Friday, 30 January 2009

Rip My Heart Out, Why Don't You?

Have you missed someone so much that it hurts..
Do you know how it feels to love someone so much yet you can't tell them..
When you feel your whole world is collapsing and only one person can save you..
You feel someone is holding your heart with an iron grip and they won't let go..

Your mind is only filled with the thought of them..
You can see what's coming but you don't want you believe it..
To be in so much pain that nothing matters anymore
When that person is close yet very very far away..

What do you do when your heart is being ripped out of your chest?


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


moi said...
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moi said...

it still happens, with the guy i love;\,sleeping pills is the answer

atoona said...


Limited said...

keep urself busy from it .. or numb urself ..

Ms. D said...

thakartene eb brandys song (have u ever)

Gone Bonkers. said...

fourme fourme fourme...


atoona said...

Lol Ms D
gr8 minds think alike ;p

libero anima said...

listen to a song called what hurts the most by rascal flatts ..

and to asnwer ur Q .. i would just sit and cry .. =)

Candy said...
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Candy said...

madree bas i felt that u had problems with ur lover or somethin,
el moheem inshallah kel shay will be solved intee ray7ee shay,talk to ur best friends,that will make u feel better inshallah,
& of course don't take sleeping pills,i know a girl who used to take them & she end up being addicted to them,its like drugs..
& about ur question,i end up crying and i tend to listen so many of the sad songs..

Anonymous said...

Been there. It certainly would've made me happy to have her, but she deserved a better life.

I kept things to myself and now she's married and life goes on.

If you truly love someone, you'd think of them not yourself.

Pile more work on yourself to keep you busy till you find another. There's always another.

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

fourme we love u and plzzzzz dont take a break no matter what ana 7asa ena ur feeling upset again :-(

Squirreliya said...

aww fourme.. been in similar situation w ma agool ghair Allah ykoon bel 3oon ;*

FourMe said...

no amount of drugs in this world can make this go away..

hate the feeling of being sedated.. can't do pills..

thnx babe :)

busy doesn't help..

ms d:
atoona beat you to it..


crying is my bestfriend :D

ironically I can't talk to people I know about my problems..

I'm sorry but that is bullshit! Don't tell me she would have a better life, her being married doesn't mean she's happy.. that's just you being selfish and letting go of your loved one..

thanx babe.. I honestly don't even have the energy for blogging or anything else..

inshalla :*

Ms. D said...

wee atoona magarait ur comment ;p

bs saaaa7 wer a coupla smarties arent weeee ;p

Anonymous said...

How am I selfish if the other guy can provide a much better life?

He proposed. I never spoke of my feelings. She could've said no if he wasn't good enough.

Thinking about your own feelings with disregard to the other person is selfish; but I was in a different position than yours.

I pray that she's happy, because if she is, then I know I made the right decision.

Good luck to you and don't cling to the past; Pave your future :)

Nani_37 said...

I'm in a state that's not so different. I miss the image someone used to present, or at least i thought he did. I feel betrayed.

Hope it doesn't last for either of us.

Nice blog

PaLoMiNo said...

waiiii nafs shoo3ri bel thab6 :(

Aurous said...

fight for it?!

S said...

Well.. Find yourself a big enough distraction! Find something that'll have u on the run all the time..

btw, What hurts the most by Cascada is more fun ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

I’ve passed the butterfly award to you =)

Anonymous said...

dnt ever keep 2 ur self just be honest to the person u love it dsnt matter wt his reaction will be at least u tried 3shan ma y9er wt if in ur life!

Ahmed said...

*long-sigh* =( I hate this feeling.
For that I was really going to suicide. Check this :

Âme said...

I would cry..

~ Soul

DreamerGirl said...

I'd cry myself to sleep,then wake up the next day and write about it (vaguely).

Oh and listen to "Love, Save The Empty" By Erin Mc Carley =)