Tuesday, 27 January 2009


One of the most beautiful posts I have read around this blogging world! I am going to be a woman enough to admit that I actually dropped a tear or two while reading it (and no I'm not pmsing)! And I don't tend to cry from simply reading!!

This man has a way with words that just makes your heart ache he can actually make you feel the pain..

To Touché's Love,
I wish you a Happy Birthday dear..


To you Touché,
I wish you serenity..

Please Read !


Livingmylife said...

please Tell me shes not dead ;S

i have a final in 4 hours and i cant stop thinking about him!!!


FourMe said...

Why are you online?! go study or sleep go do something useful girly..

and no I think they just parted ways (based on his previous posts)

Gone Bonkers. said...

thanks for shedding light on the blog fourme beauty in writing like that is always appreciated even if scorned which only adds to it!

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

mashallah he's so talented
i wish if i can write like him

Anonymous said...

touche is my bf's friend, both r screwed up

Anonymous said...

yeah i've read his posts men zemaan y3awer elgalb :(

moi said...

i used to be a silent reader for his blog in earlier 2007 i have to say his emotions are so sincere , it just touches the heart in a sad way;\!

FourMe said...

my pleasure..

me too :/

screwed up or not screwed up you have to admit the man has a way with words!

p.s. we're all screwed up in our own ways!

yup I agree..

certainly does..

Errant said...

that was pretty amazing .. thanx for sharing

Livingmylife said...

Thank god ! he makes it sound like shes dead or sumthing ..

i dont wana be in his position .. seriously .. poor thing~