Saturday, 28 February 2009


Fucking fuck it bitch ass ho of technology!! Just wrote a long ass post on my newly acquired BlackBerry and some how the bitch got deleted! After (almost) 28 years on this miserable earth I finally gave in and got myself a BlackBerry 2 weeks ago, today I got me (my 1st) iPod, and next week I'm thinking of getting a robot :p Freaking hell my anti-technology streak has been deflowered :/

Don't know how to use 79% of the functions on the BB, 90% on the iPod oh well lets say one iTunes and one migraine says it allllllllllll.... Bitch ass pointless techno good for nothing crap deleted my post that I spent ages typing on that little bitch ass of a keyboard (WITH NAILS) ya you girls know how freaking difficult to type with nails especially on that fucking tiny piece of crap buttons..

Oh did I forget to mention that I started on my medication and I'm as hormonal as a 13 year old boy combined with a woman pregnant with triplets and a raging pms'ing maniac !! I suggest you all take a step back and be extra fucking nice to me for the next couple of months or hell will break loose!!!

hMmm I feel like I'm forgetting something! Oh yess Live.. Laugh .. and Screw the Human race nothing but lifeless cold hearted empty pricks..

Fuck it .. Piss it .. Screw it..



Anonymous said...

reserved for anony : D

Anonymous said...

ok now my turn 2comment :p

awww sweety u'll get used to it in no time inshallah !
just fiddle with the BB and ipod and u'll come to see how easy they are !

and abt the nails while typing on the phone's qwerty .. ahhhh tell me abt it :s

i was suffering until i decided to cut them off for the sake of my comfort while using my phone :/ (thats how much im addicted 2typing on my phone!!)

oh and i almost forgot .. CONGRATS ms .tech newbie .. welcome 2the club :*

Stand-Alone~ said...

That is the spirt girl!! =P

Ironically enough, i studied Information Technology and I HATE TECHNOLOGY.. i feel your pain!!

S E 7 E N said...

1) Oooooh BB ishda3waa pin me :p

2) Ipod make your life easy just get hold of some1 that has an ipod give them your ipod and say FILL IT UP PLZ .. That's what I did wala 3awar ras wala shay

3) And hope you feel better with the new meds :)

Anonymous said...

Nas ma a3arefhom gamaw ya7jwzoli amaken ;p

Al7een ana mo ga3ada a3almech :@ getlich if u want anything just tell me o we'll ask the BB dude loool.. Where did u write the post?? Mayseer y6eer chethy :o shakla mawjod bs entay emthay3a ;p

O ba3deen why did u get an ipod !! Al7eeen mo bensawee 3ala el BB !! Why would u carry 2 devices when u can cary one :o

Fashionista said...

poor baby

inzain u didn't tell us wht was that post that was deleted about?

moi said...

blackberries are meant to DISTURB.
alah e3enich 3la ur period;\!

zuz said...

i think im the only girl who uses an old sony erricsson;\!

ever tried FEMINAX capsules?

Limited said...

i got my bb on wednesday and im IN LOVE WITH IT <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 my baby i already cant live without it!!

lol ur like me, i didnt knw wht half the things r in the bb when i got it bs i fiddled around with it w got most of it,, w the rest i got my bb-addict friend to show me =D

Aurous said...

sorry I don't mean to laugh at you, but that was funny ;p

congrats on your new stuff.. :D

Tell us what you think about the BB when you're less hormonal ;p
Is it as wonderful as everyone make it seem?

f7ee7eely said...


cuckoo cuckoo maaa 9aret cuckoo taralaylam tara lalam...

Hasan.B said...

one, two. screw, three, four, austin moore

FourMe said...

hehe nice move :p

ya guess I need practice.. but I just don't have the patience for it..

its so freaking annoying to type with them :/ I got used to the laptop but the tiny keyboard I doubt it! nooooo I have beautiful nails maaaaaabi wont chop them off :/

thanx dear :)

haha how did you manage that!

1. laa asteeeeeee7y :p
2. don't like asking for help alot.. i can ask once or twice but not more..
3. thank you :)

eee sheftay eshloon you're loved :* dude mn 9ejich bs 7araaam karafna elwalaad :p

madri anony chena i hit back space wila shay w madri sh9akhaamt :/

shdaraaani i thought its time i become part of the technology world.. la mabi music on bb chethy a7sen..

madri bs kent ga3da at7al6aam wayed :/ spur of the moment kinda post..

thanx babe :*

ohh don't get me wrong I aint changing my nokia way amoot bdoon nokia.. the bb is on a different number that i just use for internet use..

Been using Feminax for 15 years, without it I would die of pain.. it just helps with the Cramps but nothing else..

hehehhehe was it love from first sight :p hMmmmm my BB addict friend that had hers for over a year didnt even know she could see youtube on BB and I the newbie taught her that! so yaa I'm screwed..

feel free to :p thanx hun.. No honestly its a good phone for internet use.. for checkin mails and bbm stuff.. basically its good for connecting with online bs as for calls w txting I didnt like it and its bulky..

hahahahhahah yes you can .. shfeek gemt etkaaky laykon min cuckoo @@ :p

hasoon elmal3oon:
hehehehheheh you're in a league of your own mate :p

S E 7 E N said...

ok ok i'll pin you then :P

ee ok FILL IT UP is asking once not 3 times

Nani_37 said...

"I'm as hormonal as a 13 year old boy combined with a woman pregnant with triplets and a raging pms'ing maniac !!" >> That cracked me up LOOOL

and i agree, just fuck it and smile

FourMe said...

ee chethy ma aste7y

its 2Four4Me :P

how about you fill it up for me!

FourMe said...

I sweaaaaaaaaaaaar I am wala walaaaa am so hormonal :p

glad I made you smile.. makes me happy to know that I caused someone to smile even if its for a split second :)

S E 7 E N said...

siiiiiiij my pin is


and about the Ipod you want like my kind of music kila 3adani oo samrat ... the newest english song i have is DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT

Candy said...

yaa what the???? @@
ma at5ayal at3ab 3ala post o a5er shay its deleted @@!

awwww forume,what can i say: just keep cursing

Euphoria said...

Lol! i'm thinking between a BB and a Nokia E71

libero anima said...

duuuude ! techno rocks !
plz dnt hit me =p

bss 8ahar enah the post got erased ! wasn't it saved automatically in the draft or something ?

am i the only person in the universe who doesn't have a BB ?
im waiting for when i travel so i can get me a colored one .. cuz we don't have the colored ones heres

Anonymous said...

laaaaaaaaaaaaa afa 3aleeech !! wa6adt ( i think el kilamghala6 :\ ) el 3elaqaat ma3aa :P serna enoon WHATEVER u need :P

o ba3deen u still need to buy the memory card tara kelesh mafe memory

Anonymous said...

send love 2 the universe and love will come 2 u :*
love ya ..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooL I am not a fan of technology either I just don't understand why some people are crazy about changing computers/phones/camera/tv.. etc every few months!

FourMe said...

tawni gayla aste7y so lets take this slow start it of with bbm then move on to your 1-800-Se7en-On-Booti-Call number :p

samrat sound good to me I'll fedex you my ipod..

ee walaa got deleted :/
will do will doooooooooooo :D

get the BB has the bbm and it will save you a hell of alot on your phone bill if you're a txt'er..

hahaha won't hit ya :p noo i don't mind techno bs elmo9eeba I don't know how to work it.. i don't think it saves auto on bb but then I'm a newbie and still don't know how the bitch ass works :/ I say go for the classic colours unless you're a girly girl who like pink phones n stuff like that..

khal a7e6 fy shay 3ashan etkhali9 el memo bs dude thba7tny elbattery kil eshway emkhal9a :/

Anonymous M.:
Good to hear from ya :*

Babe these days love is not worth a dogs shit!! I'm not going to send love out because I don't want it I really don't want it and I hope I lose all the love that I have in my heart sooner rather then later.. I hate love so much I fucking hate it..

you're my kinda person.. wala dear neither do I my phones stay with me till they fall to pieces then I change them..

Gone Bonkers. said...

and i put off the idea of a bb cuz you were talking about phones in a previous post and you knocked some sense into me!

i'm still not getting one, sony ericsson all the way :D

i hope the treatment works for you dear, enshaAllah you'll get better <3