Sunday, 19 April 2009

Baby Girl Grow UP!

Oh this is so pathetic! I'm so bloody emotional and sensitive as a little girl :/ No no not any girl but a 5 year old girl with two pigtails who was just told she can't get her favourite barbie that she's been dying to get for Christmas! Yes I become very lame when I'm sick.. I wanna be spoiled and babied like a toddler :/ I hateeeeeeeeeee the flu :(

Not only that but the hormone med is doing wonders to me! I cry about anything and everything :/ No not one tear but tears like cry me a river tears!! So bitching lame that I so need to be smacked across the face! Imagine I was told about a call that Dr. Fozeya got on her show about some fucked up mother who hits her 2yr old baby and I started crying my eyes out at the thought of the baby getting hit and every baby in the world being hurt that way!! Ok seriously FourMe it is a sad subject but come onnnnn why cry??! Ohh plus I run around hugging people!! Like seriously what the fuck woman!! I swear if the doc doesn't take me off this med soon I'm gona sit in the street and put a sign of "Free Hugs" next to me :/

I feel so freaking feminine its unbelievable! Like seriously so so girly feminine kind! You know the type that I get shy and start blushing and crap like that hehehe see like now I'm giggling!! Like pleeeease who giggles these days?! Oh my lord I'm such a girl! Someone slap me I beg of you slap me! Seriously is this what extra hormones in the body do? Anyhows I don't mind it seeing it is actually helping alot.. If it makes me cry like a little girl, blush like a teenager, and feel like more of a woman than I have ever felt but fixes the damned problem then so be it..

To giggles.. meaningless tears.. and blushing cheeks..
To being a baby girl all over again..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you didnt sound like a baby girl when you were swearing about ur freaking team :O

o ba3deen ro7ay el 6abeeeb 7ag ur flu :@

*et6oreg FourMe*


FourMe said...

hehhehehhehehehehe football brings out the boy in me that is an exception so hush :p

I told you I will go tomorrow stop nagging!

Anonymous said...

tara ra7 amache3 sha3rech o i make you cry :@ men sij etha ma re7tay :P

yeah! i tell you ppl .. I AM TELLING YOU

DO NOT , DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES get near FourMe when she's watching football

all u're gona hear is 6ooo6 6oooo6 6oooo6 6ooooo6



FourMe said...

why are you being mean to me *cries*

ok honestly I dont remember what i said :/ it was in the heat of the moment plus as I said I don't support football anymore! from now on its cricket and synchronised swimming :D

hehehe next time when i tell you am watching football switch your phone off OK :p

Anonymous said...

min sijich !! ana kent ashof o agameth 3aini :P LOOOL

no noo u gotta be kiddin me !! synchronised swimming mara wa7da :O

ZoN said...

u became a teenager all over again :)

ZoN said...

enjoy the best of the best

kcal said...

LOOOOL haha its ok if it makes u feel any better i've been like that for that past 6 months o 7adi i don't know why!!

i went to Marly & Me,, the movie and i was crying over a DOG! my friend iy6ali3ni iygool 7amdila wishker its just a dog in a movie :P

cheers.. to all the meaningless tears shed :D

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehehehe 7abeebti ur so cute :* khoosh medicine hatha ;p

Dalai Lama In the Loo said...

I love women Who ar feminine, vulnerable on the outside yet strong on the inside. There is nothing wrong in being sensitive. In fact its wrong to be a unemotional bitch with an attitude.. {Pun not Intended}

Traveleer said...

I'll be the first one to sign up for the free hugs bonanza

CuteandCuddly said...

LOL I would be happy to join you in giving free hugs :)
and its not only you there is something in the weather honestly i have the same problem the past two weeks and i am not sick :(

FourMe said...

hehe finee I'll bitch on someone else's head when we lose..

yup i think so :P
ohh my dear no one understands music like you do! thank you :)

yaay so I'm not the only one who's gone insane around here :D darling I cry over adverts at least you're doing movies :p
*raises her box of tissues*

baaaabe missed ya :* dude its turning me into a damn girl after 27 years of trying to avoid it I have finally became one :P

dalai lama:
hahahhaha the name cracked me up! priceless morning entertainment! Thank you sir for that..

I guess you have come across the right woman.. non taken..

why is it that you are always the first to sign up for physical contact :P

stand in line hun cuz it seems like there are a bunch of us emotional gals around ;) eh emotional, simply girl, or spoilt brats all shall do :)

libero anima said...

dnt worry your not the only one getting hormonal =p
the other day i kept crying and i was going to a party and i kept crying and ruined my makeup cuz i couldn't find the leggings i wanted to wear -.-
so yeah ... =p

eshda3wa said...

embrace ur girlyness!

Traveleer said...

I have extra calories to burn!

eleventhst said...

Dude, why grow up! Being a kid is so much more fun! ;p