Friday, 16 January 2009


Reading Moi's post and the dilemma that she's facing reminded me of this story I know and no this story is not made up its about a real couple..

A guy and a girl both mid 20s were madly in love with each other, they knew each other inside out, they describe themselves as soulmates. They were together for 4 years they loved each other insanely, when she was studying abroad he would visit her at least once a month, when she had a tutor at home he would make her keep the phoneline open while he was in Kuwait just because he would get jealous and worried about her. I can't describe how much they were in love,they say during the 4 years it was the happiest time of both of their lives.

Come the time to take the relationship to the next step and get married the guys mother says No because of the a9el and fa9el story. He tried over and over again and his mother said no and seeing his father was dead and he was the only boy he had to be there for his mother. He broke up with the love of his life. It was THE most miserable thing ever, she was beyond shattered and so was he. She contacts him again within the year and asks again if he's willing to put up a fight, he says no and tells her "La tathlmeen bakhtich etha yach n9eeb twklay 3ala alah" little did he know that a random guy proposed to her and a week later emlchat (she got married)!

He was in a state that was beyond heartbreaking but he kept on saying I can't keep her hanging on seeing I would never go against my mother. Within the weeks of the milcha they saw each other while her sister was with her and the guy and girl would just sit there hugging each other and crying like little children, that happened a couple of times. She knew what she was doing was wrong but loved him far more than this stranger she was married to who probably had a past himself. During the next 5 months he did the impossible to forget her from being drunk 24/7, partying, travelling, even dating other girls! Funny thing was the girls that he chose could easily be mistaken for her! He even chose his gf's to look identical to her! He used to call her sister in the middle of the night drunk and crying begging her to conference his ex in the call just so he can hear her voice.

On the sixth month of the girls marriage who was unhappy and could not forget her soulmate to the extant she would start crying after each time her husband touched her, she was beyond miserable, there was no understanding between them, he didn't know her and wasn't trying and she didn't know him and when she tried to know him he'd turn her down.

All of the sudden the guys mother dies! Now he lost the love of his life and his mother! Fast forward 4 years onwards she has 3 kids and he STILL can't get over her! He can't forget her and she simply can't forget him. Her husband and children couldn't make her forget him. He's still single and unhappy and she's married with children and unhappy..

What a waste of the love they had and what a waste of the future they will have..

p.s. There are many more details that would make your heart break but I had to cut it short..


Silhouette.In.Red said...

omg this made me cry :(
allah yajbir kha6erhom inshallah

moi said...

wai allah esam7ich,im crying like a baby:'((((((((((((((((( , mesaken i feel like i want to hug them:'(((!!!! o i wanna say yes:'( 7dech u changed my mind;*

FourMe said...

sorry :/
trust me there are more depressing details.. inshalla

walain am sorry :/ mo qasdy abachy a7ad but you saying you can't make your mind up reminded me of this and how almost 10 years later and they're still in love, but she's married and he can't get married because he really is still in love with her!

You have an amazing opportunity at your hands please don't let it go to waste if that person is really the one you truly love.. wishing you best of luck :*

moi said...

thanx hun;*, i'll propose to him enshallah next week:P

FourMe said...

hehhehe no no hint it and let him propose tara he won't let you live it down if you proposed :p

rabi eywafgkom w yas3edkom inshalla.. waiting for the good news soon :)

desertpalms said...

akhh ya galby =/

moi said...

enshallah!3ad 7a66a 3ainy 3la solitaira cartier enshallah t9er my engagement ring:P o wish u luck too, if ur with someone that is;p,

Gone Bonkers. said...

'9ag 5elgi ya Fourme... lakn kel shay n9eeb.. ma agool '3ayr Allahoma enni la as2aloka rad alqa'9a2 inama as2aloka al lo6fa feeh

nass tabi tetzawwaj bs ma Allah katib w nass ma5theen banat alnass le3ba.. eeeeeehh can you blame me for going bonkers! :/

FourMe said...

salmat galbich :/

e7na eshthabi7na ghair hal rings.. thank you dear..

w ni3ma b'allah.. bs may9eer elwa7id maysawi shay w ba3dain eygool n9eeb! maloomich dear :/

Candy said...

relationships suck,
when ur madly in love,
there must be somthin to ruin it,
fuck love.

Anonymous said...

i heard this story a million times if i heard one and i had to comment about it....u knw wat do i think? i think she should flip him the bird honey and move on with her life with the husbend who chose HER not the one who told her to let go and go for another and hen she did that he came back running and crying for her like a kid who lost his favoriate toy....mama if he love her he would have been with her attached to her not saying that out of nothing..wat im saying came from personal man worth losing a family for if he chose his family over is hard and what i learned is chose with ur mind not ur heart...mskeena ena this man keep showing in her life still to ruin it for her..she tryed to move on but he didnt and make her suffer for his own choice..that made me angry.MEN and how they treat us make me ANGRY.

Aurous said...

7araaaaam! :(

I really blame his mother for that! no matter what was the a9el o fa9el issue, it couldn't have been worse than seeing her son that unhappy!

S E 7 E N said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think i heard this once in bed time story my grand mom used to tell us before we sleep :p

no seriously allah i3eena .... there is nothing he can do unless idoos 3ala galba oo gets married or forces him self to forget cause like this ib yithba7 3omra ....

again allah i3eena ....

Lili3 said...

that really sucks :( she must move on or it will always be hard.

I choose u as one of the coolest blogs in my blog, check it out ^^

Lucifer said...

well, this remind me of my story .. if you think this makes you cry .. you should know may story

F.. said...

I hate hate hate this stupid mentality we have! i mean i don't understand parents, if they see someone making their kids happy, why cant they say yes, or at least give the girl/guy a chance! esp these days where everyone is getting divorces!

its so stupid!, oo the feeling sucks..

Fashionista said...

parents can be selfish and mean!

check out this post:

Nemo said...

SAD ;(((((((((((((

S said...

The story just kills me ..
Bas what he did wasn't wrong by letting it go (elmafrooth).. elwa7id shlon bi3eesh o oma mo rathya 3alaih? la o titwafa wihya mo rathya 3alaih? I can't imagine.. God knows what's in store for me. I don't know what's going to happen if I'm in the same situation with my parents .. bas ina I think we should consider if the 2 families r gonna get along before we move ahead..

Fastidious Babe said...

this happens here alot.. all the time almost.. its very sad and heartbreaking.. the problem is, marriages break up, and then there are kids who are scarred for life.. and the cycle goes on.

Ms. D said...

fourmeyooo wallaaaa ur stories r soo real.. a7es ina ambeh am in them :(

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

OMG .. :(( that is just so sad .. i hate it when such things happens between lovers !!

allah y3enhum athnainhum inshallah

it really hurts .. :(

Squirreliya said...

7araaaaam ;/
..abi afham laish elriyayeel y3andoon w ysawoon ro7hum they don't care 7azat'ha ..w when HE gets married eyeelich mithel el 7mar *sorry 3al kelma* yraakith warach!

sorry adri shway 6ala3t 3an elmawthoo3, bs ur post thakarny ib hal mawqef..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats really really sad =(
wallah it broke my heart =(

Livingmylife said...

this all would have been avoided if his mother just gave in when she saw how much he loved her.

look at how she turned her son's life to misery.

ya3ni la she saw her grand kids mena wela 7itan shafita eb 3irsa 3ashan salfat hal a9il eli thab7a omatna ..

i for one have a family like his .. and i hate how they think .. but i wounder how they would react if i told them i was marrying a guy who his family name they werent very fond of. i think they'd probably burry me alive;p .. it realy makes me sick

its such a sad story .. bas alot of couples have gone thru this .. i know about 10 .. and they are miserable still ..


Anonymous said...

Woooooooooooooooow.... It felt you have just said my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short

I have been with her for 4years... her parents reject me because of my nationality... my parents rejected her for the same reason!!!!! her mom gave her nightmare...

I don't want to give you the details...

we simply broke up... and now after 1 year I met many girls but there is nothing can replace her :(

she calls me from time to time, and I ignore her calls :( I know she is like me can't get over it :(

sometimes I wish we never fall in love in the first place!

Shoush said...

There's more where that came from.

Anonymous said...

ya its not a very fun thing to experience, going through it right now..the worse feeling is feeling helpless lana there isn't much you can do!

Cooookies said...

she should forget about him, if she cant then she has to end the marriage..

Ga3da tathlem nafs`ha oo rayelha and 3yalha this way !

A Journal Entry said...

ya3ni al7een allah yir7amha ba3ad il om ma ethimha sa3adat waladha? ma tshoofah ga3id eta3athab?? =s

Oranjina fadidra said...

3ish rajab tara 3ajaaaab!

yet say Im old school, bas parents sometimes got a point..

Ruby Woo said...

Parents ruin everything! I relate to these kind of stories, o sij yaksiroon kha6ri.

thank god my parents can be quite open when it comes to a person if he's not a9eel (whatever that is)!

Allah ysa3id hal couple.. and the problem is, even if they did put up the fight and got married bidoon ritha his mom, they're bound to inhom yinfa9lon because of the problems that come up later. It's a lose-lose situation lil asaf ;/

Lost b2amreeka. said...

omgomgomg that reminds me of the indian movie Veer-zara :( sad movie, cried like a baby :(

Âme said...

The guy is an idiot.

If he had loved so deeply, he should know his decision makes or breaks two lives.

He probably lacked courage at the first place and secondly, he must not have thought a way out.

Damn! most guys suck at their thinking in such matters and their short cuts.

Don't blame love, blame the people who cannot think or have the courage to take on a fight.

Such narrations as these are simply the mistakes which young do when they don't realize what they are getting into.

~ Soul

f7ee7eely said...

its as if you were writting this post about me.....only she's been married for 6 years and has 2 kids...And both of my parents are still alive and they're not the ones who made me forget about getting married to her....btw I sandbagged every effort she's exerted to get back with me even when she's merrily married

f7ee7eely said...

watch tv on tuesday and look for me amongst the crowd on inaugeration day I'd be wearing pink :P

sexy_sour_sweet said...

omg!!! masakeeen!!! :((((

FourMe said...

I agree.. screw love!

true I agree with you she should of given him the cold shoulder but not everyone can switch their emotions on off in a split second! Seeing he chose his family she chose the new husband but at the end neither of them we're happy with the choice.. I'm not defending him but there were times when she appeared in his life.. so its both of their faults.. Men don't understand how we feel about everything and that's the biggest problem..

there are some mothers who only care about names she doesn't care if her son marries a whore as long as she has the right name and the right bank account! Those are selfish mothers who just want themselves to have the picture perfect family at all costs even if it means the son is unhappy.. alah yer7amha anyway..

w ba3dain he gets married do you think that's gona make him forget her?? You are truly mistaken cuz no one forgets by getting married to someone else..

she did move on but she couldn't forget.. awwww you're such a sweetheart thanx dear :)

I'm sorry to hear that :/ trust me we all have our stories that are heartbreaking :(

I hate it even more.. but parents think they know it all just because they are your parents when in fact they really don't know how it feels..

veeeeeeeery selfish!

very sad :(

I understand what you are saying bs there was NO good reason she refused the girl for the silly reason. Do you know that the clergy men over and over again say that if your parents object to the marriage for no good reason than you should get married 7ata lw mo ratheen?!! w hathool mdayneen ely ygoloon hal 7achy..

nyxxie said...

ya rabby that is so sad and painful.. Allah ykoon fe 3onhum. I think the world should brighten up a little and widen their minds.

nyxxie said...

would like to invite you to be a reader on my blog, plz drop me a line on my email with your email address and blog name so that i can add you on my reader role as I have made my blog private. :)

FourMe said...

as long as they don't marry the one the person wants the family won't mind the divorce trust me.. they are that fucked up these days!

because they are unfortunately of real events.. la inshala n9eebich a7san eb alf mara mn my stories ely eyebon elmaraath :/

me too its so sad and mean!

cuz they THINK they can step on their hearts bs 7azat el7aza when they make their decision and know that they can't forget eyrdoon methil elchlab..

:( sowwy didn't mean to depress everyone :/

la 7abeebty 7azat la9il wil fa9il ma7ad eyshof a7ad.. they don't give a fuck if she makes him happy or sad! yes she did 7aram 3alaiha ely sawita Alah ysami7ha w yer7amha..exactly people think just by moving on they'll be fine but reality is they break up and get married and they are miserable!

I'm so sorry to hear of your story..

I wish I never fell in love as well..

70% of the population seems to have gone through this :/

I'm sorry to be rude but that's bull shit! if someone wants someone so bad there are a million ways! but its when someone gives up they say there is no solution!!

FourMe said...

do you think its easy to forget?? Some people when they love with their heart and soul they can't forget till their death..

I guess not as long as the girl is perfect in her eyes then that's whats important..

oran fad:
NO they don't have a point when it comes to these details because we are all humans mako a7ad a7sen mn a7ad!! Rabich ma khalgna muslmeen 3ashan ngool flan elflany a7sen mn eflan 3ashan esma w a9la!!

yes they do! No that's wrong! They wouldn't divorce just because they got married without the parents blessing! They might divorce for other reason but I doubt they will for this!

haven't seen it..

Yes he is!
Exactly he's a coward point blank because if he had any courage he would of never returned in her life and just backed off!

I couldn't of have said it any better!

sorry to hear that :/ I guess she still loves you but you're right in ignoring her..

hahaha what did you win seats in a raffle draw :p will keep a close eye ;)

yes they are :/

the world will stay the same till there are more people with courage to do the out of the ordinary to change it.. thanx babe will do..

libero anima said...

omg ! 0.0


whyyyy ! wallah 7aram ! ..

ba9eeeeeeeeeee7 ! that's just heartbreaking man !!!!

la w she had kids !
a7es every time she looks at them she wishes they were her true loves' children ..