Thursday, 30 April 2009

Alpha (LOOKS) Male

See my taste in men is a tad weird.. The scruffier they are the more I like'm.. The vision of perfection doesn't do it for me.. A man should be a mess to have me give him a second look.. Not as a hobo beggar mess no but more on the unshaven, messy, shorter hair end oh and if he's shaved his head off that just makes me go weak at the knees! go figure :/ But I simply adore a man who can dress! I have probably come across a handful of men that know how to dress.. the rest are just in jeans or shorts and t-shirt all the time.. ukhh go shopping man!! Leave clothes for another time.. now see below what I'm talking about ;)

Brad Pitt
See I'm not a fan of the blond look but this man makes it work with flying colours!!

Tyson Beckford
I can't say what I wana say :p

Josh Holloway
What can I say!

Freddie Ljungberg
Look at that face!! That tattoo!!
Oh dear Lord have mercy!!

The Clooney
This man is like fine wine.. with age he gets better and better and even better!!

Becks! Oh Becks! Oh Yes it is the BECKS!
Damn it man could you look anymore yummlicious!!
Ok he might sound like a fag at times but his foot makes up for it.. and in this pic here right now that look ahh better left unsaid!!

Josep Guardiola
(Barcelona Manager)I swear to you if I find a man that can dress like that..
I FourMe will propose to him on the spot!

Kill me why don't you!!

My life's mission is to find a man that looks like that!
Don't care if he's an airhead or a bimbo.. Me want! Me waaant! ME WANT DAMN IT!!!

He is SOOOO going on my "3 hottest men my eyes have ever seen" list..
Guess now its 4 ;)

Girlie's what kinda looking boy would you go for?
The "Scruffy Mess" like yours truly or the "Vision of Perfection" kinda boy?


chikapappi said...


FourMe said...

hahaha indeed!
ok I guess you are in no state to answer which you prefer :P

3anooda said...

ok it might sound nasty but i like my boys to look like they just got out of bed - u know with the mkarmash qim9an / tshirts oo the hair all over the place. i like hair ma7ib bald heads. oo preferably the kind of hair that they had just fuss about with their hands a bit and its sorted. not the kind that stand and gel it for half an hour

BUT even though i dont like ger3an my current favorites are Vin Diesal and Micheal Schofield (prison break). yummmmmmmmmmyyyy

zuz said...

a7eb wa7ed wa9ekh!! mo ya3ny mayetsaba7!! y3ny messy hair, tanned dark skin,mayshed 7aila 3la 3umra;p bas yetsaba7 and smells nice! its so cute! i lovee victor valdes's looks:O chenna baby!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


kebarty eb 3ainy ya fourme...theyre my all time favorites ;)

oo the josep dude is a cutie as well...wainy 3anna all this time!

eshda3wa said...

i definitely like mess

but tyson beckford

the man has boobs bigger than mine!

desertpalms said...

Freddie Ljungberg
Look at that face!! That tattoo!!

e7em..dont you mean..that BODY!!


and erm..the tyson dude has def got the 'rapist' look going on...=/ too scary!

*dp runs away from fourmes blog*

remembers beckss is there

*runs back*


oh and 2 words: DAVID..GANDY...

Anonymous said...

shakait eb thooqich 7eg awal cham la7thaa bs 3ala akher 4 pix thebt eb mokani! aaaaah ;/ i want ;$

Squirreliya :p

Anony said...


Souloo said...

abi nafs jesem Tyson :/

a7eb big shoulders o chest :/


f7ee7eely said...

أخاف أقولج إني أحلى منهم كللللللللههههههههههم تدقريني

FourMe said...

hey nothin nasty about it! if that's ur cuppa tea then so be it :p naah I like'm a bit more tidy than the roll out of bed lookin like a bad ass schoolboy look.. ohh I'm not a fan of the gel saga seeing it means he stood infront of a mirror for X amount of time trying to get it in the right angel :/

plus I like to mess a dudes hair up :P now I mean that in the most innocent way possible eg. during school days I'd just stick my hand out and mess any dudes hair for the sake of it :p no nooo v.diesal is a no no for me..

hehehe aham shay elwa9ikh :p colour ain't an issue for me.. but ya the smelling good part is a MUST!!

he looked damn fine in the match couple day ago!!

7athreeeeen la w ba3aad ako cham wa7d bs gelt I'll cut the list short.. oww Josep emsaweeli ala'aa he's on my hit list :P

hahahahhahahaa! that craked me up! commonnn the man is fineee!

freddie oh freddieeeeee.. no i mean the face that look he has, its deadly! woman don't get me started on the tattoo!!! a man with a tattoo is my weakness so ya i meant the tattoo :p ehh not so much the body.. too toned for my taste..

hahah the man is a model!! what rapist.. hell I'd like to rape him :P okay I must sound like a nutjob right now :/

Becks is becks! nuf said!
Gandy dude not so bad! I know someone that looks like him want me to hook you up :p he's one of my top 3 boys ;)

hehe la a3jbich :p
stand in line!! I saw him before u.. me want even moreeeeeee :(

chataal ya anony elwalaad chataaaaaaal! *triple sighs*

he's a tad much but I wont say no ;) a7i6lich e3laan bl jareeda :P

hehehe zay elwaard eldagra :p I'll believe it when I see it before that ana agool estreee7

ZoN said...

teenagers mishkila entaw :/

pep ya pep eshga3ed etsawe ya pep 7ata bara ilmal3ab emdawkhhom :P

FourMe said...

hehe yes yes its time for us girls to drool..la3ab eb 7sbatna :P

Big Pearls said...

loool 7araam 3alaish ish hal post il ta3thebi:p

Aurous said...

my taste exactly...

a5eeeeeh josh holloway <3

FourMe said...

hehe 7adaa :p

he is yum isn't he!

Elegant Chic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elegant Chic said...

Oolalaaa...Guess we have similar tastes!
Men with stubs!!! Yum-O!
Wat else can I say!!!

eleventhst said...

Dudee! Right after the barca game, i was telling my friend how hot he is! a hot guy that manages a football team! A winner in my book!

FourMe said...

*sits and drools with you*


Ahmed said...

How come my pic isn't there?

desertpalms said...

i changed my mindd





:::ShoSho::: said...

lol I know a doctor who looks like Cloony hehehe,,, he talks and I just look at his smile lol,, he's a bit older but his smile is so much like him!

I am a big fan of Becks, he's a got good feet :P

LoooooL at eshda3wa!

:::ShoSho::: said...

O I donno that Freddie guy bas walla for the a split second, I thought it was 3mr Diyab lol don't kill me! and i was thinking "fourMe and 3mr Diyab!?!!!!" lol

Ms. D said...

ishakel ma ehim kither el7achy wel islob wel fi3l..

aaaaaaaaaaaaaakh bs akh!!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaakh ya fourmeeee atharech inty ely darya belly shag fwady shag loooooooool!!

Ms. D said...

kitabt garga sh6olha inbal3at!!!

mara7 a3ed!!!!!!!!!!!!