Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hormonal Much?

I have reached the epitome of a hormonal mess! Yes Ladies and Gents I have reached rock bottom of hormonal rock bottom :/ How so? I'll tell you, while having dinner and devouring my yummy pasta I was watching the movie Ghost. Normal right? Not really :/ So I've seen this movie about oh 50 times so far and I know how the story goes but come the last scene FourMe sits there stuffing her face with pasta and eldmoo3 y9boon arba3 arbaa3! Akil w abchy! Enzain hdaay elpasta w ebchay 3ala kaifich Laaaa mako! Elgafsha eb eed wil kleenix eb eed.. Enzain bs khlaaa9 elfilm sktaay laa laaaa lal7een abchy w akil!! Wily yer7am omich FourMe sktaay khlaa9 elfilm w khl9at elpasta :/ I stopped crying when I saw my tears yanzloon arba3 arbaa3 down my face 7azat'ha 7asait 3ala nafsy w 3ala el3abaa6 ely ana fy:D

Bitch ass dumb bitching hormone medicine making me cry while eating my pasta :/

p.s. I'm freaking loving the 1st pic :p


Anonymous said...

Weee gharga menee

Yenfa3 aghsel wayhe ;p

Anonymous said...

7elo el film? yeswa ashoofa? :p

e7m, oh baby don't cry, eat only :p


3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL 3ayal ana kileh when im depressed i like to watch legends of the fall. mara i was sooo hormonal that as soon as i pressed play i started crying. hahahaahah ya3ni ma bida shay its the beginning credits bas gimt athkir the movie oo abchee.

freak much??

Bloggerista said...

i'm likin' the second pic :P

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Never liked that movie :P

Ms. D said...

*thaaahreeeee e3werny*

zuz said...

loool, i watched the green mile the other day chan asawy 3aza til i fell asleep;\!! my period m3anda 9ayerlaha 2 months masharefat;\, allah e3enich:SS

The Extravagate said...

aw yaa wiliee 3lich *hugs*

3ade everyone goes throu this phase :)

Oranjina fadidra said...

ghost is lame, mo ay lame the lame eli i5alich tshqeen hdoomich lame! hmm and now Im craving pasta..

FourMe said...

ha ghasaltaay :p

its a classic.. me likey.. hehehe 7ada eat only :p

hahahahahhahahahahaa how cute :p its not freak its damn hormones that are screwing us up :/

eee ain't it cool :p

nooooooo its so cute!

ms d:
sktay ana bamoot mn alam thahry :/

hahahhahahahahahahahhahaahahha don't you feel so silly afterwards its like ga6a3t 3omry bachy bs madri 3ala shino :p dear did you see a doc? cuz that ain't healthy!

the extravagate:
*huggggs* yaay so ana mo el3abeee6a elwa7eeda :D

oran fad:
Woman!! Did you ever like anything? now am craving pasta again :/

3aliya said...


and btw...i never took the hormone medicine but i think i'm wanting to take it after what you said!!:p madree a7is i6ali3 kil il7ara ily feeich!!:P

ZoN said...

cry howa a7ad makhith minha 7aqa.
how long do u have to take the hormones for?

Momentum said...


مو هذا اللي فيه ديمي موور؟

Raisa said...

PMSing should be optional,OPTIONAL!! :/

FourMe said...

ee 7ada sometimes I feel like doing it :p

trust me you don't wanna take it, its hell.. it plays with your mood so freaking much its not even funny..

ee wala makhtheen :(
so far for 3 months then I'll see what doc says..

ee hatha eho Demi w Patrick.. 7ada qadeem bs 7ilo..

FourMe said...

hell there shouldn't be any PMS at all!! its just there to torture women! Like we need any more torture for being a woman :/

3aliya said...

la2 wallah i need to bee extremly sadd!! you know when your holding stuff inside and stopping them from going's frustrating...but inshallah it's on my to do later list!!;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

I ate chips and cookies instead :p

libero anima said...

i agree with raisa !!

loool loved both pix ;p

eshda3wa said...

nothing wrong will a lil tears

bored said...

lol enzain laish el bachee ma3a el akil?

Anonymous said...

mmm i disagre.. i like PMS.. its the greatest excuse to be a bitch.. especially to my bf.. i would be like a total bitch to him.. wetha 3a9b.. hey i'm gna hv my fucking period so shut the fuck up at least u dnt bleed down there!

maskeen.. b3dyn yt2sf oo yrathene

so its not so bad is it? :P:P

y3ny ana el '3l6ana oo fog shane gwat 3any oo fog hatha EHWA yrathene..

mn gal women are sweet?

moi said...

hahaha *hugs* 7araaam fourMe... hahahaa

moi said...

and looooooooool at the anon above me;p, hehehe!! ok chub moi:S im laughing like crazy;\!

Livingmylife said...

LOOOL! ambay '6a7akteeni! ana marat teyeeni hal 7ala .. brave heart bechayt china a7ad 9IJ MAYET! o masikat lama 5alas!

Marley and me? ooooh hatha 3ad 9ij EBCHAAY 9ar ..


Gone Bonkers. said...

lol been there fourme *hugs*

i was eating pasta too but not watching a movie when that happened,, and i'd felt a lump in my throat and i thought this is it i'm gonna die choking from my tears :/

FourMe said...

i'd rather let things bottled up than do what am doing now..

oran fad:
hehe bl 3afiya..

wala it shouldn't exist khair shar :/

ya if its in once a blue moon not on regular basis..

cuz there was a sad scene and i was hungry and i didn't intend on crying my eyes out in the middle of my dinner:/ bs damn hormones they catch you off guard..

that's when you have regular pms he'll tolerate it but what i have is pmdd.. he put up with it but after a while he started getting tired of it..

:/ *hugs*

haven't seen it.. and braveheart seen it twice and both times saw just half of it so madri how sad it is :/

happens allllll the time...

Shwaish said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL awww ma3alaih cry its okay :P

Euphoria said...