Wednesday, 4 February 2009


FourMe is sick..
FourMe has a very high fever..

FourMe needs some loving and babying..

Show FourMe the loveeee...


Aurous said...

amray.. what do you want?
soup? a gift?

matshofeen shar... hope you feel better soon :D

S said...

salamat;* lol how about you put it to good use..
amray intay bas!

danderma said...

Min gallich tarkezeen bel snow in ur pj's???

chithee yeseer feech...

What's ur idea of dala3? Care basket filled with UK's best brownies and cookies and muffins?

Or a nice lovely chocolate hamper?

Or a boots hamper?!?!?!

Grey said...

Sending you Panadol right away..

Get well soon.

FourMe said...

*Hugsss* mayamir 3alaich 3ado ee eee soup would be nice and a gift would be even better :p shar mayeech 7abooba thank you..

ysalmich dear hehehe e eeee I'm vulnerable and sick spoil me damn it :p

shdaraani 3obaa :/ It looked yummy I couldn't resist playing in it oh on top of the flu cuz I fell I hurt my back badly..

Emmm All the above!
(I'm sick I get it ALL)

thnx dear.. and that's not showing me the love!! Better yet I don't want droolz hunting me down so the panadol would do :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwwww 7beeeby ;**

im sick too...been in bed all day =(

hope we both feel better soon =(

this is for you:

salamat ya gumar ;** ma tshofeen shar =)

Cooookies said...

matshofen shar;*

it`hagain 7onat the snow ilee u wouldnt share ;$

S said...

how about FRIENDS to keep u company? nothing like a good laugh to make the pain go away.. any pain, all pain!
Food isnt much fun when u cant taste it! jablay soup and tea to make u feel better!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fourme entay hnee?

Ahmed said...

salamtek wa ma tshoofn shr

shoosha said...


My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

salamtich 7ayati :-*



7beeeeeeeeeebti entay

FourMe said...

That's probably one of the things that got me sick! Saw it last week in Graff's window and stood in the rain staring at it! Thank you for 7ering me! Gelt dal3ooni mo 3iloooni!!

salmaat :*

shar mayeech dear.. don't be mean its myyyyyyyyyyy snow.. roo7ay l3bay bil bara7aa am NOT sharing :p

I swear I need to laugh more than anything else in my life..

alah ysalmik w y3afeek..

entaaaaaaaaaaaaaay om kesha!! dal3eeeeni

eysalmich 7abooba :* *big HUGs*

eee eeeeee chethy eydal3ooon :D

Gone Bonkers. said...

Fourme!!! matshoofeen shar 7abebty .. *huggssssss*

do you like tea? have some with honey and lemon .. it'll soothe your throat :( and gargle with warm water and salt .. i swear its like antibiotic .. alf salamah 3alaich 7abebty :*

kellah ajer enshaAllah =)

Fashionista said...

Salamaaaaat hun

mayshoofoon shar el 7elweeen :*

Traveleer said...

still in London? send me a ticket and ill come and make u soup and hug you

Neoark said...

salamat, hope ur less sick than before now...

my fever gone down yay! :D

Ms. D said...

huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffff aby eljan6aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

taben ayeblich eljan6a chod ta3afen :O

Oranjina fadidra said...

Fourme is scaring me
Fourme why are you talking to yourself?
oranjina fadidra *zsnap* you

Glitter said...

" :-) "


After seeing my lovely smile, and my pearly whites, don't you feel better already??

*Me flashes you another one of her angelic, calming, theraputical smiles*


Squirreliya said...


p.s: miss you :p

S said...

hey, how r u feeling elyom?
hope u're okay..
stay warm!!

A Journal Entry said...

salamaat dear matshofeen shar!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fourme ta3aly bloggy =D

PaLoMiNo said...

waaaaii baby ma tshooofeen shar ya galby :****

Hope u get well Soon :**

Did u take ur medication mama?????

Gone Bonkers. said...

Fourme *hug* a7san elyom enshaAllah?


FourMe said...

thank you all am feeling much better today :**

:::ShoSho::: said...

*hugs and kisses*

Limited said...

awwww fourme!! salamaaaaaaaaat! matchofeen shar enshalla ..

anything u want well get .. anything reasonable ya3ni =P graff rings r out of the question xD hot soup, good food, and great friends .. =D

MacaholiQ8 said...

Salamat! *brings gifts*

Almost Twilight said...

salamat :"(