Wednesday, 1 April 2009


How do you know you made the right or wrong decision?

I think I made the wrong one today..


Oranjina fadidra said...


Oranjina fadidra said...

people made wrong decisions to know for sure what's right, after beings bitten from the arse

Oranjina fadidra said...

happy aprils fool ;)

Oranjina fadidra said...

anon whenever, you see this "PEACE OUT"

Hasan.B said...

I make the wrong one each and every single day. Its depressing

3anooda said...

i always say never regret ANY decision you make - just take it as a learning experience. And also do not take for granted the fact that you are at least able to take that decision yourself in comparison to others that do not have this privelege.

Âme said...

How do you know...

Sometimes you need to trust your gut feeling on that, when all the reasons dry out.

I have faith in your decision.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

WHAT DID U DO !!! @@

Delicately Realistic said...

its never too late to change things

Aurous said...

You see the results of your decision :)

but you can change the results, and then your decision wouldn't matter ;D

FourMe said...

oran fad:
hehe calm down woman :p

have to agree with you on that one!
happy fools day to you.. they should create a breaking trust day to..

ghal6aan! 3ala chethy 7ayaatik 3adam :p

trust me at the time being I would kill to have someone make my own decisions for me..

usually I trust my gut but today I thought I should use my brain for a change.. I don't trust my brain as much as I trust my gut feeling..

go play with your toy boy ;p


I have no patience anymore :/

Missy said...

follow ur heart <3

Anonymous said...

loool feh shay etha7ik eb ur blog! laish kelma takteben i deserve something depressed etc etc, el nas ezefonich;p!! egololich their tragidies hahahahha, wai ya3ny kaifech;p!! wela lamma you wrote that you've been hurt enough o you need someone to love chan wa7da takteblech that she had eye cancer o mosayeb el denia hahahahhaahaa

eshda3wa said...

u wait

Silver said...

time will tell..

Soul said...

haw @@ meno feeha eye cancer???
allah eyshafeeha..

*FOURME! legfaaaaaay !! samboosa el qadsiya*

mani sharya BB :/

I wana hear about ur decision today!

danderma said...

Unless u decided to marry a man u do not want today... or married him aslan... then every thing is fixable!!!

Anonymous said...

Soul shemwadeech el qadseya @@

O u're getting a BB :@ mako tetefekh ;@

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you dont =)

zwena said...

SOUL ana agoooo WHATEVEEER :@

S said...

# 1.. go with ur head first, then make ur gut agree whether it likes it or not.
# 2.. if u think u made the wrong decision, don't make it any worse, try to make it right. Heads up, sometimes that means do absolutely nothing!

and as 3anooda said, make it something u learn from. However, that doesn't mean u should spend ur whole life learning.

ZoN said...

when u see the consequences

The Extravagate said...

when the results come out :P lol
depands ,, sometimes u know its wrong just in time to change it
and sometimes its too late

so if it wasnt right chop chop and me it right :D:D

Gee said...

wait till the consequences shows up

This Lady said...

you can only know if you made the right decision AFTER the consequences happen. So, you'll just have to wait and see :)

Inshallah khair.

FourMe said...

i don't have one anymore..

hehe et9adgeen madri! actually i don't mind it cuz there are ppl suffering from worse things bs kil wa7d 3inda moshkilta ehy elahaam.. in a way it makes me appreciate what i have so kila wa7id.. plus i think ppl feel comfy here so that's why ey76oon 7ailhom feeni :p

i don't do waiting :p

walaht 3alaich :* screw time.. i ain't waiting for time..


ya ba3aad 6owayif ahaal ahaaal anony walaaht 3ala khdaidatich :p

mali khilg algif :/ ahoo lagmeeni :p agooooool btshtreena gha9ban 3alaich! w basich tgilgi9 bl qadseya hehehe esh3indich ray7aa ehnaaak goolay goolaaay ma 3alim :P

FourMe and marriage don't mix well.. true it can be fixed..

emwa3da wara elm7awil lool :P


7ad omhaa whateveeeeeer!

i like logic yet i dont trust it.. even if i know something is wrong i go for it.. i am what you call an idiot and don't learn from my mistakes :/ I'm going with my gut on this one.. ehh what's meant to happen shall happen..

wana bs an6ir.. no mate i ain't waiting for consequences..

the extravagate:
hehe i like the chop chop part..

w shboga mn el3omr etha am gona waste it waiting?

this lady:
look who's back! lich wa7sha.. inshala khair :)

Grey said...

Fix it !