Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Crappy Day

Its bullshit day I mean Valentines day again.. Where the ones in love feel more in love and the single ones feel more depressed and the heartbroken ones simply wish they were dead.. Don't have much to say about this day since I HATE it with passion..

We always feel strong and in control and able to do the impossible.. When you're alone you feel fine and nothing is missing.. Till that special person comes along and makes you feel even more complete and perfect then ever before that makes you wonder how much you missed when you were without that special one.. You feel joy and happiness from a simple word that this person can say.. he/she can wash away all the pain that you're in with a simple hug.. Yet when that person is gone you feel your soul and life has been slashed in half and something is being ripped out of you.. Nothing in the world can make you feel better.. Nothing can numb the pain and make it go away except that person.. You'd think with time you'd be able to forget but nothing can fulfil that emptiness that the special one has left.. You can lie and pretend all you want yet there will always be something missing.. That special one is missing.. A part of you is missing.. Half of you.. Half of your heart.. Half of your soul.. Half of you will always be missing..

To those of you in love..

I wish you many years of happiness together to come..

To those lonely souls..

I wish you find that special one..

To those with broken hearts..

I wish you serenity and hope..

To my special one..
I loved you and will always love you no matter where you are.. just know that in this world there was and still is one person that loves you more than herself.. you will always be her heart.. her love.. and her soul.. i love you :*


Anonymous said...


FourMe said...

Happy crappy day an0ny :*

Anonymous said...

mako crappy daaay

getlech teh new hit balla 7uub :@

balla 7uuuuuuuub wala wejaaa3 galb :P

o ba3deen im happy .. im in love with you and here you are with me

so happy valentine my love <3

LOOL .. elyom ta6aworaaaaaaat elyom we're happy :D

zwena said...


ok khalasna min dona yena hni ? :P

erika han all over again


FourMe said...

ba3aaad galbi entay :*
kil 3am wintay el7ub hehehhehehe :P

FourMe said...

zaaaaaawi :*

Anonymous said...



zwena said...


anony ur forgetting this is a very popular blog :P

FourMe said...

waay waaaaaaay shino hathaaa!!! anooooooooony esom3aaa ya anony :p

FourMe said...

9ej! seriously is my blog popular :p

Anonymous said...

if im turning lesbo for FourMe then i should do it with bride


he khareba khareba khaleeni a3meeha :P


zwena said...


3ayal am gonna start calling u erika wala tbeen calli ? ana agool calli a7la ekhtheha gabel la fourme etgool tabeha


Anonymous said...

laaaaaaaaaaaaa ana calli

kent bagol eni torres men awal shay .. bs gelt la khal asket :P yemken abi wa7da thanya :P

khalas ana calli o abi FourMe etseer ellen .. she;s funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

etha eb nel3abha khal nel3abha sa7 :P

zwena said...


sajja sajjaa

ellen a7san min erika lahe 7elwa wala et`tha7ek madre shet7eb feha calli a9lan

calli <3 ellen


Anonymous said...

pride chethe :P LOOL tawni asatw3eb .. :P

S said...

wa3alaya, erika ma yin6al ib wayiha ;p
oh well, there goes another valentine.. a valentine after friday the 13th.. this should be different;p i wonder what's going to happen tomorrow ...

Anonymous said...


sheft el denya be3yonech even though i still didnt see ur eyes ..

3esht el denya thru your words although i didnt hear your voice ..

felt ur softness although i never got to touch you ..

i know i may not be your special one .. but you are MY ONE ..

you are who you are ..

and i am who i am ..

*anony sits on her knees and reachs for FourMes' hand*

i know you would never accept someone younger than you .. famabalech younger and a girl !!

but here i am ..

admitting the fact that i love you .. and want you ..

YOU .. FourMe .. of all people .. i desire!

*takes a moment*

*look deeply in FourMe confused eyes*

FourMe ..

Will you Marry me ??

S E 7 E N said...


zwena said...


calli no no that wast the best marrige proposal kilish Nu

o b3deen mo almafrooth esemha ellen? :P

moi said...

indeed crappy! ma7eba:@!!!!!

Ahmed said...

: )

PaLoMiNo said...

ohwa yoom m3fin bas n7tfeel feeh weya ba3th :*** who needs guys?
screwwwwwwwwwwwwwww guyssssssss LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Oranjina fadidra said...

happy crappy day with diarrhea twist you know.. Is like astorm raging inside you

Lulwa said...

happy valentine Day :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

in the words of a very wise man, happy falafel day =D

Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better ..

as much as i love him and crazy about him, as much as i wish i had never fell in love with him ..

because now i should suffer alone being without my soulmate !!

so yeah, happy CRAPPY day indeed !

desertpalms said...

haaappy craaappy daaay 6o yuuu 6ooooooo ;p

congrats girls..i better invited to the wedding!

Almost Twilight said...


ana min rabi3 il lonely souls :(

7beebti inshallah he'll be back :*

Gone Bonkers. said...

regardless of this day i wish you divine love and eternal happiness and may your soul heal and rejuvenate :*

Fashionista said...

Happy crappy day to u too hun ;*

Ms. D said...

khara 3la ur blog traffic feed!! lesh esawene yaya min medras! adesh mn betna min dawam mn mobile min zahramar kila medras!!!


Limited said...

yeah this time of year again .. being single isnt so much fun .. but again, being single lets u do whtever u want without strings attached =P

happy d-day!

Shoush said...

Ur post reminded me of a quote i read on The Extravagate's blog. It said:

"Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master..."

To read the whole quote, here's a link:

Happy Valentine's Day. ;*

Aurous said...

Happy saturday the 14th :p

Anonymous said...

*etghane .. mafaaad la 7ubee wala atqdeeeri*

Dardoo7a said...

*raf3a setyanha*


No identity.. said...

I hate this day two ... and u just explain how i feel about it... it was just like you are speaking out of my mind ...