Wednesday, 14 January 2009

You Are ONLY A Human Being!

I was just watching a religious programme on Dubai tv by Dr. Omar Abdl Kafy and he gave the best example of humility and humanity that I have ever heard! The example is mn ayam erasool 3alaih e9alat w salam. I'll try to put it as accurate as I can:

Majmo3at rjaal kanaw ga3deen bl majlis w ga3deen eytbahon eb mino weld flan w mino weld 3lan kil wa7ed feehom ga3ad eyt7acha 3an a9la w fa9la ely gal ana weld ra'ees elshr6a wily gal ana weld wazeer elmaleya etc. Lain ew9alaw 7ag wa7ed faqeer weld nas 3adyeen w galoola ent weld mino? Rad 3alaihom w gal ana "Ibn afthal rjal el3almeen ana ibn erajool alathy sjadat laho elmal'ika! Ana ibn Adam!" Mahma kan a9il w fa9l elensan ma ra7 eykoon a7sen mn ena weld 7awa w Adam! Khafaw rabkom w kafy t7taqroon elensan 3ashan a9la w fa9la!

In English: A group of men from different social classes were sitting together showing off their family names and heritage. When asked one of the boys who was not from a strong heritage nor family he said I am the son of the man who the angels bowed to I am the son of Adam I am the son of the best man!

Moral of the story: We are all human beings it does not matter you are the son/daughter of who or what your bank account is. We are all human beings who we're born equally. Your family name/heritage/race does not make you special. What makes you special is your humility and understanding that we are all equal human beings born the same way that belong to one God!

No human is better than the other because of his/her family-race-social status! When stripped of all of this you are simply a Human Being like the rest of the human race!


Anonymous said...


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

*SIGH* now if only every one understand that !

Yara said...

3ajeeeeeb :)

Naseem said...

well said... very thoughtful moral

Amethyst said...

It is that simple, but unfortunately, to some people, more complicated concepts make more sense.

Her Majesty said...

umm.. I know!

am not angeling my ass up, but I know that, I honestly can say that I've never looked down on anyone I'd hate the person for a reason and not because of their whatever backround, and hating is healthy :/

'only a human' is a simple concept which will always be forgotten

~ bless you :)

Fastidious Babe said...

sadly, ppl here tend to forget that..

zuz said...

mashallah 3lech, i really respect u, these days ennas mu hamhom ella the family name and the bank account, ITS SAD AND PATHETIC

S E 7 E N said...

you know something your absolutely right and i wish ppl would drop all this a9il oo fa9il thing. but no 1 is gona forget what family hes from and always gona be proud of oo stand up for the name.

like fee 7iroob il rida when khaled ibn il waleed was leading the muslameen the almost lost the war. Oo the ppl started to blame each other oo ina qabayil kind of stuff ... so he gathered them by their qaba2el to fight the mortadeen and he won ... cause ma7ad ib yirtha ina some other family would say ina qabeelatkoom ith3eefa .....

in the end sometimes is right to be proud of who you are

and there are times when ppl take it over the edge :)

Anonymous said...

loved the post! thank you;*

Gone Bonkers. said...

mfaheem alnass t'3ayarat, sometimes i think we're back in aljahiliya ...

i love the way dr.Omar AbdelKafy presents his topics, mashaAllah he makes it easy for us to grasp and not just that lakn nshoof w n6abbeq..

when did you watch it Fourme? It was around what time? maybe you caught the repeat, and thats what i tried finding out.

Lili3 said...

Lovely post :) thanks for sharing ^^

A said...

True. I love it excuse me I'll re-blog that in my blog :

f7ee7eely said...

bs ham elrasool pbuh kaan eygoool
"ana elrasool la katheb ana ebn 3abdulmu6aleb"

elwa7ed lah el7ag yeftekher eb a9lah oo fa9lah bs mayshoof nafsa 3ala khalg allah

cheers from Arlington

moi said...

9a7 elsanich;), we kuwaities are like that, sometimes bedon man7es or bedon meaning to ngol ana bent\weld al flani;s..etc!

Candy said...

that's so right,
but to be honest,we sometimes feel proud of who we r,
but if it exceeds the edge,
its like <_<

FourMe said...

@@ you!

I doubt they will..


unfortunately we live in a world that has no morals.


her majesty:
exactly if you disagree with a person or dislike them do it because of their personality not because their race and background! Ukhh people just judge without understanding why!

its like that everywhere..

thank you dear :)
its very sad..

FourMe said...

I agree with what you're saying they should be proud of their name but that doesn't make it ok to look down on people from different social classes/races/religions. That's what's happening across the world and especially 3ind elmuslimeen!! Where they out of all people elmafrooth mayfargoon.

yes but like you said he took everyone so makhatha just one qabeela.. when its time to fight no one looks for a9il w fa9il all are in the same boat..

Anonymous M.:
thanx babe :*
you've been missed.. hope you're well..

Sooooo true it does feel like 3a9r eljahleya! I agree his way of presenting religion is amazing.. it was around 3:15pm GMT it was the live show, I think reruns are later at night. here's the link of the timings

my pleasure :)

plz do, lets hope it makes one person realise that we are all equal human beings..

7amdila 3ala esalma 7ajy..

ana ma3ak yftkhir eba9la bs ma y7tqir ghaira 3ashan a9la! and this is what's happening people are being disrespected because of their origins and social standards. Bs youm elqyam la bynf3ik la a9il wla fa9il wla cham 3indik!

9a7 bdnich.. its not only in Kuwait its everywhere and that's the problem..

yub that's the problem when it goes over board leading to disrespecting others because one doesn't know how to control their pride..

Âme said...

Basic fundamental of life, yet most don't realize it.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

saa7 lsaanich :D


Silhouette.In.Red said...

if only we'd get rid of salfat il a9il wil fa9il w flan khatha flana bint 3elan

FourMe said...

very true..

9a7 ebdnich :)
I doubt it will ever happen.. people won't put the a9il w fa9il aside till they understand that we are all just human beings..

Anonymous said...


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