Saturday, 10 January 2009

Viva Venezuela!!

"Israel's ambassador to Venezuela left the country Friday, expelled by President Hugo Chavez in rejection of Israel's attacks on Gaza. Chavez had given Ambassador Shlomo Cohen and some embassy personnel until Friday to leave the country." For full story click Here

Now the man in the picture is Venezuela's Minster of Foreign Affairs Nicolas MADURO Moros. I just watched his interview on AlJazeera and this man said things that every Arab president should say! He condemned Israel and America and specifically President Bush. He spoke of humanitarian issues and death tolls as well Palestine's right to the Palestinian grounds that have been taken by Israel. He was outraged by the attacks on Gaza and strongly expressed his disapproval of Israel's actions. If you think they just kicked out Israeli Ambassador then you're mistaken! Last year they asked the American Ambassador to leave Venezuela as a result of unity within the Bolivian region.

"Chavez and the Bush administration have been bitter rivals for years. Although this latest step signals a further deterioration, it is not clear how the expulsions will affect the region’s political and economic stability. Washington will continue to have diplomatic relations with Venezuela and Bolivia, at least for now. And Venezuela remains a major source of oil for the U.S. On Thursday, Chavez renewed threats to cut off supplies should Washington launch “some aggression” against Venezuela, but stopped well short of stopping sales. Still, expulsions of U.S. ambassadors are relatively rare and the moves shocked the region." For full story click Here

They seem to understand something that our Arab leaders lack to understand! There is something called "UNITY" its a thing leaders do when their whole region or a single state in the region is being threatened! Shame on you Arab leaders who STILL have Political ties and Israeli Embassies active on your grounds!! You have the power to use your energy resources and economic status to pressure the world leaders to take a stand and pressure Israel to cease these gruesome attacks!! Shame on you! Shame on YOU! SHAME ON YOU! 6aya7 Allah 7athkom mafeekom rejoola wla nakhwa!! Alah yer7mik ya Gamal abdl Nasser kent akhir rayal bil wa6an el3araby!


Anonymous said...

kafo venoo

Anonymous said...

way ashwaaa :P

khal agra :P

zuz said...

3ala rasyy !! o arab leaders= 3amik a9ma5:S

Limited said...

Hugo Chavez has got to be one of my favorite current presidents .. not only because of now .. because of all the things hes said and done in his time .. walla hatha president .. and this is what the arab and muslim leaders around the world should be doing .. they should make israel feel threatened .. '3air nasrallah ..

libero anima said...


that is what we call a fair and just president .. we should have more presidents like him now !
kafu wallah !

A said...

I wanna live in Venezula

Fastidious Babe said...

I heard about them kicking out the ambassador a few days ago.. puts us all to shame really..

TOOTA said...

we want that president!! i wanna live in Venezula too A(The commentor above me)!!

desertpalms said...

3ala rasi wallah...

Naseem said...

Well said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ahs'had anaho rajulon wal rejal 8aleeloon =\

elfal lel arabs =\

Her Majesty said...

I effing love Chavy, he has said some ass stupid things about G. Bush, and you can feel his anger

he's not a global favorite, you know as a president, but this is beautiful,

and needless to say, 3arab presidents should shut up, and actually try doing another verb than 'talk' case it's getting old

don't ya just love Latinos, I know I do!

Gone Bonkers. said...

now there's an example of a leader!

shlomo rhymes with homo :P lol by5a!

FourMe said...

ee wala kafo..

7ad omhom!!

Exactly they should do the esact same thing but then who will do all the talking if they take some actions??

libero anima:
not only applause but a standing ovation too! definitely we need more leaders to take such stand!

if they have a government like that who actually isn't afraid of freaking Israel and America then yes I wana move there too!

Yes it does!

I'll join you with A as well! Seems like they have the last real men in the world!

3ala rasi w ras eloma el3arabeya kilaha mn akbarhom laih azgharhom

thank you :)

9dagtay.. el3arab jarab dear ma minhom reja'a..

her majesty:
I would love to say I agree with you but unfortunately I haven't been following his reign and really don't know much about his policies apart from his actions against the two morons.. But believe me I'll study up on him soon!

Exactly! They should put a sock in it and start doing!

true leader that takes a serious stand and isn't afraid to set up to the big boys!


Anonymous said...

Gamal abd ilnasser 3ayyash the egyptians ib ja7eeem.. kfaya his spying on each and every egyptian and stripping their freedom and the fact tht he sent egypt back 20 years.. all cuz of his hunger for power.
U want a real man? President Saddat.. He preserved the egyptian people's dignity everywhere in the world and never feared il foriegn countries
Chavez's move is unbelievably Gutsy and i PRAY ena others follow in putting an end to the outrage

eshda3wa said...

and all this shall fall on deaf ears


Oranjina fadidra said...

be realistic nothing's happening! the only difference each day is the death rate. that suck! innocent people shouldn't pay due's that aren't theirs