Saturday, 3 January 2009

Shame On Him!!

Nothing is more disgusting than a cheating spouse! As if marriage isn't hard enough and all it needs is one of the spouses cheating. Cheating as it is is bad and horrible but what makes it worse is when the wife/husband are decent and have devoted their lives to their partner.

A couple both in mid 30's with 3 children and been married for almost 12 or so years. Husband is extremely wealthy and from an upper class while wife is of a lower social class. Eho sunni w ehy she3iya, both families opposed the marriage but because they were so in love they got married. She's a stay-at-home wife while he's successful in his work (not like he needs to work seeing he's the only boy and inherited his fathers wealth). She is educated, emratiba, san3a, good looking, stylish, very friendly and respectable, honestly elmara ma ten3ab. To everyone they seem like the perfect family, he takes her and the children on holidays every couple of months from States, Europe, to exotic islands and its a known fact that he still loves her. When its time to spend he tells her you have no limit and buy whatever you please to a point that she was complaining that he never tells her No don't buy this because its over-priced! Sounds like a fairytale doesn't it?

Now the heart of the matter is he's a player. Not in the sense of having girlfriends no in the sense that he has cheap one night stands every so often. And when mentioning his name men usually say oh ya Flan in known to be a player! As much as he's trying to keep it under wraps or covers let say its not working! I don't know if she knows about him being a cheat but I'm sure she's heard or felt it!

So if she knew why would she stay with a cheating husband?? As for him having such a decent wife that takes care of him and his children and herself so she's not one of those neglect yourself wives. So why would he cheat on her?? He went through alot to just marry her so why cheat?? I don't understand men! Some men are disgusting and cheap and have no control over their sexual desires or whatever it is that pushes them to cheat! An animal is more decent than some men!

Shame on you cheaters!

p.s. I know WOMEN cheat as well but in this case I am talking about Men. I'll give you another example of a cheating woman and you can trash them as much as you want. As for now its trashing men time..


S E 7 E N said...

Yimkin for the kids ??

chikapappi said...

We will never know why, but some people - of both genders - just have to do it and regardless consequences or people involved. I pray for the wife to be strong and find a solution

Nemo said...

shay stayed for the kids o la2na she married him althu they are different ....


Ms Loala said...

You know i still can't figure out the reason.
I've heard alot of stories as such; mara san3a wel rayal yekhoon.

It's frustrating.
But from what i heard, some men tend to do this because the wife either don't fulfill their intimate needs, or he simply can't perform his twisted intimate stuff to her because she's the wife and only b**** do this kind of stuff!!!!

Or because he's a lying inconsiderate ******* who doesn't deserve a good and decent wife.

But in general, these kinds of stories raise a sad awareness in girls of never doing something good to the husband in fear that we would cheat in the future :\ so why bother in the first place?!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

if she actually knows about this, i would think she's staying for the kids...ya3ny etha methl ma gelty he's rich and successful, then its more likely ena the kids will have a better future than if she were divorced and raising them on her own.

reminds me of my droplets story...hathy elsalfa 9ayra thahera lately =S

f7ee7eely said...

and the moral of the story is lady and one is perfect!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


Squirreliya said...

7asaita y3aweth'ha bil floos :/ ehwa ykhoonha w yel3ab w talli ma ya7remha mn shay just to be the perfect man! *malat 3ala eblees!*

i really can't understand why they do that, maybe he is not satisfied?

zuz said...

slaima 9aketa! all the men ely marraw 3ley in my life were cheaters:S, except a few, women always stay for the sake of their children.

PaLoMiNo said...


alla y9la7 7alla o yahdeeeh ya rab!!!

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Waayy.. Alla la yableena ya rabbi =[
Some women turn to denial..Sometime's its easy to beleive someone and ignore what everybody says just because you love them and your love dominates your direction of thinking.

Livingmylife said...

Shes staying because of her kids i think .. w jedam ahalha w ahala yemkin?

matabeehom egoloonla sheft??? gelnalik lata5eth-ha .. cuz OBVIOUSLY mara7 egool 7ag enas she left me because im a cheater!

w7etan law ppl think tht .. ahala wont .. and they'll probably trash her in public!

so basically it'll turn ugly



Anonymous said...

someone else said it here..he does it for the queer sexual desires he have that he cant do on his wife cuz he respect her or afraid he will hurt his image infront of her if he ask her to do them istead.....some ppl has sadistic or fatish sexual desires...they need to forfill...excamples as the golden showers a.k.a pees or liked to be peed on or he like to be hit or hurt or he do it to her while preforming sex or choking,foot fetishes,..etc (do i need to go on??) and i think readers should knw that this things happen alot and has got to have a broader mind regarding these things so they understand the other partner in the future to prevent cheating.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to add..if he was looking for love he will have a steady girlfriends..but he goes for hookers and one night stands for the things i mentioned above.end of story.i think he loves his wife.

Gone Bonkers. said...

maybe she's too blind to see
maybe she just ignores
maybe for the sake of the kids
maybe not to hear an "i told you so from her family"

she's by far a descent woman in my opinion..

they say generally when men cheat, they're missing something in the relationship.. i don't know :S
in this case, why stoop so low as to having one night stands?!

by the way, nice blog, i love your attitude and take on life .. i'm a quiet person, if i had a mouth i'd like to be you! ;) cheers!

Ms. D said...

allah la belana :(

allahu a3lam eb sirha.. lesh ehe lel7en tamma weyah ma3anha tadre 3ala sowayah... rabbich lah 7ikma.. yemkin 9aberha hatha ehwa ely bekon el9a3iqa elly twa3eh

allah yaster 3al jim3e

Cooookies said...

anonymous does have a point .. n if that the matter.. its a shame how couples cant be really open with eachother regardless of the matter i mean shes his wife it7el 3laaih he should be able to discuss nething with her:@

plus i dont get it .. how can u love someone but chose to hurt them ?! ya3ne he loves her bas cheats on her oo hurts her ?! is it me or is this whats called "normal" now ?!!

Âme said...

All the oh hoo ah ha, how can you, people, welcome to reality.

Its simple, he got to "LIVE" his life, when he got to (at least that's what he probably thinks)

Men usually don't understand the emotional bonding which women perceive, when getting married.

He probably loves her.

'Sleeping with someone' must be completely material thing to him.
I don't see another reason.

If he loves his wife, in a long run, that would surely benefit her and he would realize over time, what humiliation he bestowed on her by his sexual desires.

In a way, for the future of her kids, she probably will keep quiet for a while, but it would not be too long before the bottle breaks under pressure.

Love is a sacred thing. It is independent of carnal urges or related consequences.

FourMe may initiate two posts, one on "What is Love?" and second on "Sleeping around; your views?"

It would be good to see views and opinions of general public. May be a poll can also be put up for general statistics.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

probably.. or maybe she loves him enough to turn a blind eye when it comes to his cheating..

why why would they wana cheat when everything anyone could ask for is being given to them??

i think i agree with you.. because their situation was difficult she stuck to him even though she probably knew..

ms loala:
That doesn't seem right does it?! If a wife can't satisfy his needs he just looks for them some where else! So what if he can't satisfy her needs should she go and find herself someone else??

As you said some girls are quite naive when it comes to this topic thinking that its ok to do twisted shit so he doesn't go some where else! Where in fact if he's a cheater he's a cheater doesn't matter what she does.. So sad..

is it worth staying with a cheater for the sake of the children? ya true it is similar.. its been always around not just lately what's different is that women started to get divorces and aren't embarrassed to say their husbands cheated on them..

oh dear lord I remember I still haven't done a tag by DP!

we know no one is perfect but cheating is not an acceptable thing you can't just say no one is perfect and just let me cheat :/

Rashid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FourMe said...

I kinda got that feeling to! Cuz there are some men who are way richer than him and they tell their wives not to go over board with the spending!

So if he's not satisfied does that give him an excuse to cheat?

sorry to hear that.. min elakhir mafeehom wa7ed shareef :/

ameen alah yesma3 minich..

So SO true I couldn't agree with you more.. when you're in love you become blind..

You're right they will always say that the other spouse is wrong.. they never see the faults of their sons or daughters!

I know what you mean about the weird ass stuff but if you choose a wife isn't she supposed to be part of ur life in everything? and if he has some weird desires that his wife cannot fulfil shouldn't he get over them without resulting to cheating? ya3ni I'm sure he won't die if he didn't have golden showers or getting choked or spanked!

I do think he loves her for the same reason.. and everyone knows he goes for short term and never had a long term gf..

gone bonkers:
I agree she is too good and he doesn't deserve her!

Oh I LOVE your name! Oh dear I wish I was a quiet one :/ wana swap places or hey maybe you can teach me how to be quiet and I'll teach you a thing or two about ranting :p

ms d (3aroosatna):
ameen alah yastir 3alaihom w 3alaina.. btw do we have to call you Mrs. D mn youm w rayi7?

discussing is different from doing..I don't care if a man is my husband or my executioner I won't let him do perverted things to me or vice versa..

you say that now but imagine your husband comes up to you and asks to whip lash his ass and shove your heel where a heel shouldn't go.. Would you do it? 7ata lo et7il 3alaih fy ashya'a em7arima bil deen..

They don't see it as hurt as long as she doesn't know..

Is he an animal that would die if certain fantasies weren't fulfilled? Assuming that's what pushed him to cheating. He does not need to "LIVE" if he decided to get married and bond himself to ONE woman!

Trust me their are men who have been cheating on their wives for over 20 years and still hasn't realised it! So I doubt this jerk will.. Cuz once a cheater always a cheater..

-What is love? Love is BULLSHIT!
-Sleeping around? I bet you a large percentage of men would find a way to justify it!

Stats wouldn't be accurate because views would vary if a person is married or not. Cannot assume how one would feel if put in that position when married. But if sleeping around while single, well still wouldn't be accurate seeing some females are still virgins and a large percentage of males aren't its a tricky one, won't be able to achieve accurate stats :/

Didn't allow you but you already did so.. No worries my (without my consent) pleasure :)
ameen alaah yesma3 minich..

Rashid said...

FourMe: I deleted it.. so sorry :s

FourMe said...

Nooo I was joking.. actually I'm not in a very good mood so I tend to be mean :/

Hey people Check this blog out its FourMe Recommended :p

p.s. I'm never in a good mood so please don't get offended if I say anything out of the expected :p

Âme said...

There are a lot of assumptions here FourMe.

Once they are gone, probably one might see the picture clearly.

Instead of self declaring the results, why not you please conduct a poll and post the topics suggested.

~ Soul

Venus said...

okey! its because they r
no use in takin and arguing in such issues,

A Journal Entry said...

ok it's bcoz he's 7mar!
thats the suitable thing to say!

bs yimkin it's the rush he gets when he's cheating?!

i don't know,... i can't understand guys that love their wifes and cheat on them!

seriously2009 said...

Because some idiots get bored with their perfect lives ... its stupid and selfish of them.... ugh... the thought of cheating spouses.... it repulses me!!!

eshda3wa said...

hence my commitment phobia

Âme said...

As for the assumptions;

1. Assuming that he understands what emotional commitment is all about, WHEN getting married. (Most men don't understand that)

2. Assuming that men don't realize.

3. Assuming that one knows all about Love

4. Assuming that one knows all the factors which resulted in the man cheating

5. Assuming unmarried people would not understand

6. Assuming their lives are perfect


Yeah I am not supporting the guy, but I do want to know why he's having one night stands.

Is it a habit or is it because he finds something in it or probably he derives something which he cannot/will not/did not derive from his wife.

Getting to the root is the key, than generally expressing uooh aahs..

~ Soul