Sunday, 1 March 2009


I don't want to talk anymore.. Its your turn to talk.. I wonder how many of you read this blog?? This is what you're going to do.. Each and every single one of you the ones with a voice and the silent ones go to the comment section and tell me why you read the crap that I write??

p.s. This post is posted from my BlackBerry..


moi said...


Anonymous said...


moi said...

i read ur "crap" because i think you're real and not like the express ur point of view even when you know that many ppl wont agree with you and you're really funny and you dont know it;p

moi said...

eee congrats for posting from your BB;P

Stand-Alone~ said...

i read coz i can relate to some of the things that you are saying, and i like how you express things.. Plus your topics are always fresh, new, challening and makes me think..
In addition, I like your Attitude =D

ZuZu said...

I read everyone's crap cuz ma 3ndi sheghel ,, bs seriously i find a lot of your posts interesting ;)

Gone Bonkers. said...

for the simple fact that you're Fourme! (do i get a prize for saying that? :P)

la seriously i relate to some of what you write and i love your take on them. mashaAllah you're expressive, funny, moody, emotional, tough, and loving all in one person. God bless your being and i'm not jamiling you, i'm being earnest =)

Squirreliya said...

hehe fourme 3alaich as2ella 3ajeeba ;p

mmm, let me think..

1) mn el faraqa

2) interesting

3) fe stuff in common, w i wana know how u deal with stuff ;p

4) u r funny, lovely ...etc

5) 9aree7a w direct w ma yhimich a7ad

* your post 3an ur masters mn zmaan ehwa eli khalani adminn ur blog :p

* ymkn fe more stuff bs that's enough i guess :P

danderma said...

boy this medication is really making u hormonal !!!!

i gather that at least u like ur blackberry????

Anonymous said...

3aaaaaaaaash el ta6awoooooooor looooool

Entay emla7tha ena kilhom nafs el ajweba ?? Loool

Anonymous said...

How come it doesn't say ena u posted from BB wala bs zain y7ebon yrezon esemhom lool

Anonymous said...

for so many reasons .. like moi has said ur REAL unlike some of the other fake bloggers..

ur interesting ..

and to know that not only my life is messed up (il 7mdillah 3ala kil 7al )

ur fun .. i like to read ti7el6iming :P

and ur UNIQUE ! yeah babe u r :*

Traveleer said...

you ranting..bitchin..swearing makes me feel like good about myself..meaning that there are worse people than me in this world. :P hehehehehe

:::ShoSho::: said...

We love you, that is is why!

S said...

i enjoy reading what you have to say about things. yes u're real ..but u have your way of letting things out, which makes it interesting.

Limited said...

i read ur crap cuz i feel i can relate to stuff and its REAL! its stuff we face in our lives everyday!

and u dont care about what people think about what u say, u say it and i love it!

Ms. D said...


i feel the same

i hate my job.. i wanna leave.. i want abreak.. hfffffffffffffffff

msly khug a7ad

Ms. D said...

oo ee.. most of the time ma agra postatich wala blogich bs angiz to the comments place oo azawe3 comment aw at7al6am o amshy ;p mithil misa3 (a)

t7ebeeenee sa7? ;p

Nawara said...


Anonymous said...

ive never commented on ur blog before but i check it almost everyday. i read ur blog because ur REAL unlike all the fake bloggers out there claiming to be real. i love ur attitude ur honesty ur realness ur sarcasm,basically: ur cool. thats why :D


Anonymous said...

ive never commented on ur blog before but i check it almost everyday. i read ur blog because ur REAL unlike all the fake bloggers out there claiming to be real. i love ur attitude ur honesty ur realness ur sarcasm,basically: ur cool. thats why :D


Hasan.B said...

Because and because I love you. Bel 3rabi a7ebech, bel faransawi.. ma3rf;s!

TheLittleLifeOfMe said...

Because you're FUNNY and most importantly REAL. A7is inna you say the truth and aren't FAKE.

Please have a look at my blog. :)

Jam3iiya(L) said...

because you're funny
and you're honest
and i can relate to you, as well as understand what makes you say somethings, and kind of guess what your going through.. your fun and really moody, (specially with meds) and your attitude is just awesome

bas all in all, cuz its you!

Anonymous said...

ana bafham shlon enas y3arfon etha ur real wala fake balla :O

je t'aime ya Hasan :P

elmafroth etgolha bel ee6ali :P since she'e learing italian :P

hathe bel 6elyaani "ti amo " :P

ti amo ya FourMe :P


FourMe said...

one must speak their mind.. can't keep it in just so you please others..

glad my crap is entertaining

aww thanx dear :) will try and write more meaningful posts and less crap..

woho0 my crap trumps other peoples crap :P

hahhahahaha ya you get a can of coke :p awww bless you're adorable.. cheers babe :* good i hate jamiling people..

sq 9adeeqty el9adooqa:
7athreeeen :D God remember how much I used to bitch about it! 7amdila I finished it..

you've seen nothing! so far yes liking the options..

ahahhahahahahahahahah sheftay eshloon 9ert f6eena :p
ethahir the english don't like to brag about their services :p

FourMe said...

ahh if I talk about my problems trust me bta7mdeen rabich alf mara bs el7amdila 3ala kil 7al.. damn and I was cutting back on t7il6ming am so gona step it up :p
even though I don't see it plus think that each person is unique in their own way but honestly thank you :*

hehehe so am I your personality boost?

looooooooooooofe you moreee :**


I stopped caring about what people say the day I decided to live my life not live it the way they want me to live it..

ms d:
come to mamaaaa *huuuug*
min 9ejich I wana drop my whole life and migrate to alaska :/

afaaa al7een 3ogob kila hal shoe postat 3ashan kha6ir e3wainatich w you don't read my crap afaaaaa ma kaansh el3ashaaam :p

mobiii mobiiii ma7ib a7aad bs a7ib nafsy *runs crying to shosho*

hahaha cool..

anonymous XYZ:
awwww thank you dear! very much appreciated.. and thank you for speaking up even though you're a silent one :)

la la laaaaaa mat7maaal chethy wa booya byoghma 3alaaay :P ya ba3aaad 6owayif ahaaaal ahaaal ahaal ely yabaw FourMe you finally declared your love for me mino gady :P damn it if only you were couple years older hahahaha

Read it and weep girls :PP

thanx babe :)

jam3iiya (l):
hahahahhaha aham shay with med heheheh.. ya I guess I tend to become extra emotional when on these crappy hormones :/

cuz eybayin when someone is trying to fake it you can tell from their attitude and how they portray certain events.. the fake ones are easily spotted cuz they write to please others and blogging has become a "write to impress" for them not vent and say what's on your mind kinda thing..

ee eeeee abi bil 6ilyaani :P

Anonymous said...


kent basaweee fata7eya wardaa 7achech :P

Me, ShoShoo Hasan.B :P

enlef 7oolech:P o enghane .. bs i didnt come up with the song yet :\ im trying to make it rythm weya fata7eya warda bs mo gadra LOOOl

o ee HAsan.B mabagha ygoolha !! i think kan khash'ha eb galba wayed :P

Anonymous said...

ana ba6al3 o afaker bel song :P

Anonymous said...

laptopy shashta sooda !! i have ni idea why :(

bs kent basaeeehom 30 comment :PLOOL

FourMe said...

hahahhahahahahha anony bil 3araby 3ashaan afhaam :P

ee eeeee Hasan galbaa matroosa :p

7afsa said...

intay t3a9been, t6al3een 7ariti ana, hatha laish:p 6ool ma ana agra y9eer feeni "eeeee walah! 9a7! eeee!!!" fa astanis:p

Ms. D said...


ta3aaly alimich :*****

*hug qaweeeeeeyaaaaaaa*

ana bs made if this is the virus speakin or me madre am just so goddamn tored ely aby ashla3 ro7 wa7e6Ha eb jesm thany ;p

atoona said...

your words aint crap.. I can relate to them!
*et9afeg for getting the hang of ur BB*

Fashionista said...

cuz your blog is fun

especially your shoe posts :)

Livingmylife said...

why do u always degrade urself? calling ur posts crap .. or ur other posts about urself..

i dont understand .. i mean if u dnt realise how fun, creative, upspiriting ( nt lately bas u get wat im sayin) and inspiring ur writing is, then have u ever thought that bloggin may nt be for u?

tabeen e9ij? u may believe it or not .. but ur posts make my day .. and thats commin straight from the heart


Delicately Realistic said...

LOL o ish7aga katba this is posted from ur blackberry, laish ma oho bro7a yaktib nafs baji ilnas !?

AND i read cuz i love ur 'spunk' !

Anonymous said...

I have read every single post, bas wala marra i commented. this is my first one .. just becuz u asked ;)
its funny, interesting, so honest, so real, o fe saalfa ;p
Dude You rock ;D!


shoosha said...

fourme atwaqa3 inni ga3da a9eer maretha.. i haven't stopped sneezing tara

shoosha said...

ok gimt atsansan now... atwaqa3 manshoola

Raisa said...


- you're kinda honest, as in you don't give a rat's ass and I like that about you.

- sometimes you talk like crap, nonesense but it still highly readable.

- you're Kuwaiti.

- you're fun *puppy face*

gurl what do you want we love ya blog, keep yappin'

shoosha said...

oo why read ur crap?

cause a7ibich :**

Aurous said...

Because it's enjoyable and very real :D

Silver said...

Cuz dude... ur candid and fun and genuine and ur gr8 and awesome and i love u and ur sweet and ur pretty and ur funny and ur smart and ur...

ok im out of breath. Satisfied? :P

Anonymous said...

you are real, you are honest, and i can relate. i like how you are not afraid to speak your mind. and at times if i may have a different perspective, i still like how you make me think about the topic at hand. lastly, we are supporters of the same football team. congrats on carling cup today, yay!! (your blue moon anony)

Hasan.B said...

With all these known and silent readers admiring you should start thinking of running for elections!

Ms. D said...


tetwaqe3en fourme wedHa tetbanana?


*shares kleenix box weya shoosha*

Oranjina fadidra said...

I dig any crap coming from your pie hole..

p.s god bless BB technology

Anonymous said...


shoosha can join our fata7eya warda circle :P

i still didnt finish the song :\

Anonymous said...

cuz i freakin LOVE it!!
and i can totally relate to ur "soulmate" thing as i'm goin thru a very similar situation myself.
BTW i pinned u
is that ok?

Anonymous said...

FourMe @@

ga3da tetraqemeeen @@

ur getting pinned @@


yah yaah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


im soo lovng this :P

ps: im still working on the fata7eya warda :\

FourMe said...

where did you exactly pin me? I never posted my pin and if you're referring to the one in previous post comments that was a joke it isn't my bbpin..

FourMe said...

my mood is beyond fucked.. I'll reply to the rest of you later..

Random thoughts said...

I read your blog cause I find it interesting. There are thousands, probably millions of blogs out there, but very few of them are as interesting as I've found yours to be.

Ruby Woo said...

cuz mithlich athnain maku ;**

Najla said...

Ur interesting :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

because i loove you and i miss you wayed and even though im on a break i still read your blog cz i miss you tons ;**

does that help at all? =(

Faten said...

this is my first time I stop at your blog.
bs you seem popular-mashallah-
& dandoon likes you, I trust her :p

keep blogging :D

desertpalms said...

stop fishing for compliments hehehe ;p

we read ur blog cuz we LOVE you full stop!

Ms. D said...

anonoooo ana badish fata7y ya wardaa toooooo

N. said...

I haven't read your "crap" in a long time, but I'm trying to catch up. Funny this is the first I read in a while.

zuz said...

becuz ur on my blogroll:P

Anonymous said...

E6la3aaatt e6la3aaaaat elsoooong ;p

Anonyy, shosho, Hasan.B , shoosha and Ms.d ysawoon da'eraa dar madaar FourMe, they hold hand o starts singing

Fata7eyaaaaa wardaaaaaaaa FourMeee el wardaaaaaaaa

Ana anoony ( chak chak chak < ya3ni ga3deen ensafeg ;p )

Ana shosho ( chak chak chak )

Each person ygol esma spins around himself ;p

Ana Hasan.B ( chak chak chak )

Ana shoosha ( chak chak chak )

Ana Ms.D ( chak chal chak )

3aliii babaaa 3aliii babaa 3edooo lama el 3ashraaaaa

wa7ed thnaiin.... FourMe waiin??

thalaatha arbaa3aa.... wagfa ta7t el sa3aa (ya3ni big ben:P)

khamsa setta.... wel ka3ab elbesta

sab3a, themanyaa... 3eddaw al bamyaaa!

tes3a 3asharaaa... Haaaaaaaaaaay !! ( And we jump ;p )

Shareyeeech feenaa??? (H)

P.s; shukaar khaas 7ag atoona she came up with the numbers and made it rythm ;p

Pps : I made this comment from my BB ;p

VIIVAAA LE ta6awoooor loool

shoosha said...

magdar a9afeg wana maska goo6i klenex asfa... bagol chk chk chk ib 7aalji

inzain ya shagool shloon ur commenting ana maley elal7en im3ayey!!

shoosha said...

obaaaaaaay!!! ga3da bil qanafa oo ib kil qowetee ga3da adiz nafi lai jidaami chinni adiz kersi!!! 7addi imthay3aa!!

shoosha said...

eee tetbanaina ana ooo D ? :$

shoosha said...

3indich 67 comments... eshrayech asaweehum 70

shoosha said...

ok this is numero 68

shoosha said...

this is numero 69

shoosha said...

and viola... 70 :D

S E 7 E N said...

Cause its fun to read .. And you do have so many advetures in you life .. And your ups and downs .. Oo the best part you do not wirte any of these love romantic stories ile tarseen il blogat
Cheeeeers mate & peace out

Anonymous said...

Shoosha etsadgeen madre !! Awal shay kan em3ayee ba3deen saweet el email setting chan yeshteghel !! Bs zawe lil7een mayeshteghel !!

Yemken bs y7ebnee ana (A)

Anonymous said...

Shoosha etsadgeen madre !! Awal shay kan em3ayee ba3deen saweet el email setting chan yeshteghel !! Bs zawe lil7een mayeshteghel !!

Yemken bs y7ebnee ana (A)

zwena said...

OMG saweeetaa !!! Saweeeta !!! Saweet mal Zawe !!! She can comment !! OMG 7adee 3abqareyaaa !! I soo rock hahahahahha

Ja jema3aa 7adee 7abaa el ta6awoooooooooooooooor !!!!! ;D

Ms. D said...

shoosha ana MI 3ade i can comment o post o atfasakh ba3ad..

Ms. D said...

y3ny ma ashtery BB?? khaaalaaas batim 3al nokiat mara7 akhaly a7ad egis 3ley a7eb my fone :*

Ms. D said...

o ya 7ilo double digits..

77 eyanin ;p

inzen tara ana o shoosha nshaweg wayed khoosh bnayat mo siya3 o ma 3ndena sowalif tshayeb elras.. bs raghayat o n7in shway wayed o we crush wayed.. o thooqna kila 3ks 3kos allah yhadena fa ma yenkhaf 3lena.. tarbeyatna sahla OKAY! ma n3ir la yemen wala shemal... ;D

o ma ni6allab wayed ;D

ehya bs horsey.. o ana shoeseys


*tanghiz shoosha to show some puppy eyes*

Nani_37 said...

Why i read this ?? humm .. well, i know i'm one of the silent ones, but here goes.

In general i read blogs to escape or at least take a break and look into someone else's life for a little bit .. and yours because you don't preach or try to be all wise. You talk about you, what happens to you, and what you think about it. You are true to yourself and to you readers. i know there is more but i don't know how to explain it.

Mabrook on your BB .. glad it posted this time ;)

shoosha said...

ahahaha waaai thooq D is WHITE!!! wai3 wai3 hahaha ;p

shoosha said...


Anonymous said...


enzain enzaaaaaaaaaain :@

ta3alaay el chat khal agoolech

o ba3deen hooob HOOOOOOOOOB



Anonymous said...

Because I like your attitude.
You're very realistic, sometimes to the point of being pessimistic but I don't know I like it. I'm sick of all the "it's going to be okay" crap! I want to know that no, it's not going to be okay and you better do something about it.
Like a slap..
Okay enough blabbering.

Sal-Man. Utd xx

Shoush said...

I hav a ligafa to see wat others have to say thats y am into personal blogs, including urs.

Ms. D said...

ur a very boring child!!! wakhray wayed mo6e3a!!
ana o shoosha action ;p 7ana o ranna ;p sowalifna mmmm.. shrayech shoosha

la la anony inty wayed bare2a el omahat yenson el6efl elbare2 yabon ely eta3eb globhom o erakthon wara 6ol elyom ;D

a7esich min tkhezch fourme khaza tg3eden mokanich.. ana o shoosha tkhezna mara thenten thalath.. weeeeh wala ka enaaaa ;p telgen wa3alaya te7ethif bil akher.. ;p bs elmhom khosh banat SEEDA ma nkhawer :>

*shy face*

Ms. D said...

o weenhaa omina elfeeelaaaaaaaaa???


Anonymous said...





*etshooof Ms.D baraa da'eraat fata7eya warda :@*

eeee bacher lama mama tekbaar betgol 3afya 3ala ebnaite anony !!! mo Ms.D eli 3alla galbe o qasarat eb 3umre :@






zwena said...

i dont have a mother :(

Anonymous said...

i thought soul is ur mother :O

o Shoosha mara7 a3almech :@
golaay 7ag sadeeqtech etwakher 3an my mother

ee Ms.D i meant u .. MOTERH STEALER :@

Anonymous said...

ba3aad hatha eli naqes :@

ana sema3t nas ybogoon reyayeel ..

bs ybogoon omahaat ana awal mara ashofhaa :@

o ghaseb ba3aaad :O

Anonymous said...

90 comment :D

zwena said...

motresh stealer


sij soul omi ? mathker :O

Anonymous said...

ok zawe u're suppose to be on my side !!


7ade maqhoora ga3deen ybogoon omy !!

o entay shloon tenseen omech balla :@

banaat akher zemaan !! :O

Cooookies said...

waaaih im way down here :P HELLO :P

Anonymous said...

*etshoot coooookies*

Anonymous said...

maleeet ma7adrathe ysawe comment . khal yseroon 100 banaaam !!!

so here it goes


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

100 :D

Candy said...

nice ques.
u express ur opinions o ebdoon ma tehtameen etha flan/flana liked/disliked what u wrote;
o el aham; enah tsolfeen,coz am talktive o a7eb el nas el talktive,
u wrote abt ppl experiences in different issues,...i like that,
o 6ab3a el "legafa" ba3ad another reason...:D
sometimes i don't comment,but i read each post silently...
do u get annoyed from silent readers??

FourMe said...

ghal6aneeeeeeeeen! mo chethy ya3fsoon edenyaa mo chethy.. embala wekala mn ghair bawaab ehy 9aa7!

Ms D


and enizghaa Anooooooony you 3 are on a one post ban! the 3 of you won't be allowed to post on the next post I put up as a punishment..

A Journal Entry said...

bcoz ur real.. u don't fake it, oo i love the way u write.. ya3ni the post b4 this really made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

shako :(

ana masaweeet shay :(

i was defending my right :(

o ba3deen ana saweeetlech fata7eya warda :(

dont i get any credit for it :'(

*anony wayeha emwarem men el bache*

shoosha said...

105 :D


shoosha said...

wee ma7ib odd numbers... 106 :D

shoosha said...

ma widdich ekoon 3indich 110 comments?

shoosha said...

wai3 odd number marra thanyaa!!! ughhh

shoosha said...

bogaa 2 comments wet9ereen 110 walla its worth it

shoosha said...

110 :D


Anonymous said...

111 a7la :D

shoosha said...

laa 112 wayed a7la

eshda3wa said...

its a relif to see theres someone out there as angry as i am

most of the time

even more angry than i am

and i dont come across ppl like that much !

shoosha said...

114 even!!!

shoosha said...

Testing blackberry

Anonymous said...



aywa ya aywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3aaaaaaaaaash el ta6awooooooooooooooooooooooor :D :D

shoosha said...

wahahahahaha anony 9aaar :D

thnxxx ;***** a7ibich

shoosha said...

khan saweee 120 ;p

shoosha said...

119 :D

Anonymous said...

aywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

shoosha said...

you do the hookey pokey and u turn urself around thats whats its all aaaaaabout!!

shoosha said...

you put your left hand in you put ur left hand out you put ur left hand in and u shake it all about

Anonymous said...

ha shake shino :O\

123 :D

shoosha said...

ur left hand!!!

Anonymous said...

why would i shake ??

et3arfeen etha saweenahom 200 yseroon 2 pages?? :O

et3arfeen wal amat3arfeen ??

Neoark said...

well, i'd lie if i said i read all blogs, i just read the latest posts, and comment, i always comment even if i didn't have something to say ;p

but times, i can't find words, or forget to comment >.>

shoosha said...


shoosha said...


shoosha said...


shoosha said...

130 ;)

Anonymous said...

Ms. D said...


Ms. D said...

alllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 133 is mine!!!


Ms. D said...

fourmeyoooo muta tyebeeleee el coral? :O

Ms. D said...

135 a7es khosh raqm.. khosh se3r.. a7es elog se3r shy ;p

toolzi said...

I read this crap as you call it l2na sometimes it's nice to read what ppl write and learn things from them ya know ....

intlxpatr said...

Holy Smokes! 136+ comments! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love u :**


P.S commenting from my bb o mali khilg I sign in ;p