Monday, 26 January 2009

Open Your Eyes

Probably the worst thing in life is when you're selfish and you don't know it!!

No maybe what's worse is when one doesn't see the wrongs that they are committing!!

No noo what's even worse is when you're blind enough not to see your selfishness and mistakes that you're doing!!

We seem to forget as humans that we are not perfect and bound to make mistakes..

Oh well selfishness and blindness pushes people away..


Âme said...

Selfishness is a virtue to mastered alongside sacrifice.

~ Soul

Âme said...

... to be* mastered ...

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

its not wrong to be selfish
bs mo all the time ;-)

btw glad to have u back!

eshda3wa said...

whats worse is when u know how selfish u are but make no effort to change

Cuteness said...

Wai3 I haaaaaate selfish people cz they r so selfish ;p

zuz said...

is there anyone whos not selfish? everyone's selfish;\ i guess!

Limited said...

but the ppl who r too selfless yksroon 5a6ry .. they just cant say no! and i think in some situations its better to be selfish ..

FourMe said...

Yes but the problem arises when there is more selfishness and less sacrifice!

true but sometimes its very wrong to be selfish because it depends on the situation and in some cases a person needs to let go of their selfishness.. thanx babe :)

bulls eye!

hehe exactly..

there are some who are givers and never takers..

I agree with you but again it depends on the situation..

desertpalms said...

say selfish ten times really quickly

selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish shellfish shellfish shellfish shellfish shellfish ;p

sorrry am jus too happy ur back posting again =D

*serious face back on*

yeah, it sucks..

Gone Bonkers. said...

some people do see themselves as a perfect 10 and everything is 'I' 'I' 'I' bleh...