Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Do.. No I DON'T!!

This is freaking hilarious!! For a girl who doesn't want to get married to anyone I keep on getting proposals over and over again.. The majority are good men but occasionally you get the weirdo's (like the one couple months ago that wanted me for my eye colour :/ )

Anyhows today I came back home to the lovely news "FourMe ekh6booch elyoum" usually it turns into a fight with my mother and aunts ganging up against me.. But today I just couldn't resist laughing!!

So the groom is

A lawyer!

Very well known!

From one of the best families!

Beyond wealthy!

And said to my uncle that he promises to spoil me!!

Seems to good to be true 9a7!!

He's 42 years old..


Ohh and wait waitttttt he has 2 kids a 10 and 13 year old..

One of my aunts says I should go for it because elzgheer by3il galbi so I should accept this one cuz bydalilny and would treat me way better then any other man my age.. Walaa madri ath7aaaak wilaa al6iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!!

p.s. Thaaaank you all so much for your kind words on the previous post :*
p.p.s To Anonymous who left me the youtube song.. there is no light at the end of my tunnel and I can't breathe.. thank you though :)


Anonymous said...


in ur face Ms.D shofay al7een mino al FAV. 3end fourme me :@

wek wek weeeeeek :P

Anonymous said...


laa laaa laaaaa

i vote 7ag eli yabeech 7ag lon 3yoonech LOOOOL

Anonymous said...

wala tadreen shloon

i say line them up, o 3ertheehom 3aleena :P .. let them be our new toy boys HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

im sure Ms.D would like one of the freak weirdo's LOOOOOL

ok im done here

baro7 aghafe shway :P

Hasan.B said...

La la ma hatha el kalam. Mafehum shay ele they get divorced:P!

FourMe said...

yooozay ya bnayaa al7een far7a w mar7aa aKa shoosha and Ms d eyoon rakith w ya3fsoon elblog weyach bs bssss kil wa7ed comment wa7id :p

hehehhe ghal6ana asawelhom line up ya3ni wintaw etf79onhom :P

3ala 3aini w rasi eldivorcee's bs 3ad mo 42 wm3ayil! ya3ni shalah garidny akh'tha :/

dude magdaar e7is shoghol paedophiles mat3rifny 7adi daloo3a ma yenfa3ny 42 kilish kilissssshhhhh..

moi said...

thats weird..because last year someone proposed to me,he was A DIVORCED 41 YEAR OLD LAWYER WITH 3 KIDS MADRY SHKETHER;\;\, etha ohwa 3ayal slai7e6 laish ya56eb banat s'3ar?;s..bas ana agool e5theeh:P 3enda money o 3ial zahbeen mala da3y etyeben yahal:P:P

Neoark said...

girl, don't reject, ACCEPT!!


seriously, don't make me turn into fowziya dree3 :p

No identity.. said...

Noooooooooooooooooooo... many rich we maydal3on, hatha bas kalam mal awal ... i just feel he is from this type... ele yabi yedala3 ma yqool ana basawi ana kithi.... I say take it easy .... aham shay his PERSONALITY... and remember he has kids, ARE YOU READY FOR THAT?

Traveleer said...

I was thinking of proposing, but I guess I have no chace to compete with this wealthy 42 year old lawyer :P.

Gone Bonkers. said...

its all up to you but i wouldn't take a divorced man with kids. i don't like sharing :S plus there's quite a gap age-wise .. fel nhaya ma bta5sireen itha 9alaity 9alat iste5aara

Anonymous said...

LOL @ moi :P yeah u have a full package offer so no kids needed :P

ok seriously to me that is SO disgusting to take an old man who can father me !

but some of my cousins did get married when they were in their early 20's to a much older men and now it's been like over 13 years since they got married and they are very happy indeed !

so it depends on u dear ..

and i agree with Gone Bonkers iste5eeray !

S E 7 E N said...

do marry him and tell us about it :P

Anonymous said...

Loooooooooooool I agree with se7en hahahahahaha

3anooda said...

shrayich ineh wa7id ba'3any laneh his friend said i was the best gf a guy can get!!! LOOOOOL shdarah hathak ba3ad??

check out my last post on my blog 3ala hal mu9eeba ili 3indi

Um Mit3ib said...

LOL haw 3yala shwya wiseeeroonnn kobrich ;p

S said...

umm.. I think the all-inclusive package isn't much of a deal, bas ham istikheeray.. u never know who u're gonna end up with lol..
lol @ moi

Ms. D said...

lesh ehda2 7ag anono bs :O

o ana shinooo bint el3abda?!!!!!

ya3alllllll s7ooonich elkaser goly ameeeeeeen ya anonooo :@@@@@@@@

Ms. D said...


shoosha said...

tara anony commented faa its not fair inna i cant comment thats why im commenting now moo 3ashan you said inna ma e9eer we comment baas 3ashan ehya she commented faa lazem i comment.. la7tha lemme scroll down 3ashan ashoof itha D commented... ee she commented faa lazem i comment... faa im commenting right now.. u see me? ga3ad itshoofeen my comment fourme? raqam arba3a!! itshofeeen my comment?

shoosha said...

eee tara ms.d it7eeb reyayeel ekbaar metzawjeen oo 3indihum e3yal ;p dalleee 3alaiha ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

lol Ms D!

she has a point..

age has nothing to do with it :P

bes ya3ny if ur not interested then ur not XD

funny post walla lol

Nani_37 said...

LOL @ the guy who wanted you for your eye color ... the first thing i thought was >>> CATS, that's how choose them :p

Anonymous said...

kelesh wala s7ooni 3aad :@

o ba3deen she wanst refering to me !! galat ANONYMOUS !! ana etsameeni anony (A)

zuz said...

haw! theqaaa hal obo!!

FourMe said...

laa mo eho hatha 3inda 2 girls.. hahaha hell no i won't even think about it..

even if you turn into Oprah I wont accept :p

no identity:
adrii bs apparently hatha mnjbir feeni :/ plus I know for a fact that kan emdalil his previous wife.. la personality wla ba6eeekh its a no noooo..

i would accept only if you're in your 50s :p

hell i wouldn't either.. trust me I don't like sharing at alllll.. nop wont do it ma stkhaart 3ala ely a7sen mina w b3omry bastkheer 3ala hatha! kilish laaa..

as tempting as the package sounds i would have to say nooooooooooo... exactly 7ada disgusting! I think its sick and I posted it cuz I thought he is definitely falls into the weirdo category :/

no thanx.. i'll wait for the next person that proposes which is my age then i'll go for it :)

FourMe said...

ee mo ana 7a6eeny 7ag eltajarob mo :/

haahaaahahahahahahaaa you come with recommendations :p

will do inshala..

heeheeehhe eee ewwwww :/

ma 3oozy.. khaleeny chethy abraak..

ms d:
mako faydaa bs elsaan ma tegra el maktoob it wasn't anooony elzarga.. someone other anonymous left the song..

its not about growing old its about compatibility plus I don't want a man that's been there done that.. If I'm getting married I wana get married to someone that's going through it for the first time so we're both on the same page..

ur comment 9aak rasi.. bs bsss la t7l6main just comment wintay saktaa.. heeehehheheehhehhehehee la inshalaa bakhat'ha a7sen mn wa7d em6alig w m3ayil..

at alllllllllllllllll not interested.. I find that age gap a tad too much dunno I can't digest it.. no amount of money he has can change my mind..

ya that dude was simply hilarious.. hehhe

eeeee 7ada!

Silver said...

e5 I get a stomach ache just imagining what "it" would be like. LOL.

a little too much info?! couldn't agree more:P:P

Bs yalla, entay w3yala could be rabe3 or something! :P

Oranjina fadidra said...

child molester!! run and scream for your life..

Neoark said...

well, then mark this

live with no regrets.

so don't regret it later :P

Aurous said...

You should definitely go for it... he's a catch... ;p

seriously... was your mom serious about this?!!

Anonymous said...

hope there will be some day and end that will open the tunnel and u'll breathe and u'll be free ;*
forgot 2 put my name in the last post!..

eshda3wa said...

men with money think they can get any woman they want

the sad thing is
they usually do

FourMe said...

eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww woman :/
hahaha ya I can be there sister and we could do sleep overs :p

oran fad:
that thought did cross my mind but then I remembered my age and my face went like that ---> :/

giving it a second thought would make me regret wasting my time to think of it..

woman I'm already wearing my wedding dress from now :p

my mom NOO.. but my aunt I think she was because I've already refused every man there is my age so I think she thought that I wanted someone with more experience or God know what :/

Anonymous M:
awww thaaanx babe :** hope so but i really doubt it..

well he ain't getting "this" woman no matter how wealthy he is.. a much muchhhhh wealthier man proposed who was closer to my age and I refused him so men with money don't really do it for me..

outrageous said...

u don't know him , he might be a good person and ur the only one who knows what can possibly work for u and what doesn't

outrageous said...

yeah i forgot , u know brad bit is 45 , he looks fine to me :)