Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Akhaaaaaf :(

I hate needles..
I hate needles..
I hate neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedles..

Have to do some blood tests today and I'm terrified shitless :/ Had some done couple weeks ago and was terrified as hell and as a result they couldn't find any veins so they kept poking around till they found one!! OUCH!!!!

Every since I was a cute little baby I was terrified of needles and you would have to drag me from my hair to get an injection or a blood tests.. I was terrified and still am :/ But since couple years back I started dragging myself by the hair to get an injection or needle work.. Its the most terrifying thing ever for me.. My heart is pounding.. I'm literally shaking and feel about to faint any minute now..
Ok so I'm gona go get them done and if I don't come back then know that I died of fear :(

The question is am I the only sissy who is terrified of needles or are there others like me out there??


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

yal :@

zwena said...


bs ana ag3ad asayevlich amaken :P

zwena said...

kentay cute little babay? :P

FourMe said...

once upon a time I was cute :p

FYIIIIIIII kent ashawig youm baby bs madri what happened now :/

yala I have to leave..

baskom ent7al shakh9yaat ba3ath :p

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL haw laish ya7afeth mo cute ? :P

hmmm i hate needles .. i never go alone .. i once went alone .. actually i didnt .. makent adre eni begezoni ebra ghafelooni !!! so i stared crying :P LOOL o zawe o sis#1 was on the phone will me all the time loool o 6ab3an 9yaa7 9yaa7 9yaa7 :P 7ata el nurse khafat meskeena :P etgoli why are u crying agolaha i dont knooow :''''( o 7ata men el khar3a el dam mo ga3edf ye6laa3 LOOOL walla men sij mako daam :O

o lama kent asawe throsi ham ghafelooni !! kila yghafloni o faja'a eb yakhthoon damy !! need i saay i started crying?? :P fa ana lama sis#1 o mada eedi 7ag el nurse :P o sis#1 7a6a el sama3a 3ala athooni akalem zawe LOOOL ma'asaat el wath3 tara hahahaha :P

7ata dami mo rathe ye6la3 AGAIN! .. 6awelaaw!! agolaha bssss khalstaw damy :P etgol laish ohwa fe dam :P

bs over all it was fine .. :P

an aagool go for it o make sure you send me a voice note wentay tabcheen LOOL ;)

Limited said...

YES! im dead scared of needles!! like as soon as i see needles next to me id start to tear up ..

Anonymous said...

btw tara el sora mokheefa ! betkhale eli maykhaf ykhaaf :\

zwena said...

7asha anony post mo comment :P

zwena said...

7ata ana kent ashaweeeeg

i hate growing up abi a9eer baby forever :(

Anonymous said...

shtabeeen ga3ad a3aber 3an masha3re o a'azer el bent :P

No identity.. said...

anony ... 3agabni lama qulti ... damch 5ala9 .... looool..

ya3ni ana al shoga3a fel al maotho3... la a5af wala shai ... aroo7 ya3doni el ebra... chano al 3eeed ... ;-P

Ms. D said...

3ad ana i never felt needles.. kint ely yqichonha needles 3ashan erawon eyahal elthanen ena shofaw ma e3wr ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

sissy over here...

Almost Twilight said...

im not scared from needles but the display pic here im terrified now

akeed bitkhafeen fourme min hal 9ora il mor3iba :@


Oranjina fadidra said...

4me your a big girl now, face your fear :p

Aurous said...

you're not the only one :)

I've never had my blood taken ;p
but I don't mind an injection :D

Delicately Realistic said...

LA fee waaaaaayid nas !!

Im not one of them.

Ta3alay 3indi....ygolon eedi khafeefa

Ahmed said...

I'm 21 and I hate needle =(

Livingmylife said...

AAH I HATE NEEDLES TOO! alla e3eenich!

i ran around the room like a kid while the nurse followed me eb my last blood test!


danderma said...


I think by the time u read this comment u will be done so i can tell my story...

i was never afraid of needles per say, i just do not look at them...

One day, i need to do some blood tests. Mom lets me go to the best nurse in the blood lab thingy in the hospital she used to work with, she is known to be "eedha khafeefa"... the nice nurse is so excited asking how my mom is... she is looking for a vein, she finds one, she sticks the needle in, and oooooops...

the needle slips from her hand, INSIDE MY ARM! making a loong 1.5 cm cut on its way... which bleeds like crazy of course... i remember later that night my dad mocks me and says khalas remove il cotton it must have stopped bleeding by now, only to opn the cotton and tadaaaaaaaaaaa

still gushing blood! We had to tape back the wound with sellotape and kleenex because we had no plaster!!!!

I still have the scars till this day... a reminder as to hate needles for ever :`(

moi said...

shallah 7adech 7a66a hal pic el mu5efa:O!!!

sr-snowy said...

the answer for your Q is HELL YEA !!
in the beginning of the year eljam3a told us that we have to get injections for hepatitis aw shai che wallah I was so scared !! w the nurse was THE WORST ever !! she doesn't know how to use a needle y3ni the first time she broke the needle w the second time she injected me w ma 7a6at li anythn w it kept bleeding for hours ;'[ !!

bs danderma your story made me hate the needles more aa7 7aram ;* !!

Miznah said...

come on! needles are FUN!

Just imagine the nurse in her underwear.. or something disgusting.. and u'll be fine

Gone Bonkers. said...

salamaat Fourme :*

i start to do a little dance like i need the toilet once they bring the needle towards me!

w b3dain like anony e'3aflooni and i fall for it everytime :S

Squirreliya said...

ana ana ana ana amooooot mn el khoF!

Yara said...

ba3aaad 3omrii... are you ok now? walla 3adi looooads of ppl faint at the sight of needles.. its normal

FourMe said...

eh eh ehhh mako voice note 3ashan ba3dain etsaween blackmail :p

same here especially dentist needles :(

no identity:
lucky you.. i wish i wasn't afraid of them!!

ms d:
mo entay ako la7aam mat7seen ana kila 3atham :p

hahaha sissy :p
(says the biggest sissy of them all)

wala to me all needles are as scary as the pic :/

oran fad:
ma7aad big girl this fear i shall never face :/

dude they finished my blood ma boga feeni daam from the blood tests I've been having done!

next time I'm in kuwait and gotta do some will drop by :p

welcome to my club..

hahahhahahah scary cat :p

DAAAMN!!! thank God I read this after I had my tests done! I would of never done them :/

I bet it was terrifying..

cuz that's how I feel about about injections.. they are that scary to me..

ouchhhh! why would they employ idiots to do such things?!

wala mo underwear lo butt naked ham mayfeeeeeeeed :/

hehehehh how cute..
esalmich babe :*

7alich mn 7aali :/

yaa its just the fear of having it done that kills :/

Gee said...

ana 3adi, bs i hate malot el dentist :p