Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Shame On Her!

She's a respectable woman in her late 30's. Been married for over 15 years. Happily married that is. Has 4 children. Works in a very very respectable position in one of the biggest institutes in Kuwait. But only if the picture was that perfect!!

Back in the days she was in love, head over heels in love. They were in a relationship for X years and obviously him being a Kuwaiti man he would NEVER marry her seeing he has already slept with her! She loses hope and breaks it off and gets married to the next person that knocks on her door. For couple of years she tried to be faithful but it didn't work. Soon she was back in the arms of her lover. They saw each other continuously over the years, they have their own place and travel together during occasion like new years and eid etc. She gets more jealous about her lover than her husband, she's madly in love with him. And when you ask her how can you be with a man that still refuses to marry you, she replies with "ana chalba" (I'm a dog). She tells everyone around her to not get married to someone while you're in love with someone else because no matter what you do you won't be able to forget you're loved one. Her eyes literally sparkle when she speaks of her lover!

She stayed with her husband and kept having children till one day she was pregnant with her fourth child. And guess what! She knows for a fact that its not her husbands child!! She knows its from her lover and so does he. Still he refuses to marry her if she gets a divorce. She gives birth to a beautiful girl who is now named under her husbands name! Ironically she loves this girl more than the rest of her children!! And her husband doesn't know nor sense anything!

Shame on you Cheaters!!

p.s. Let the trashing of both genders commence..


Zaina said...

Hathi matkhaf rabha?

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Shal Zbala =S
Alla yahdeeha..

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

O malat 3alaa hal "rayal" eli ma36eha wayh!

FourMe said...

I have no idea..

he doesn't know anything! its not his fault that his wife is a cheater. My dear when women want to play around they can hide it waaaaay better than men can hide it!

A large number of girls have lost their virginity before marriage and fixed it and got married without anyone knowing! Women can be very very deceiving they can look a man in the face for the rest of their lives without telling him "hey honey you weren't the first"! So cheating isn't very hard to hide compared to other things.

S E 7 E N said...

dude where in the hell do you get these stories ???? do you make them up or it real life ????

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Omg i'd die out of guilt n shame if i was in her shose! (il 7imdillah alathee 3afana)
And if her so called lover really loves her y the hell wont he get married to her if she got divorced?!!
He is a player n she is a cheater .. Screw them !
3asAllah la yblana

p.s: i loved the pic. :P

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...


Stand-Alone~ said...

la 7awla wala quwata ela billah.. no '9ameer these days..

Fashionista said...

i have the same question as se7en, intay wain it6e7een 3ala hal ashkal?

f7ee7eely said...

هذااا واحد قرر يتزوج فقال حق ربعه ترا بتزوج المهم الكل قالة لاتااااخذ حلوه ترى تدوخك والكل بيتحرش فيها ونت كل يوم والثاني متهاوش راح حق الثاني قالة نفس الكلام المهم الكل قالوله لاتزوج حلوة ترى باجر نص الفريج بينام وياها

قاللهم : يابعدي آكل عسل وأشرك الناس وياي ولا آكل زققققققق لحالي

f7ee7eely said...

btw there is an increase in the number of newly married woman who have extramarital affairs I know that for a fact :P

I am pondering writting a novel entitled Memoirs of a f7ee7eely bachelor :PPP

Limited said...

ma3ndha '9ameer????? what happened to GUILT??!

she should have the sense to see that even after she has given birth to his daughter and he still doesnt want to marry her means that there will be no future together and he just wants her for the affair!!

shoo estowa f karamt'ha? apparently lost all dignity -.-

Missy said...

ehya etwaaaalii eb seteen dahya oo her lover foog'ha ba3ad..

eshthanb el ebnaya el 93'eera!?

7issby allah w ne3m el wakeeel :(

zuz said...

tfoooooooooooooo 3la hal ashkal:@!!!! slaima 9akat'ha tnam weya el rayal o tamshy!

Âme said...

Relationships have boundaries and respecting such boundaries brings harmony and avoids unnecessary conflict.

The women mentioned in the post obviously did not respect the boundaries of her relationship with her husband.

However, from my point of view she is following her heart.

She loves a man (who is not her husband)
Loving is unconditional.
Hence, there is no condition that the man she loves MUST be her husband.


Now the real issue.. keeping it as a secret from her husband.. why ?

1. Society
Society does not accept such a relationship outside of marriage, morally, ethically, and religiously.

2. Fear of loss
The woman must be feeling the fear of loss of her, social status, children future, financial position etc.

3. No proper communication channel with her husband

The woman definitely needs love, which she finds in her lover.

She is not able to initiate a channel of communication with her husband, where she could talk about her feelings.

Forget men, even her own gender would not try to understand her emotions.

Yeah, and such titles as of this post will emerge.


I pity the woman.

She literally has got no one to really love her.

Neither her husband, nor her lover .. nor her children.. nor the society..

She cannot even love herself.

~ Soul

Yara said...

i think she is sick mskeena.. 3ad last week i saw a 35 to 40ish woman out with 2 kids, and its obvious that she knows and is smsing the guy in the opposite table, we could see everything, the smiles, the looks ect. He was there with his driver i think coz the guy was very old and carrying his bags, no way he would let a man that old carry his purchases unless he works for him.. shakilhom '3ala6 in johnny rockets imagine 2 men over 50 wearing dishdasha carrying a bisht there.

PaLoMiNo said...

OMG :(

Kesart Kha6ry :(

shely ymn3a yetzwjha??? Bas ena she slept with him?? hatha mo 3ether ana I know girls that slept with their bf's o they ended getting married!

Akeed fe sebab thany ymn3a il zwaaaj menha, i mean b4 she got maaried...

Fuck Love...

Venus said...

everyone around her to not get married to someone while you're in love with someone else because no matter what you do you won't be able to forget you're loved one. Her eyes literally sparkle when she speaks of her lover!
ودام انها ماتحبه وتحب واحد ثاني
شو اللي غصبها تاخذه!!!
fuck it...

FourMe said...

Its real life.. I don't make shit up.. its from ppl that I have come across.. if you think the world is pink and happy then you're mistaken. Don't take ppl for face value because every person on this planet is hiding a secret. No one is perfect my dear..

I would so die of guilt as well! I wouldn't be able to look my husband in the face!

Won't marry her cuz he told her if you cheated on your husband how do I know you wont cheat on me if were married!

kilish la thima wla thameer :/

Once upon a time I was very sociable and new ALOT of details about ALOT of people. Not because I look for but because people come and tell me because they know I can keep a secret.. hehehe If I post what I know about some ppl trust me btg3doon e6goon 3ala raskom!

hahaha ok eww! bs mo kil 7ilwa etkhoon that's wrong.

6alaa3 el7aaachy 6ala3 :P ya you're right I know that for a fact as well bs mo min personal experience like you :p

Novel! laish novel? Emm shrayik eblog emchaknam takteeb fy your shanangins and I promise you a supply of readers 7ag every post.. ha eshgelt?

I guess not.. 9alii 3anbi.. ay karamaa?? wa7ed ma tzwajha from the beginning w radatla ay karama..

exactly the poor little girl and her husband who has no idea what's going on :/

hahahahahaha 6al3a min galb!

Interesting justifications yet cheating is cheating its not something to be justified. Its lack for ones self respect and fear of God that leads them to do such thing full stop.

ewwww shino ya3nii yayba erayaal eyshoof e3yalha w enha what respectable?! My God the extant some women would go to to get a guy.

Not all men accept the fact to marry a girl they already slept with.. a minority of them who think its ok but the majority don't accept it. Forgive me for saying so bs 6aya7 alah 7ath hal banat ely sleep with guys before marriage shino mako self control!???

tabi tetzawaj w tyeeb yahal.. matshofeen emkawdat'hom arba3!

That was the only reason.. he told her in other words you're a slut.

PaLoMiNo said...

mo 3an self control bas ako nas think ena hatha shy 3adi, 3arftay ele her parents know o ya salaam il wath3 cool ;p
wazeedch min il she3r bayt 3ers-hom kan mix ;p

bas thyla ma nloomhom coz be'athom tesmaa7 lehom eb hal shay

o bel 3ers kano yaaaybeen a french band madry shesmha!

FourMe said...

malaha shoghol elbe'aa cuz elwa7ed momkin eytraba eb be'aa ezbala w y6la3 ademy w momkin eytraba ma3a 3ayal kil 7ailhom bil deena w y6l3oon azbaal minhom mako.. it all goes back to the person and what he/she accepts..

I still disagree matwqaa3 alot of people are ok with marrying girls they slept with.. its probably a very very small people who are ok with this.

PaLoMiNo said...

eh I never said a lot of people r okay with it, i said i know people that r okay with it o kaifhom shy eykh9hom...

ana a7es il bee'a wayed et-thir.. y3ni mo ma3qola il om wel obo r free o open minded lakhir 7dood o byt-hom 3adi yshrboon o ydkhnooon o y6l3oon 3yalhom dayneen...

it's their life a7na shako ;p

let them live it the way they want... o inshalla alla ya36ee kil wa7ed 3ala gaad neytaa

MeeMzZ said...


ZuZu said...

wai3 ,, i know a woman like that ,, but the one i know 6aye7at el baby eli men her lover :/ mako '6ameer !

Âme said...

Define cheating ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

my bad thought you meant alot are ok with it..

9adgeni it doesn't matter as much as ppl think.. it only makes a difference if the child has a strong personality or not and if he/she could be manipulated easily..

rabich ma y6ieg eb 3a9a.. btakhith 3qabha sooner or later!

I don't know which is worse. killing your own baby via abortion or giving birth to a bastard child :/

Oh how I passionately hate cheating!

To me cheating is anything from physical contact to flirting..I see it all as cheating seeing the intentions are there..

Rashid said...

7imdillah wilshikr..
imbad3a hathi..

Âme said...

No one owns no one.

Marriage is only a CONTRACT.

Its the ethics and morals of both parties which actually define limits for themselves.

Why do you think so many "so called honest" men/women cheat?

Ultimately, the reality is, unless one is clear that they are not bound to anything, and all their actions, and resulting consequences are their sole responsibility, till then they have a good probability of "CHEATING"

A man/woman understands that they are not bound by anything except the boundaries they define for themselves.

It is irrelevant, on what basis they have defined their boundaries.



You see the biggest mistake here, is to make one's partner feel like he/she is under some other restrictions.

That's where the temptation arises to cheat.

Nub the poisonous plant before it germinates.

~ Soul

Âme said...

Please note that many don't understand what Free Will is.

So, those of who are married, don't try to apply the principles mentioned above without proper use of common-sense.

Please note the assumptions involved:

1. Assuming that both the parties involved understand what is Free Will, Love and what it means to Cheat.

2. Assuming both the parties have mutual respect between themselves.

~ Soul

Silhouette.In.Red said...


omg fee wayid nafis-ha! marriage is so scary right now the divorce rate is increasing cuz almost everyone is cheating