Saturday, 17 January 2009

My Reasons!

Ok so the previous post struck a cord with alot of you which led me to this topic. Bear with me and read it till the end before you disagree with me because I can guarantee 75% if not more of you will disagree with what I'm about to say but hear me out till the end before you disagree..

I love my family more than anything in this world at times I worry about their silly problems more than they do. My mother is my world, we disagree alot BUT she is the person I love after God. In my 27 years I have never done something serious that disappointed her I didn't do the teenage stuff I didn't screw around and go through all the wacky phases, basically ma ta3abt'ha as I was growing up and she admits to that. I finished my education with 2 degrees and till this day I have NOT done anything that she would go psycho crazy over, eb ma3na ehya rathya 3alay. But if it comes to marrying someone I love and she and my family disapprove then I will do it without their blessing. Why would I do that?

1. People argue retha elwaldain. Ok if they were disapproving for the dumb reasons then that's 7aram w akbar 7aram 3ind Allah! I have watched a million religious shows that all dealt with this exact same topic and all the mathahib agree on the same thing "If there is NO good reason for rejecting the person then the son/daughter should try over and over again and if that does not work then marry without the parents blessing because they are not objecting for good reason" Good reason like etha elrayal skeer aw pimp aw 7aramy aw mn ghair deen aw mn hal reasons. Bs if he/she are a decent person and the only objection is the so called a9il and fa9il then they should marry!!

They asked the religious men that this would go against "Retha Elwaldain" and ALL men replied with the same answer it is 7aram etha mako sebab 9a7ee7! Ya raby etha eshar3 em7alil elbashar ey7armoon!!!??

2. I know my family raised me and I am a part of them BUT this is my LIFE the life that I will LIVE once and only once! Laish ana athlim bakhty ma3a rayal ma 7iba?! La tgolonly you will forget because I know how I love and I don't forget!! Mako rayal eb hal denya will make me forget the person I love full stop. Even if the person I love is mo kafo ham ma ra7 agdar ansa.. yes that's my heart and its a piece of shit!

3. Now seriously NON of us are angels! We have all gone to bed knowing that are our parents mo ratheen 3ana! SO laish eb hal salfa ily bt6laa3 6a3at elwaldain w bn9eer awadim that do as we are told!! Plz there is nothing more hypocritical than that! Ana lazim arthy omi w obooy 7azat elmarriage bs through out my life 3ady I fuck up as I like! Ayshay 9a7!!

4. Maybe my mentality is different or I see things in a different way bs I don't believe any parent would stay a lifetime upset with their child because they married someone else!! beyee elyoum eli yrthon fy and if they didn't then really they are being selfish and inconsiderate and don't want to see their children happy! They lived their life as they like why come now and force me to live my life they way you like?!

5. AM I selfish Yes I might be in this but why destroy my life with my hands because of ideas that my parents have when I know I am not doing anything wrong! Etha btzawaj 3ala senat Alah w rasoola laish hal taneeb elthameer? I LOVE my family and would die for them but I am not a toy that they can decide my life for me! I am a human being with rights! The right to live and love and marry bl7alaal!

6. I truly love my mother and would do the impossible to convince her but if she says no then I don't need her approval.. Now I know some of you will be outraged how could I say this! Trust me I love my mother I kiss her on her head and hands before I sleep, I beg God to take from my life and give her a longer life. Before you judge me and say I don't respect my mother I do the impossible to respect her in public when her shoe comes of I go down on my knees and put on her shoes for her (I doubt most of you have done that so don't you dare judge me)! Yet I believe if she does NOT have a GOOD reason to object then I will marry without her blessing because Alah ma yertha blthilm and any parent objecting marriage bil 7alaal for no good reason is thilm!

7. Ely bygool no man/woman is worth losing your family over and ma ra7 ykoonly thahar when I need my family I say fuck off!
A. When a man and woman and are married they solve their problems by themselves WITHOUT the knowledge of their families and if you didn't know how to solve it then you shouldn't have gotten married in the 1st place!
B. If the problems are serious and you need your family and they refuse to help you, you get your ass to the nearest court and get a divorce!
C. Even if you were married with your families blessings tara you're family won't live for ever and a day will come when you have to solve your own problems before running to your family for help!

Finally I believe if a person TRULY loved someone then they should do the impossible for them and if they don't then they are simply cowards who should have the guts to say I can't continue fighting for you because I am not Man/Woman enough to do it! Ey byt7cha bil shar3 eshar3 em7alil wily bygool ma3indy sanad then they're willing to let go of their loved one without a fight wily eygool mako 7al those are the ones who don't want to face reality and live life the hard way and just want it all simple and happy!

Now disagree and become all religious and perfect children on me at the end of the day non of us the HUMAN race is perfect so please spare me the crap and only give valid reasons apart from omi w oboy w ahaly!


moi said...

i dont think omy o oboy o ahaly will last , allah e6awel eb3umerhom bas the only person ely ra7 eshelech ohwa raylech o we all know that, u choose that person so ta7amely his shit, if ur not sure about him then why bother? and ur absolutely right, its my life not their's , el ahal should consider that gabel lay7anchoon, wela men sheno kel hal misery o el divorce o most importantly committing adultery.

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh god !! my answer wont even fit in here :s .. it'll take the whole comment page !!

Lili3 said...

I'm 100% sure that this is my future problem. I love love my family, I would die for them, its true I had rebel moments but that was a one day thing and not serious, I never once said NO to such important matters, including studies and whatsoever, but I cant say NO to them because I never had the courage, I even doubt I would gain it in future. I really admire you for having it :) don't let it go.

Prefer to be Anonymous said...

As an Arab guy... her parents rejected me... she was so attached to her family too...

we did try everything possible to convince her parents but no hope!!!!

we could have done it without our parents will... but this was wrong...

I am not speaking about retha elwaldain from a religious form... No, I am talking from a moral social form...

specially in our oriental arabic culture... if the girl lost her family, that means she lost everything... in our culture the girls family is her backbone... accept it or not this is the truth and a fact...

the Mother blessing is in top of everything... if she wont bless your marriage... you will never live happy...

and don't get into the gamble of maybe later your parents will approve if you face them with this... this is wrong... don't think of yourself alone, think about your kids who deserve to be next to their relatives specially next to your dad and mom.

I and my girl left each other... I will never like it she run away from her parents... we were true lovers for 4years... unfortunately our parents are sometimes closed minded!!!

When I will be a father, I will never do the same... I will give the chance to my daughter to tell me why she would choose someone...

my advice: keep your dignity, never run with any man... NO man on earth is worth loosing your parents... please Don't

I know many girls will hate me for such reply

Gone Bonkers. said...

it goes without saying the prophet said, "itha ja2akom mn tar'9own deenoh wa 5oloqh fa zawwejuh"

we've been taught that a girl is frail and fragile, but strong through her family.
i agree a couple should try to make their families understand but if they still refuse some do wanna take the risk (i've seen it).. ya3ni it9eer 7anna, they will not speak to him/her, there will be hate and demeaning, there will be attempts to make them feel guilt, or worse case scenario forcing them to separate, even shaming them..

to tell you the truth i side with you, but i don't think i have the strength or courage to face my family.. but then again i've never fallen in love, the love thats worth it.

F.. said...

Fourme! I totally agree with you! Im the same, with everything in life i would do anythng for my family, but this is one thing im going to be selfish in. This is the person bajabel for the rest of my life!

However, mo kilmin ifakir chithe..o wayid nas r scared to lose the benefits of being on their parents' good side!

Aurous said...

I didn't find any point that I would disagree on :)

bs I know for a fact that my parents will NEVER bring up the a9l fa9l issue... After all, they're the ones who taught me to never judge people according to their last name :)

chikapappi said...

Hmm... this is hard I know and I've been through it and my parents fought with me as well as each other over the guy and ferkeshed it but it turned out for the best.

What anonymous said makes total sense and I couldn't have said anything more it's just perfect!

You see, religion is important putting in mind your kids and how you want to raise them but if you're down with it and don't care then no one will stop you but god forbid something goes wrong in the future who's going to back you up as Anonymous said?

Yes, your man loves you and everything but men tend to think of it in a different way and don't think every one appreciates such a sacrifice, some men would say she didn't even respect her family to run off with me, you know what am saying?! When you do this step and decide to throw all your past and your loved ones for who you think is your man think of how things would be in the future, how his family would feel about it and view you.. how would your parents feel about the guy and his family, about your kids? it's too complicated yet emotionally speaking and as a females, I know that we are poisoned with romantic movies and happy ending fairy tales ;/ bas I learned that these things do not freaking exist.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i agree...

and would do the exact same thing ;Pp

S said...

p. to be anony. has a good point.. Yours is too FourMe.. bas I havent been in this situation before, so I'm not judging..
I am very attached to my family, very attached, that I can't imagine doing that to them.
But if there was someone who's worth it, u try to convince u're parents. U try reeeally hard. Don't force it on them. U tell them that u see that this is ur only shot at being happy for the rest of ur life. If that doesnt work, then I'd let it go.
I still think when starting a relationship, ppl should consider if their families are ok with eachother, before going ahead.
Allah ikhaleelich el walda :)

Her Majesty said...

You can consider me the other 35% !
I'd say go for it, if there isn't a "reason" then why not?

I honestly have nothing to add, you've build up your case and I agree with everything you mentioned, reasonably reasonable!

the only thing I'd worry about is that "someone", I mean did I do the right thing, did I choose right, and that sort of thing, but as far as the family's concerned if there isn't a good, and I mean GOOD reason, then I don't see why

I know myself and I'd never do that, NEVER, but I'd fight back and that's the best I can do :/

bonne chance :)

nameless said...

lama nkon 3aysheyein ib mojtma3 kil wa7d mala shghil bilthany, ymkin,

bas mojtma3na lkwty? oh come on!

ana a3rf nas ahlhom rathyein!, omhom o obohom rathyein!, bas wild 3am obo khal omhom mo rathy, ..

e e shako hatha dash 3arth?

mojtm3na lkwty ya ekht 4me, ma yr7am, bythalon y3ayronich feiha entay w3yalich lama bas 9ij ylaw3on chabdich, o ma7ad byaklha ghair 3yalich bachir, by3ayronhom! o ham ilzman by3eid nafsa o ymkin ma yrthon feihom,

alah sob7ana o ta3ala ma yrtha bhal thilm! alah bsma ma yrtha! .. bas shbtsawein? .. ya a3eish 7yaty bja7eim bderty bain ahaly o rab3y, wila athlif a6is ahajir bara, b3eid 3an derty b3eid 3an ahaly o rab3y 3ashan a3eish 7yat 6abe3ya?

ehya wa7da min ilthintain malhom thalith .. !

Dandoon said...

i totally agree with you. one of my aunts got married o yadity makant rathya li2ina math'hiba ghair. my dad, aunts and uncles visited her/talked to her regularly but my gran didn't talk to her for a couple of years. if my mum hadn't have told me this, i would've never known because my gran now adores the husband and u can't even tell inha makant rathya ina bint'ha takhtha!

sometimes parents have stupid reasons but u know what? they all get over it sooner or later!

TOUCHE' said...

I hate the fact that I feel compelled to comment on this excruciating topic but here it goes.

You've tried your best to justify your point of view by covering all angles but let's take the religion out of the equation since the whole thing isn't about religion but about social standards and screwed up mentalities.

Once religion is out of the equation you'll end up with few reasons which can be understood and not essentially approved.

It's true that it might seem hypocritical when some people hide behind "parents blessing" when it comes down to this particular issue while they enjoy having their relationship in the shadows. But a relationship and marriage aren't comparable at all since marriage is a perpetual thing and opposing parents bluntly is a major thing specially when we are being brought up the way we are.

I despise parents oppression as it is ridiculous to deny two lovers from their divine right into continuing their journey, I've been there and I know how devastating it gets to part ways with the only person that makes you complete and standing there watching part of you sailing away. I've loved her with every heartbeat in my heart and I'll always love her with each breathe I breath. My main point is that I don't agree on such meaningless standards but I do understand why some people abide to them and I'll never judge her or label her a coward for choosing her parents over me. I would never had allowed it to go behind their backs and put her in the worst awkward position by letting her deal with the family ordeal. It isn't fair to dishonor her according to social standards.

If you truly love the other person then you wish the best for them and by having them fight the fight because they are the ones with the family opposing issues is simply selfish, you can never mend it and they'll have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It is an internal torment that no one can heal and no true lover will approve such painful life to their lover for the sake of their love, it can be labeled as selfish.

I've read some comments on the possibility of having an unworthy partner to sacrifice parents blessings and that some guys won't trust the girl if she chooses him over her family but allow me to rephrase it. Will any girl trust a guy who shall agree to her abandonment to her family and letting her face the shit when it hits the fan? Can she ever trust him on her life when she had to go through the struggle and he enjoys the results by merely offering comfort and promising the happy future? Can she trust him when he agreed to have her dishonored and being labeled as a rebellion?

I'm sorry for hijacking the post with this long comment.

Squirreliya said...

i agree with you all the way.. it only requires courage, which u already have *mashAllah*

w inshAllah ma iyee elyoom eli ur mother and family disagree with the man u want to marry..

Ms. D said...

ana agol la lil zawaj!!

min gal u hafta struggle! ppl dont struggle min dar madary why do i hafta endure and suffer?? LA YA BABA!! LA ta7amul wala shy.. if its wrong its wrong!

mako shy bil ghasib.. sawa2 min na7yat ahal aw min shakh9..

its our LIVES wer the ones wholl live it after all.. and we dont want to regret the choices we made. so a7san shy we make them ib rethana! o ma n7amil a7ad mas2oleyat qararatna!!

kil shy wala el3yela.. allah yel3an ebles elly yesta3yel elnass!!

o allah yakheth elmathaher o eltefelsif o tafker elnas ena elbint bs taby taby taby..!!!

ely betizawaj wa7da ekon jahez.. mo eye bs yala batzwaj aw zawjony aw tezawejeny!!

M said...

It's a difficult situation to be in.. but I think parents ultimately want the best for their children.. so if they see how much you care about this person with time they will agree and you will have their blessing.. no one wants to see their child unhappy..

Limited said...

i agree with FourMe ..

but sometimes the parents do know best .. and they might know something about the guy that u dont ..

but other times when the guy comes from a different social class and has a different level of learning and understanding, love might not be enough to overcome those problems and ur parents would know that ..

hnee fil emarat were having a higher rate of divorce mainly from those problems .. the couple think that even though theyre different their love can overcome that .. but in the end, it always ends up being a major problem w its one of the biggest reasons for divorce here .. that theyre too different, different levels of learning, different degress, different outlooks on life ..

i agree ina its our life to life and that we should have a say in it ..

Anonymous said...

Hi FourMe,
Its ur blue moon anony here :) I'd like to comment on this post from experience. I adore my family and try to please them, which is why I agreed to the whole modern day arranged marriage. It turned out to be a disaster, which al7amdilah I was able to get out of. They felt so awful and guilty, they decided that it is better to not be so forceful in their opinions in this matter. Yet when I told them a few years later that I have fallen deeply in love and want to marry this man, of course they had their reservations. Which were only that they don't know him or his family personally, blah blah. So at this point I stood up and said this is my choice and you can either support me or lose me. But please keep in mind I didn't have one single doubt about him, how he would treat me, or what kind of relationship we would have. You cannot make such a decision if you have underlying doubts about the person.
Fast forward to the future(today. Al7amdilah we are over the moon with happiness. My family loves him and respects him. His family loves me so much as well. And most importantly, he and I always make sure to put each other above anyone else (families included) because HE AND I ARE A FAMILY!!!
Sorry this was so long. But its for the ppl who crap on others for their decisions without having lived it :)

Chip'n'Dale said...

i think you make a good point. however, you have to realize in our country it is all about pleasing the society, therefore, if you turn your back on your parents the whole family will turn their back on you. in the end, your parents do know what's best for you. i totally see your point ina its ur life and u know the guy more than they ever will, but marrying someone thats different than you are will cause complications in the future.

Âme said...

I agree with you FourMe, that courage is an essential element.

Defying parents becomes a last resort, when you know your life will be more messed up, if you ever choose to let go your love.

Putting up a fight implies that, both the guy and the girl try various methods to convince their parents of how their marriage would work out successfully, keeping in mind what the parents want.
And must try to never give up.

Practicality is one important factor to be taken into consideration, when going for such a big move as defying parents.

About how she would trust him and he would trust her issue which Touche raised, we assume that both love each other and both guard each other.
Otherwise, they did not love, even in a literal sense.

Selfishness is also a virtue to be mastered, since we have a self.

~ Soul

P.S: Oh yeah about society's acceptance, its only a matter of time till one proves his/her deserving place.

Cooookies said...

interesting replies

desertpalms said...

hmm from my parents side, i dont think i would have that problem because theyre very understanding..they went through alot of problems and fighting for THEM to marry each other with all their differences/their parents not agreeing etc etc so they would never not allow ME to marry someone i loved just because of different status or different cultural backgrounds...

but if it was from the other side (the family of the man that i loved didnt accept me and threatened to kick him out of the family) then i probably wouldnt be able to live with myself that i caused that for him..i made him give up his family, i broke them up..which is what another blogger mentioned i i duno..but to be honest...not wanting to be sexist BUT it is different , at least socially, when a man goes against his familys wishes and when a woman does..

if the situation arose again with me..maybe i would have acted differently..i duno..i just felt that no matter what would have happened even if they did Forcefuly accept because he was their only son and they loved him alot...then they would have done anything to make our (my) lives hell...and one way or another would have us broken up..

anyways im rambling on about a compleeetely different topic ..this comment was supposed to be short !! lol

whaaat i wanted to that if their love is strong enough and its real and longlasting (ya3ni its been tried and tested and theyve overcome)..then i agree with what you say 110%! and props to you for having the courage..because alot of people wouldnt!

Fashionista said...

well said

The Extravagate said...

alla enshalla ma y3r'6ech lehal mow8f where u have to choose between ur family and ur prince charming
coz it wont be a happy ending if one of them is out of the picture!!

byteofcoffee said...

I'm actually going through the same situation. And the only solution we can come up with is waiting and being stubborn about it. The choice we made wasn't on an emotional whim. It was logical, alright, alright maybe there a tad of emotion too, but still my choice and would everyone please just sod out of it!
The first case, marrying without your parents permission is our final solution. We will wait till I finish my masters (2 years) then I'm off with him to finish my PhD, whether they like it or not. I love them, but they can get over their prejudice, I won't get over my choice in life. Case closed!

Wish you the best of luck!

Ruby Woo said...

It's not just about courage. A person needs his/her family. What if the marriage fails? Ahalha mo ratheen 3alaiha fa al7een mino 3andaha? Rayel o ra7 o ahal im7arbeenha..

There are different outcomes to the action of marrying someone without your parents permission:

1)they'll eventually accept it.
2) the whole family will shun you and the problems will eventually pile up from yourself to your kids.

My fathers cousin was madly in love with someone who happened to be shee3i. Ahalha marithaw so she went behind their backs and married him.

They were both in love to the extent that they both defied their parents and got married. But forward 2 years laters and the pressure of losing your family, the people you grew up with in a day took its toll on the marriage that it had to end.

so whatever you say.. it's a gamble. you might be deeply madly in love with each other, and it could be worth the risk, but still you could never know what happens in the future.

its not about lack of courage but its about being logical rather than emotional.

p.s in my opinion at the moment i cant say if im with or against cuz i wasnt put in a situation like this.

Ahmed said...


Hasan.B said...

You are absolutely right. Let me put it this way; The blessing of the family is extremely important but, in my opinion, should not be powerful enough to stop a rightful marriage. Sometimes the family has a point, for example if the guy is a loser or a the girl is a gold digger or the opposite. But refusing a marriage because one of them is not she3i or seni, or any other EXTREMELY stupid reason is simply unacceptable.

People who continue to argue what if the marriage fails are either lacking some form of knowledge or are just pessimistic. You do not go into a marriage thinking of a divorce?! They remind me of some families who ask for a small moqadam and extremely high "moa`akhar" and when asked whey, they say its vital for here to secure her future?! All I can say to that is; WTF?

Candy said...

& wuts worng with ur bf?? he must fight 4 u,
coz wut it seems here that u will fight ur family for him,
did he do any sacrifices?
if he worth it go 4 it forume,
o as the el religious ppl galaw enah 7ala,
it seems ur family has no specific reason
to object,
finally i believe that el ahl
yetda5aloon fee kel shay ela ha shay ele hoo el "zawaj"
why would i maryy someone that i dont love,and u know the marriage is a lifetime issue,el zawaj somethin will take from u;emotionally and physically,
i cant imagine myself marrying a guy & i end up thinkin about the other one.
hatha el '3ala6 be 3enah,
whyyyyy would any family would push their daughters towards somethin wrong,by saying NO,
u've been such a good girl through ur 27 yrs and that's what u deserve,!!! hell fight,this is ur right shar3an bel deen.

sickin' life wallah.

Miznah said...

yama nas tizawejaw min mu7ee6hom and it failed.. o yama nas tizawejaw min kharij mu7ee6hom 3an 7ub.. and it failed too! so mo miqyaas..

if you get your mother's consent.. everyone will accept you no matter what. and if your don't get her approval you'll be shut down from everyone..

therefore, you should be %1000000 he's worth it..

Delly said...

umm,,, akhaf min 7obat omi if i got married wehya mo rathya!

Amethyst said...

I agree with you 100%. I couldn't have said it any better, and my parents wouldn't be happy if I was living an unhappy life with the man they chose.

Shoush said...

I don't know anything anymore. I can't comment.

eshda3wa said...

i totally agree with u..

law kan their reasons over minor stuff like a9el oo fa9il
oo ashya malha ay ma3na

that wouldnt stop me

and if its about religion them


if i see the rayal is zain and i love him
and my parents cant give me a valid reason

its the rest of MY life
I have to go to bed with him every night
IM going to carry his children

moo ohma

end of story

libero anima said...

waw this is a great topic dude ! ..

as you said el shar3 gayel etha el bint/walad ma feeha 3aib shar3ee mafee da3ee lelrafi'6 !

to give an example ..
my cuzn married someone from outside the country.. and of course my cuzn 7a6 umah jedam el amr el wa8i3 .. so the mom elain a7eeneh hates the girl ! .. ya3nee this doesn't make sense cuz i've talked to the women my cuzn married .. she is an amazing, very well educated, funny, lovely, beautiful person inside and out .. ya3ne ma feeha 3aib .. bs his mom lain a7eeneh mb met8ablah ! ya3nee 5ala9 wats done is done just get over it ! ..

and as u said it's that persons' life.. and it doesn't make sense for the parents to meddle with the girl/boys choice ! .. ya3ne they should advice him but not meddle !

this is a great subject i wanna talk more XD lakin i should shut up ;p

libero anima said...

I've passed you the butterfly award =D

Lost b2amreeka. said...

i agree with u 100%,

I admire your courage to go against your family for the person you love, mashallah..

I don't think i'd be able to do that lo ana eb mokanich!

nyxxie said...

one's family will always love him at the end of the day. they might be upset for a while but life surely goes on with family =)

sexy_sour_sweet said...

I agree with you!! My parents told me That They will Never say no To who I want to Marry As Long as he is a Good Guy from a GOOD family and That he Loves me. Oo My Dad said I will Never force you to marry, oo Ba3dain if parents don't accept who their children want to Marry I Agree with you 1000% They ARE being selfish.. I Love My Parents to death, oo I hate it when I disappoint then BUT If I love someone, I wouldn't want anyone else, and If they don't accept that, I will Not do as they Like, They married each other because they LOVED each other, They didn't get married because Their parents said so, My dad actually Called my mom's father and asked for her hand, and they got married when they were still in university... I don't understand how parents can be so selfish....

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...


eee latkhaleen a7ad yestashrif 3alaich wala tells u what to do wala entay ghala6 blah blah

ma7ad innocent wala a7ad should judge u no matter what!

and there's nothing wrong in not getting married mo 3aib aslun with the divorce rate increasing cuz ma7ad is taking is seriously i think its better inah some people stay single wala get married w know enhom ending in divorce

AGAIN this applies to some people mo kil il naas are bad bs ham i repeat.. mo 3aib inah ma7ad gets married!

cheer up 7beeebti :-*

This Lady said...

All your points are right and no one can argue with that. For me, I've never been in love, and therefore I cant put myself in your shoes, so maybe I can't choose a guy over my family.

But in your case, you have something deep, and you're right, its total crap to base a marriage decision on his ancestral roots! Ya3ni shbisawoonli his dead ancestors!

Allah i3eenich wallah. I know this is a big issue for so many people. Bas Allah yaktiblikom kil khair inshallah..

Anonymous said...

sweetie entay nasya.. el 7ub gabel el zwaj '3yr oo 7ub 3GUB el zwaj '3yyyyrrrrr!!!!!

entay tathmnen ena after 5 - 10- 15 yrs bthel y7bch?? no u cant

but tathmnene ena ahlch by7bonch oo yabonlch el 5ayr 4ever? yes u can

al7yn ahlch g3dat m3ahum 27 oo b3tehum 3shan wa7ed 3arafte chm sna.. shyathmnla el rayal ena ma tb3ena ehwa w 3yala bl mustqbal??

no i disagree WAYED blyga3da tgolena!

fe reason why el ahal ygolon la2

wetha kan a9el oo fa9el

entay u wont know now bs u will bl future.. entay mo 3aysha bro7ch .. 3aysha bayn nass.. oo mara7 trthan bl mustqbal y3ayronch entay w 3yalch bly 5thate

ana bnt 5alat omy nafs el salfa .. o 7ub oo '3raaammm oo amoot etha hdatne and all that crap for 4 yrs.. oo ahlha kanaw mu3arthen bshdddaaaa... 7ta 6rdoha mn el bait oo '39ben 3laikum ba5tha.. whether u like it or not.. oo etzawjt blm7kma! t5ylan yom zwajach tkonen blma7kma mn '3yr ahlch .. bro7ch!!

after 15 yrs.. this deep passionate love is gone.. oo ehya mt7sfa oo ktshft ena ahlha 9a7 .. mt7sfa gad sha3er ras'ha.. cuz she lost her family oo wayn this love el tabe? gone with the wind mthel ma ygolon..

sweetie parents dnt say no for a stupid reason

mafe a7d ma yabe 7ag 3yala el s3ada..

yamken ent