Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spill it NOW!!


Not back yet.. But I need to spill.. Remember those posts where you spill your guts as Anonymous? Yaah well its one of those.. You all know the rules comment only under anonymous if you got something to say or something is bothering you recently or whatever the hell it might be..

My spill:
I wrote and deleted my spill 5 times because I can't say it.. Nonetheless I think ana 9ert khfayfaa (became a flirt) and am freaking enjoying it :p hehehehehe ya yaaa sue me! I freaking deserve to have some fun !!

FourMe hitting the sack now.. ow and don't forget the spilling! I wanna wake up to juicy spills.. I'm still away cuz I'm freaking busy having fun ;)


desertpalms said...

hehe gladd ur having funn babe u deserve it , and u sound better el7amdella =D u happy makes me happy..

ummm...7aliyan im too tired to think of something good to spill..=/ will be back with something juicy for you tomorrow inshallah

desertpalms said...

ow how comes im first? wers everybody else lool

Anonymous said...

im on the verge of messing up agaaain. i need not to.

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends is messing with my head, and this is one of the few times in my life where I can't read what's on a person's mind! It sucks!

Anonymous said...

I hate her alot. I hate him even more. T
hey deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

in one week, he managed to restore my lost faith in the world, and shatter it again

i hate that i broke my rules for him. i hate that i made myself so vulnerable infront of him.

but most of all, i hate myself for believing him, and thinking that he couldve been different from everyone else.

Anonymous said...

i called him a fucking asshole to his face. he pissed me off. that was my 2nd chance with him and i fucked it up forever. he broke my heart, shattered it into a million pieces. i can't bring myself to hate him even after all that he's done to me. i fucking love him and he doesn't deserve it. i'm desperate to have him back but i'm dead to him now.

i don't know what to do with myself now.

Anonymous said...

I haateeeeee the soulmate, i hate him , i hate his guts

i hate what he did

i hate what he's doing

i even hate what he's going to do !!

i realized i hated him even before i knew he existed !!


i want to cut his dick and shove it up his ass :@

anonymous above me, way to go with the asshole :P .. now you go have fun ;p

1st anonymous : dont mess up, if you didnt know what to do just as for help!

FourMe said...

Wahahhahahahhahahhaa Anonymous above me well said! :p
Damn there are a lot of broken hearts out there!! Well men are assholes so don't beat urself up about it cuz they aint worth it.. Wishh u all happiness :)

zuz said...

looooool 9ayra khfayfa:P!! wallah a7sanlech!!;p;p, welcome back;*, i'll spill under anonymous b3d shway;p

Ms. D said...

basawee spills wayed ne6reee.. u wont know ay anonymous ehe ana :p

bs awal spill as D

bs t3bt min elnas

ba3teref ina min elyom o raye7 ana 3aysha 7ag ro7y o bs.. etha shy ma fe jezwa le.. bil6agag.. nas matfedny.. bi6agag.. mshwar ma efedny wala esaweley shy maroo7.. chethy ba9er! KEFEY!!!

awla ma 3ley ana o bs!!!!!

o ee..

aby atzawaj wa7ed ghany ZAIN!?? ee

o wa7ed ehwa yaby yetzawjny mo ahala raktha raktha fe mn bet la bet chena mawara! haaaiiiiwww!!!

o inshalla ekon se7t elsay7atoon! rathya elmohim tet7aqaq fe el above mentioned requirments :>

maby bf wala 7ob.. aby rayel khalas.. aby asteqer.. aby bet i wanna play house o asawe 3omre fahma o chethy akon san3a o ademeya min haly fahamneya bkil shy!!!

3afyaaaaaaaaaaa yallaa tara bs 6alaaat o shamukhaat!!

o yaweeelkom ya bo aqal min 21 in ta7achaitaw aw ba6altaw 7loojkom!! la aga6e3 lahatkom o akhaleelha o a7e6'ha bighrash eb ma6bakh bet yady!

Anonymous said...

i broke the most beautiful creature in this world's heart 1,0000 times and i still love him a lot..iam really sorry for breaking your beautiful heart beautiful dont deserve it..and guess what? everytime i break your heart i break mine as well..i never realised that until last night when it hit me... im worthless without you..i hope you're okay and happy...

The Mask said...

Fourme : Comment posted at 10.51

Well, Wat U said u think abt men in this comment , Is exactly what men think abt women.Ther must be some kind of relationship coaching by professional psychologists for both men and women to understand each other so tat they dont go around breaking hearts.

Lesser the number of broken hearts, More peaceful and orderly and efficient the world is.Its a worthwhile investment.

Anonymous said...

im hating my friends big time.. day by day im getting to know new stuff about them!

stuff that makes me puke!

problem is they've been my friends since forever and its hard letting go all at once.. and i don't want to be so obvious 'bout slipping away and i don't want to be alone

Candy said...

wain e5tafaity @@!
hope everything is good!
i didn't get the post ^^" ya3nee only anynmous commentors only should comment coz they r flirting u :D

Anonymous said...

i hope that blonde that you dumped me for breaks your heart into a billion pieces. i treated you like a king and yet you see that pretty blonde and forget everything i ever did for you.

i want her to hurt you the way you hurt me. i didn't deserve it but you do. you need to feel what i'm going through now.

you won't find another girl who loves you the way i do. you won't find another girl who is willing to move the earth for you if you just even mentioned it.

i really hope she makes you happy then breaks your heart the way you broke mine. then you will see that i was the perfect one for you.

i hope when you see her, hear her voice, kiss her lips, anything, you think of me...

Anonymous said...

im getting married to someone i hardly know oh and im not a virgin shall i tell or not?

Cooookies said...

this is scary :S alot of broken heaarts and angry single women :P yeew very scary !:P

Hasan.B said...

Baskom fethaye7! And the last anonymous just do the operation, its available in kuwait and setray 3la 3mrech o 3la raylech!

Anonymous said...

loooooooooooool girls are so funny!! last anon: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my spill: my wedding is in a couple of weeks and im seriously scareddd of everything..from walking to the kosha, of attending my wedding ,of e7em the thing with the husband!! i mean he knows me more than anyone but i doubt that i'll let him in my pants from day 1!!:$ oh god what if we never did it:/!! what if he got sick of me?!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaah:O!!!

Anonymous said...

its complicated... I know x from the age of 6 as a little sweet boy after 12 years I found him in facebook etc etc.. we became more than bff..
I discovered that he was born a girl!! and my other bf wan to marry him :{ SHE DOSENT KNOW THAT HE WAS A GIRL!!!!

what shall I do? I can't talk to her,, Im avoiding her,, their wedding party after 1 week!!!

Anonymous said...

i lost my virginity to 1 guy and slept with another guy
( currently my husband ) on our honeymoon while i had my period to make it look like he deflowered me. i know its wrong o karma will hit me 1 day bs shasawe i was pinned to the ground the first time.

Anonymous said...

i found out that my boyfriend which i slept with is cheating on me with my best best best friend.....

i guess im not worth a thing 3nd both of them... :-(

Soul said...

yabeela popcorn el 9ara7aa..

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that my best friend is trying to be me.. evrything from the simplest little things she immitates. But what annoys me the most is the fact that she think she knws better, she supposedly gives me all this advice about wht to do and wht no to do when it comes to guys, saying that she knws how to play the game bt she herself hasnt been able to keep one guy..

Anonymous said...

The guy i like is messing with my head. I knw he likes me..bas i dont knw wht to do about it, im afraid of having my heart broken again..i just dont wanna get hurt..

I think im falling for him.. :(

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL!! ee wala yabeela popcorn :-p keep em coming we want more :-p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous above me!! and ur still alive? em9eeba!

Soul said...

anonymous elli above elli above me..

if u r her soulmate then I hope u die..

Soul said...

oh! and i hope u feel what she felt.. maybe 10 times more.. and then u die..

moi said...

:O!!!!!!! im shocked!! why MANY local girls are not virgins:O!?!!! sheno 9ar 3ady?:O!! wallah im seriously asking!! gololooooooooy!! 9ar 3ady???!! o ana 7athy tawny aboos:S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moi said...

and hehehehhehe@ yabeela popcorn;p!!!!

Soul said...

*hands Moi some popcorn*

et-hagain Fareed Shawqi e`3te9ab Shwaikar wella bas qabbalha 3la jabeenha??

moi said...

*chews on the popcorn* ma'3te9abha wela shay..ehya tabeeh in bed

moi said...

ya3ny nam weyaha;p!, ambee madry shga3da agool i need to go to sleep:/

Soul said...

moi 5erteeh.. namay a7san :p

Provocative Lady said...

i lost my virginity to 1 guy and slept with another guy
( currently my husband ) on our honeymoon while i had my period to make it look like he deflowered me. i know its wrong o karma will hit me 1 day bs shasawe i was pinned to the ground the first time.

call me dumb but how did u manage to fool him,i mean period and sex dont go 2gather right?

i just burnt my pompom with hot water it hurts :( madri laish im sharing this info bas im in pain ouchhh

Silver said...

fourme we should seriously thank you for these posts..

talk about entertainment!


desertpalms said...


Anonymous said...

" i lost my virginity to a guy.. deflowered me.."
" im getting married and im not a virgin should i tell"

Awal shay.. Allah la yableena..
thani shay .. R u kuwaiti guys? if so.. what the hell is going on? is losing your virginity something that is very "casual" for girls these days? wela el mojtama3 9ar wayed fee g*aaab? wala shelmawthoo3?! 9ij yabeelikom mo9li7een ejtima3iyeen.. BITCHES

Anonymous said...

Somebody is still waiting for your permission to flirt. He will take you to Mexico :P

Ms. D said...

ya 7asratna!!!!

madre lesh 7asait iny wayed zena o ya bakhty eb 3omree o haneyalla ely eb yakhethny

wentaw yaly khambagtaw o sorry khertoha khwarat elyahad khathtaw a7san elnas we7na ely eb byot ahalna kana ga3den o ga3den nenrad o elshabab letyos ga3den yredona o mayabona li atfah al-asbab.. i dunno wut u bitches r doin bs allah ma yaghferha lekom.. kho mathwakom jahannam 7mdila.. fachen ryolkom 7ag alf wa7ed o wa7ed.. chubaw wala wa7da fekom ta7chey chub!!!

al7eeen intaw elreyayel namil 3nd ryoolkom haaa :O

khyaskom khyaskom!

Anonymous said...

i'v been with my bf for 4 years. he never cheated on me (hes always with me and always available + am checking on him) ..

iam cheating on him with at least 5 guys + iam a Lesbian !!

But am virgin (proud huh!!)

Anonymous said...

I have lowered my guard for this special lady.

Not been able to dedicate time to her as work is demanding a lot more than I could allocate for it.

Forgive me.

Ms. D said...

anon ely fogy...
yabelich film masa2 o sahraaaa.. wait shakly bagra blog fourme bileel andemej :X

Ms. D said...

i mean anon 7.04 :O

eshda3wa said...

yabeelna enyeeb fozia dree3 tegra hal comments !

wana ya 7athy 3ala nafsi laish lai7een single, la boos la 3amat 3ain ...

laish el kuwait sarat paris oo ana madre..

laish ma 7ashni 6eshaaar

Anonymous said...

Ms. D .. am thinking abt blogging my love life i'll have hundreds of nite readers ;D plus billions of sabat readers :p

Anonymous said...

i lived in uk as a kid... i think i was raped.. i'm not sure if i'm a virgen.. i rmbr being scared of the guy next door but i blocked everything out.. my mom told one day she saw blood in my pants.. i can't recall wht happened but i rmbr fearing this guy when i was 5 yrs old.. afraid he would touch me.. :S:S wht shud i do?

shoosha said...

yawwwwwwk!!! mestansa wana agra!

shoosha said...

inzain why are people judging il awadem and by awadem i mean the ppl that commented inna their not virgins... bidal ma ite3alemoon min aqla6'hum u judge them?

im not saying what they wrote is right in any way or form baas thats why they commented under the name anonymous.. fee people have to get stuff off their chests and vent.. khaloohum oo golaw il7imdilla inna hal ashyaa ma 9arat fekum...

inzain fourmeeyoo... tara lazem we create a new blog 3ashan ppl vent,, ya3ni seriously from what i read a lot of ppl need to get stuff off their chests ;p

shoosha said...

aby i spill 3ashan ba3th il naas yegrooona

ma7ib Missy anymore!!!

ma gamat tadri 3anni...

Anonymous said...

laish some ppl are asuming ina the anonymouse peeps are in kuwait or any other gcc countries?
and can someone define the true meanings of a bitch?

Anonymous said...

i think im gona call this post "baqaya qoloob major7a "


i agree with shoosha on the blog :P .. or maybe a post each months lool :P ..

S said...

umm.. ppl, I dont think any of us should judge.. kil wa7id o '6ameera! o i7na 3alaina nit3alam, witha 7asaina ina ghala6, mansaweeh.. anyway, this spilling post is good.. and Soul, I am loving the way you think;p

FourMe said...

FourMe is quite occupied at the time being so won't be able to reply to all.. First thing first!

I respect all your opinions and each is entitled to their own but one thing I won't tolerate is rudeness and name calling regardless of the situation.. You can all reply to each other as you please but with respect. Respect for me and for the rules of this blog.. I would very much appreciate it if there was no more insulting.. And don't forget NO one is perfect!

Permission granted bs 3ala shar6 tan6irny 3ind e7dood mexico w nshgaa7 :p khooo elkhibraa w mawjooda ;)

Ehhh work work woorkkkk! Not forgiven! Do you not know that there is nothing more important than I am?!! Word to the wise.. Don't miss your window of opportunity..........

Cooookies said...

allah layableena ..

the replies ams were shocking .. but compared to what I read today !! wala galbe gam e3awrnee !!!!


AND ..
no offense .. but all of those that think this is amusing theyre simply sick !!!!! men 9ijkum ?!!! menstanseen 3al fethayi7 ?!


This is scary very VERY scary !!!!!

Allah e7afith iljamee3!!

ok im really in a bad mood now :S

how r u doing sweety ? hope ur coping well;*

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehehhe some of ur comments were fun to read ;p
Anonymous!!!! ur title "baqaya qoloob major7a "
fa6sny min il th7ik ;ppP

Ms. D said...

ok.. heres a real spill

3ndy mishkila min eltegereb mn elnas

ma3rf atgarrab mn a7ad

ma7ib asawey shy 7ag a7ad

i am not a giver

i just a recptical for things, emotions.. i will appereciate kither ma eyeny minkom.. if nuthing comes.. nuthing will come ur way

ma ye6la3 miny shy lo ib 6l3at elro7

i dont go after ppl i lose i just let them go. i believe allah y36eny a7san.. o sub7an allah dayem eser o allah yrzegny al a7san 7emdilla..

i know mo shy zain o selfish.. bs i cant change.. i will not change lo shino eser!!

ma atha7y eb ra7ty 7ag ayen kan!!

Anonymous said...

i think im the most beautiful woman in the world!!

Anonymous said...

fourme you are an attention seeker

Anonymous said...

fourme I don't know u in real life, BUT Im attracted to u and ............

I don't know :{

FourMe said...

I'm just replying to the ones that asked q's..

the mask:
men will be men and women will be women.. yet those who have an ounce of decency don't break hearts intentionally.. no relationship counselling is needed.. what is needed is humanity which many lack!

been quite busy lately.. thanx for asking dear :) and everyone that has something to say about anything should comment..

anonymous 28/3 18:17:
I believe marriage should be entered with complete honesty.. I don't think you should hide it and should tell him.. but I know how men would react so honestly i don't know what to tell you.. but if I were in your shoes i would tell him :/ cuz if you weren't afraid from God when you lost your virginity why should u be afraid of a man? I'm assuming here that you lost it with a guy and not by doing something stupid by yourself..

anonymous 28/3 19:36:
wow talk about messed up! If he hasn't told her already then she deserves to know! this is not something that should be hidden.. there are some born and had the change as medical reasons but still the girl should know.. tell him to tell her and if he doesnt you really owe it to your friend to tell her!

anonymous 28/3 21:14:
oh my oh myyyy am I loved this much?! I hope to God this msg is left by my ex so I know he's suffering! if not then I'm flattered :p

anonymous 29/3 10:43:
oh my God I am so sorry dear :( No child nor adult should be subjected to that.. I think you need to go to both a psychiatrist and a gynaecologist.. one to help you deal with the mental state and the other to see if you are a virgin or not.. I think after all those years you need to know and make peace with the matter.. :(

FourMe said...

anonymous 29/3 12:51:
the definition of a "bitch" that is being used here I think is any girl that had sex before marriage..

alf el7amdila i'm doing really well :) thank you for asking babe :*

anonymous 30/3 21:41:
thank you dear for your opinion.. but you know what they say.. kilman yara enas eb 3ain 6ab3a..

anonymous 30/3 23:37:
what's after the and?
well i don't know either.. but honestly thank you for putting a smile on my face with this comment :)

Um Mit3ib said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sater

Anonymous said...

so now what?

FourMe said...

um mit3ib:
big timeeee ya sateer :(

you tell me..

proud to be virgin said...

to the certain person that i love :

i will always love u for ever no matter what :(

and to all the virgin girls out there plz DO NOT loose ur virginity before marraige not even to the guy u love !
if he really loves u he would wait till u two get married !

danderma said...

*Rubbing eyes in Disbilef*

Fourme awal ams kintay ib wadi o il yoom ingalab ur blog to a Jerry Springer Show!!!

Ga3da agra o al6m!!!!!!!!!!

FourMe said...

hahhaha 7ada springer :p

wala ya omii ana l6aamt gablich alah yastir 3alaina w 3alaihom:/

kcal said...

mo sijj! ga3d abchi o ath7ak ib nafs il wagt!

ya sater ya kareem!

FourMe i think you should do this more often. Ppl need to get ALOT off their chest!!!!