?? :D


Aurous said...

Painting is cool, except ena ythba7 ;p
back pain, arm pain, etc.. but it's lots of fun :D

eleventhst said...

ahhh, it was such a wonderful game, i fell in love with them over and over again! no words can describe the amount of joy they gave me at the end of the game..
again fourme, why do we need a guy when we have 11 wonderful boys dressed in red?!

FourMe said...

am feeling the arm pain already.. back pain was there before i even started.. all is good am screwed :D

so true!! it was sparks, butterflies, racing hearts, and pure looooooveeeeeeee :D:D:D:D:D:D

who said I need a guy?! My heart is already taken by the 11 including the subs :P and one God damn player that simply takes my breath awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!


heheheh ok I think the fumes got to my head and I'm reaching a state of nirvana with my love for the boys!!

*clapping like a penguin*

eshda3wa said...

painting is supposed to be very therapeutic

bs i dont think that kind of painting :P

as long as ur enjoying urself
why not!

Hasan.B said...


atoona said...

You go GrrL! i've always wanted to paint a wall..

but as a kid I was given the chance to colour on one of our walls with markers before they broke it down ;p

zuz said...

my older cousin allowed me to paint her room once;p, i painted it well el7emdella, then i spent a whole week in bed min 3awar el eed welthahar o etc;p!

ZoN said...

7abait ily bel9ora :P
i want someone like her, bs bidon tail :pP

qabil il7a'9 wyakom, wilyom il7a'9 + il7okam.. ya3ni eshlon ma tfozon :/

f7ee7eely said...
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FourMe said...

yup I think they mean the canvas kinda painting not wall to wall :p

cuz apparently am known to be high maintenance and don't do such things! wish is sooo not true! they should see me when am on a cleaning rampage :p

Yes! did someone call my name :p

itss funnnnnnn and so freaking liberating in an odd way! I use to do that with red lipstick heheh

loool! seems like that's what is gonna happen to me :P

I looked like that but replace the buuny outfit with jogging bottoms and a t-shirt :P

zamahreeeer estreeee7 obooy la terfaa3 thaq6y while am happy! agoooooooool tabi 7ath roo7 shof elblues ehom w 7ath'hom ely ykasir e9akhaaar! mo yaay 3alaina e7na elmgareed.. We won fair and square honey and no one can say other wise wila tara ey9eer edam laih elrkaab elyoum :D

boy you're gona give me a heart attack with your comments!! hehe watch it! there are under-agers here :/

but honestly respect to you for watching SATC! that just took you up a notch :p

moi said...

you inspired me!, i'll paint my baby nephew's room!(enshallah eseer fe3el mo bas goal:$)

Big Pearls said...

I never painted before, but I guess it would b fun

Traveleer said...

it was a great comebackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! the best team in the world! ay?

Anonymous said...

mn zmaan w i want to paint bs ma sar ni9eeb ;p paint ur haands :p

oh and congraaaaaaaats!

Squirreliya as usual maly khilg :p

ZoN said...

to be honest i never watch the premier league, i just love annoying ppl :P

suspic said...

Pics of it didn't happen. =O

Seriously though, I love doing stuff. Everything in the house that's buildable is left to me. That sense of achievement you get is indescribable.

Elegant Chic said...

wowww guess it was fun.

CuteandCuddly said...

lol i am so jealous can i join you painting :)
and lol mabrook on the win :)

FourMe said...

awww wanasaaa I'm inspiring ppl that's cool :p

thouh don't think the fumes will be good for him :/

it is but at the same time its back aching..

hell ya ;)

only hands! I'm painted from head to toe :P
lol entay meta lich khilg?

ohhh you mean mean meanie! ehh you don't know good football even if it hit you on the head :p

just for u suspee I put some up :P
so true! I 've had my fair share of putting furniture up together from Ikea etc :D

elegant chic:
it so is!

heheheh grab a brush and join me ;)
thanx babe xx

Stand-Alone~ said...

it is an amazing feel to paint.. =D i used to jump to the opportunity whenever i had the chance

IT WAS AMAZING.. throught the second half i was screaming lool..
the come back was just WOW!!!!
5-2 in your faces all of you!! lool

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehe 7ayaty sha6oora!! :*
ana a7eb aswe my stuff bro7i also bas el 3ayaaaz wel kesaal thb7ny :p