Thursday, 5 March 2009


Ok seriously this isn't working out and the pair of them are getting dumped :(

I have a problem and I don't know how to fix it :/ I really reaaaaallly don't like my knees :(( They look so dumb and just so wrong for me I wanna change them.. emm can I get designer knees :p Or knees that are custom made? Seriously if a car can get custom made rims then sure as hell I deserve custom made knees! See the problem is they don't fit they just sit there looking at me like two dumb blonde bimbos! They're so annoying and I feel they are couple of millimeters too big I dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon't like them! Do you think its because of the hormones that they look different!? Cuz let me tell you something everything else is enlarging and I'm fucking loving it :p No nooo its not that, I've had a problem with them for ages now! That's it I'm chopping them off!!

Please do share any body parts that you hate so I can feel better about the dumb idiots that I've got :/

Damn it I want new knees!!


Squirreliya said...

i hate my ba6a eli ta7at el knees :P

Squirreliya said...

o0h and btw, i miss u fourme!

Anonymous said...

i hate my saggy arms, muscley thighs, huge hands, back with za8edeed, broad legs, wide hips, huge boobs, broad flat butt, sunken knees.

all in all i hate my whole body ..

there u go now u should feel lucky n better :'(

Squirreliya said...
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Fashionista said...

how about you do the opposite and tell us what body parts you like?

that should make you feel MUCH better hun :*

No identity.. said...

Hey... miss your attitude.. Abut me i dont like my tummy.. cant hide it ... must show out from my clothes... I hate it ;P

Ms. D said...



inzeen ana 3ade my knees maksoora lool o they look chenas 3tham na66a all the time 7ata my friends eldekatra look at me cheny yeney ;p

Anonymous said...

i hate my leg kelha.. my knees that look like that picture, my over-muscley-but-looks-like-fat-legs, my fat ankles and my wide feet :D i'm not fat myself.. i consider myself average bs i have chunky legs lol

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Wow i didnt know that knees can look bad or u can hate'em..
I've never noticed mine but as i look at them now i think they r nice =]

i hate my eyebrows .. at least u can hide ur knees :S

Glitter said...

My nose, maybe.

I would kill for ur boobs though ;-)

God blessed you with these two gorgeous babies, and u're complaining abt ur KNEES?!!

no one will notice them.
All eyes would be way above ur waist ;-)

The Extravagate said...

a77m i hate the trademark of all arab girls my >>B E H I N D<<


lovely blog !! :)

zuz said...

my boobs

shoosha said...

3indi a stretch mark on my knee!! dasha 3arth il taysa

Aurous said...

I hate my thin hair, my large behind, me legs, and my huge feet ;p

are you feeling any better now? :D

Livingmylife said...

i hate my knuckles cuz theyre dark min driving ..

i hate my dark circles around my eyes ..

i hate my stretch marks;p


S said...

KNEES!! seriously i thought it was only me..
and stretch marks :(
About the knees.. i have been working out and they are a bit better.. bas still 3aleeni wayid!

S said...

oh and the "babies" .. i'd kill for some ;p rathya one size!! rathya!! bas ina i dont want to gain much weight for that to happen!

Miznah said...

there's knee liposuction if you're that desperate

ZoN said...

my weight :/

Silver said...

ayayay..where to begin!

I hate my skin, my nose, my knees(I really thought I was the only one!) my pudgy legs, my thighs, my (recent) karsha, my small boys and yea, thats about it.


moi said...

my tummy although i'm seriously skinny;\!

Anonymous said...

u know what i really really REALLY HATE? that no one is ever fully satisfied with his own body ! nor we are comfortable to be in our own skin !
im just like that and its a shame i tell u :/

we should really be thankful for having all our senses and limbs *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

i have the ugliest toes in the history of the universe..

and the funny thing i flunt ur face sandals kind..face ur evils is my way ;p

u should wer above the knee clothes all the time..u will get ur peace ;p

sexy_sour_sweet said...

I'm 18
I hate them!
Plus my boobs!

sexy_sour_sweet said...
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Anonymous said...

3indi stretch mark ebaba6i :{

Anonymous said...


Fastidious Babe said...

MY FEEEETT!!!!!!! i absolutely hate them! at least u dont have to look at ur knees much! i have to dress my feet up in killer heels I ACTUALLY LOVE..

i'm considering surgery.. always had. maybe one day!

eshda3wa said...


does my belly count ?

Anonymous said...

golay il 7imdila lay9eer feech shay w tit7asifain 3ala hal ti7il6im:p

FourMe said...

woho0ooo so I'm not the only one that bitches about body parts :p

ok ain't gona reply to all cuz I'm tired but will reply to 2 Anonymous's

that said "we should really be thankful for having all our senses and limbs *SIGH*"

Trust me I am grateful and doubt there is a person that thanks God for her body and senses as much as I do.. Yet I have my days where I complain that does not mean I'm being ungrateful or uncomfortable in my skin.. cuz hell I flaunt all I've got cuz I'm damn proud of it.. But then I'm only a human and humans are not "perfect" hence the bitching and complaining ;)

Anonymous above this comment:
Alf el7amdilaa and as I mentioned above I'm just bitching.. and I HIGHLY doubt that you never had a day where you looked at yourself and said hey I wish that was different! We ain't perfect dear..

Anonymous said...

mmm i hate my belly :( y3ny ana th3eefa with big boobs lol.. bs 3bnde karshone zqeera oo mo rathya troooooo7!! efff .. o 3nde shwayat stretch marks 3nd el upper thighs :'( shlon yro7on? :'(