Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let it Snow..Let it SNOW

A snow storm has hit London the streets are literally covered with inches of snow and both Stansted and Gatwick airport have been shut down! It looks absolutely fabulous and 9a7batkom ely feha fagir snow o mo shayfa khair e6la3at tel3ab bil snow! I walked, made patterns, jumped up and down in the middle of the snow covered street, mind you I didn't wana make snowballs seeing dogs pee on the streets and its dirty! Yes hello germ freak anyhows after couple of minutes of running like a maniac in the empty street in my pjs I fell flat on my ass and slammed both my hands on the pavement :( DON'T LAUGH!! It hurts :( Both my hands hurt and so does my tushy and I think I hurt my lower back! Well done FourMe like you need any more back pains :/

My right hand is swollen and blue and it really hurts when I move it :D

Updating the Update:
My left thigh really hurts! This keeps on getting better and better! :D :D


Cooookies said...

wanaasaa ;/ send over some :P

moi said...

mestansa ena ur hand is swollen?:P, ams 6e7t 6ai7a gashra now im in the hospital:D

atoona said...

i was wearing the wrong boots.. 7adda slippery o my toes were froozen!

aww.. hope ur hand gets better!! rest it, use ur left hand to type for now.

Ruby Woo said...

wintay hathi 7altiich??? kil mashta6aitay 3ala shay radaiteelna o eedich matfookha???


on another note:
FOURME!!!!!! Shal comments that were left ib my last post? Why were you ganging up on me? Hatha wana katbatlich post kamil 3anich *sniff*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aby snow!

fourme plz plz plz aby snow!

dizeely shway =(

3afya! =(

FourMe said...

7ada wanasaa eyshawig shakla.. get your own I don't share snow!

7adaa swollen :/ waih ya 7athy salmat matshofeen shar :*

etha entay boots ana slippers malot elbait .. thanx babe I'm putting kamdat on it..

yakhtich madrii wanasa ednya baitha! tawich tadreen eny 3obaa :/

hehhehehehee I was hatha doing arabi6 3a93ooo9at :p 9ej!! omg i don't remember :/

roo7ay elma6bakh w ft7ay elfreezer o d3say rasich dakhil :p

Diablo said...

Yeah got sum snow in my area aswell .. and its gonna be snowing the whole week maybe ??

My car is all white and freezing .. makes stupid sound when you roll the window down and the WIPPERS seem like their gona break when i turn them on !!

i hope there's alot of snow in the mornning so i dont go to class :$

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


oo fee a7ad byen6ag ;Pp

desertpalms said...


miskeeena wallah u poor thing..salamat salamaat

I think my clumsiness is spreadinggg hehehehe even IIIII didnt fall in the snow..and thats sayin somthinnn! =D

Gone Bonkers. said...

salamaaaat fourme *hug*

ana elyom ma 9adni shay maybe ta7awal 3alaich .... be careful! :P

ice is the remedy in these cases

FourMe said...

that's what they said it'll be snowing till wed! So far I don't think would be able to go to work or schools.. Bus services are out as well..

Careful on the roads..

am so boycotting her!

eysalmich dear..yup its contagious.. and oh am boycotting you!

gb the nutter:
*hugs* I put a bottle of water outside and it froze and am using it on my hand :D

A Journal Entry said...

oooh hehehe salamaaaaat dear!

..::Amu::.. said...

As must as I love snow I am glad I was there when the weather was really good so I am away from the chilly -5 you will be getting! nice pic...

Aurous said...

Enshallah there won't be any more updates to this post :p
ma tshofeen shar... bs you've got to admit that the snow is worth it :)
wa7da feha fagr snow w m7tara :p

Âme said...

Get well soon.

~ Soul

libero anima said...

duuuude i adore snow ! the best feeling it when u just take it with ur hands and it crunches .. kash5a !
i remember the first time i saw snow was when i was i think 9 or 10 ..
it was the best feeling ever man ! i feel ya ! ..

and ouch about ur hand and thigh ! ..
out some ice on it .. ironically it was ice that hurt u in the first place =p

Manal said...

ما تشوفين شر في البداية
وثانيا عليج بالعافية الثلج واللعب فيه


احنا ما وصلنا شي بكاردف

بس برد قوي

والناس يترقبون

Limited said...

i STILL havent seen snow!! every time we travel in winter its either to a snowless place or a place that gets snow later =/

6owfeelna shwayat snow =P w salamat eeedich w wroochich w '6ahrich w 5idgatch w anything else that hurts :**

Ms. D said...

nobody shall speak of last night ;D

Diablo said...

oh yeah ?? even though it was snowing i still went to uni and there was a lecture :D .. DAMNT IT :@ ..

still snowing though

:::ShoSho::: said...

waw wanasa.. it's been snowing here too.. i woke up yesterday morning and was surprised! My kids were happy playing in there.. i wanted to throw the 1 month old baby in the snow but I didn't have a snow suit for him loooool..

Gone Bonkers. said...

how are you today Fourme? =) 3asa no bruises/no pain?

Delicately Realistic said...

3ad intay bil that mo nag9a 3awar thahar !!

Yes, its me...and im back ;>

Âme said...

I know you would hate me even more than ever, but you have been awarded The Butterfly Award.


~ Soul

Hasan.B said...

My sister and cousins are in london, and they enjoying the snow as well! It snowed here as well, but I could not enjoy it! I was late to work today!

Ahmed said...

salamtek ma tshofen shr

Yara said...

im coming tomorrow with my son tekfain golili its not a mistake coming with him this time of year :(

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Matshufeeen shar ;*

S said...

lool.. sorry i had to laugh .. thikart an episode i saw the other day .. nisait isim el series.. calista flockhart was dancing in the snow, wearing blue pjs with sheep on them.. i think! it looked like so much fun!
anyway sorry about the hand and tushy..
try vicks on ur hand and wrap it well.. keep applying vicks every couple of hours ..

FourMe said...

eysalmich dear..

trust me you're lucky that you left cuz as amazing as it was the country literally stopped functioning!

eshar mayeech.. I'm traumatised from the snow its so painful :/ i was like feeni gaer snow bs living 2 days in a snowed in country made me feel sick!


I was a snow lover but noooo more :/ Oh my God I would never touch it with my bear hands its tooo cold! I'm literally hugging the heater there is no way I'm putting snow no where near me..

shar mayeech thank you dear..adezlkom shwayat snow :p

FourMe said...

heheh eysalmich babe :* wala tkasart maswat 3alay..

ms D:
hahahahhaha ma geltly was there a reply!!

you should of just said you were snowed in and stayed home.. did you go today??

hehehheheheh 7araaaam tawa baby ma6alaa3 elarb3een! Plz tell me you took some photos? Sktaaay the kids in my neighbourhood were snowballing anyone in the street! Bs ashwa they didn't throw anything at me :D

wala dear still crap.. my left side is really painful :(

@@ excuse me who are you??

9adgeeeny taw enaaaaaaaaas roo7ay rooo7ay we don't like ppl who disappear!

abashrich I'm back to physio :D

Is it possible for me to hate you anymore??

you should of not gone in.. its dangerous!

alah ysalmik thank you :)

Yup that's a mistake :/ sowwy bs jaad bard o a baby wouldn't be able to enjoy it.. keep him extra warm.. inshala w9altaw bsalama w didn't encounter any delays or problems at the airport!

abi omi:
thank you dear :)

Probably it was Ally McBeal.. I love that show and yes it was similar to that :p hand is better bs the rest hurts like hell :/

forgiven for laughing cuz I laughed at myself :p

Ms. D said...

la.. elog mo bildeira :@