Sunday, 5 April 2009

Are U Smiling?!

I heard these questions about 500 times last month! I am not exaggerating I was asked on a daily basis 5 times a day.. I was fed up of hearing them I would easily punch anyone that asks me any of these questions ever again!

Q. Oh my God what's wrong?

A. Nothing (everything)

Q. Are you ok??

A. Yes I'm fine (no)

Q. What's wrong with your voice?? Are you ok?
A. My voice always sounded like that. (You can hear that there is something wrong! Why Ask?)

Q. You lost so much weight!! Why?

A. I don't know. (I can't eat)

Q. Why do your boobs look bigger? Did you get implants??


Q. You look unhappy! What's wrong?

A. Nothing nothing nothing! (for fuck sake its NON of your business!!!)

And so on for a whole month.. I was asked the same questions over and over by the same people.. But today was different the questions were different..

Q. Why are you smiling?

Q. Aren't you heartbroken? Why do you look happy?

Q. You look different in a good way. What happened?

Q. You have an idiotic smile on your face!! What's up?

I'm smiling today.. I might have my off days but I'm smiling.. Do I need a reason to smile? Can't I simply smile? Yes I am smiling.. I wanna smile so here goes :)



Soul said...

*reserved for Nonee*


Soul said...

*smiling back*

nowwww thats an attitude :)))

doooooooom ya la7loo7ti el 7aseenaaaaa, doooom ;****

No identity.. said...

Allah yedeem your smile... Ignore all people ... they just can’t stop talking whenever we do… plus it’s never in their dictionary the word privacy or personal…

Hasan.B said...

Aywa kida

Âme said...

Ms. Carrie you deserve that smile don't you ?


~ Soul

eldctora said...

did u know fourme is a kind of cheese?

now thats smth to smile abt :D

Bloggerista said...

bigger boobs are a very good reason to smile!

Ahmed said...

A smile can make ur day :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats good to hear =)

shini said...

why don't the f*** themselves and die! really why?

on another note, Im craving blackberry apple pie ;dd

Miznah said...


S said...

I think i am smiling these days..
Whenever I've got a lot on my shoulders, I think I appreciate things more.. I smile more.. I laugh hard, and laugh more! It always helps..
Alah isahil 3alaina ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

im sure u have a gorgeous smile.. so dont stop smiling xD xx

Daddy's Girl said...

El nass mo sa7een

o El nass melageeeeeeeef

lazim akheth minkom ithen gabil la i go into a mood y3ni!?!??!


Chan u reply by "ma 3arafnalkom... in '3alaqt geltaw why o in fara7t mo 3ajbkom? shasawee y3ni 3shan artheekom o ashbe3 fothoolkom?"

nass tekhaf ma tekhtesheeesh!