Monday, 5 January 2009

For Haters Only

How do you respond to someone that tells you

"Sometimes I hate you"



Soul said...

*reserved for anony*

Soul said...

I've been told so..

my response was: fuck u

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

i dunno i guess it depends on the situation and who this some on is!

Grey said...

'show the bird' perhaps? but it depends who is saying then.. :P

or you could say ' i love you too'

Fashionista said...

ouch that hurts!

Âme said...

I would respond by asking..

What makes you hate me sometimes ?


I guess its your problem sometimes and you need to deal with it.

~ Soul

f7ee7eely said...

thats ok cuz sometimes I hate me too

Zaina said...

I agree with anony,, ;p

Stand-Alone~ said...

you reply "sometimes is better than all the time"..

Yara said...

I would simply reply: "Sometimes I hate you too"

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Sleep on it. Tara el Noum Zain =P

Rewind said...

1. "Its ok I forgive u" in a haha way.
2. "Everyone has at least 1 person who hates them, its only normal. I'm just glad its you" if they're stupid u can add "and not someone who actually matters"

Anonymous said...

you dont hate me .. you hate what i did/ said


Soul- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL allah y3een lo i hate u men ghair sometimes:P

bs la7tha tafreg etha kanaw em3asbeen wala la! .. aw etha hal shakhs mohem or no

Um Mit3ib said...

"its ok .. me2" :P

Lili3 said...

"Really?? I feel the same way too!" XD

Pfft I wish I can say that! my reaction would depend on who says it

libero anima said...

i'd laugh in their face and say " you think that i care but i DNT "

TOOTA said...

i would say

no shit i feel the same why for you


screw you


do you think i care

make a bored face and point at my face and say this is me caring!!

Gone Bonkers. said...

tell them:
sub7an allathi yo'3ayer wala yata'3ayar

Fastidious Babe said...

i understand how u can reflect ur insecurities on me by hating me :P


zwena said...


i would say ely eray7ech :P

PaLoMiNo said...

y3mid 3ala that person!

If it's someone I don't care about, i'd say o meno 6alab rayech/rayek? ;p

If it's 7abeebi agola: well what's imp. is that i love u :**

Venus said...

no told me before such a phrase
even am a very social girl,
i think i dunno wut 2 say now; bas i will act twoard the situation when it happens to me.

Bliss said...

cry my heart out..
and never show my face in front of that person ever again

i'm not a coward, i just can't stand the fact that someone might actually hate me!! it's just too much for me to handle!

Squirreliya said...

i'll go like: "weee laish?"
etha 3ndihum salfa i'll try my best to stop what i am doing, if not fa i'll ignore w bel 6agag khal yekrihooni lai bacher ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

"the feeling is mutual"

Ms. D said...

ara7eb fehom eb kil si3at sader wagolehom BABIN YOSA3 JAMAL!

ilsul6ana said...


EkLaW $#%@!

malaat 3alakOm Oo 3alaa hatekOm..3asakOm ma7abatooni!

that simple :)

desertpalms said...

mashkoor ow matgaser =/

Livingmylife said...

3aaadii .. 5aleech haadyaa bas goolay

" hate? .. i dont wana tell u wat i feel about u sometimes .. we dont want anyone to cry do we?? "

or if u dont wana be ruude

"ya36eeeeech/k el3afya"


FourMe said...

hahahaha gotta love how your brain works :*

btw that would be my response to!

why does hate vary from one person to the other?

wouldn't be equally mean..

it probably would..

does one really need it to be justified? ohhh i'm liking the 2nd answer! cold yet harsh at the same time.. didn't know you had it in you :p

hahahhaha nice one!


lol! true :p

good answer!

FourMe said...

hahahhaha maybe they'll wake up and hate you more! 7azat'ha e6geen e9bi3 :p

meeeeean!! loving it!

entay 3ala 9orat hal cupcake elwa7id wain ygdar hate you! zoogha :*

qima bil brood!

ya the situation needs a quick reaction.

libero anima:

hahhahaha you fall in our group (that is Soul and I)

Love it!

hahahhaha meanie!

bardaaaa :/

FourMe said...

ewww palo wa7ed tawa dagrich etgoleela I love u! Love him eblees goolay ameen!

I think 'as if I care' would be appropriate for the situation..

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why cry!! if they don't like u bil3ana eli tel3anhom! Its impossible to have everyone like u!

hahhahahahah ya entay ya careless ;)

All hail the Ice queen :P

ms d:
hatha elkalam e6ayib.. ya entay kilich 7kaam :P

LOL! you belong in our group as well! Me, Soul, Toota, and you, we're the angry ones :p

ya right you'de say that! is it before or after you kicked them where it hurts :p

living my life:
love the 1st one!!

p.s. you rock :D

Âme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Âme said...

That is because I don't want the hate to continue from my side atleast.

That is why the first response.

The second one is to state that hating itself is a problem.

There is no single reason to hate anyone or anything.

Since anything can be understood relatively.

It's just people fall victims to their raging emotions.

To hate, is a choice which the hater makes and that's when it becomes his/her problem.

Hate begets hate.
I say by experience and experimentation.


You have no idea how cold and mean I can get, but chose not to, since that would be completely idiotic of me and it only implies that I fell short of understanding even relativistically.

~ Soul

P.S: If one learns to delay the gratification of thrashing the hater (displaying anger or coldness..), a more fitting response could be given.

Her Majesty said...

get my eyes blurry ..runs to my bedroom.. and throw myself in the bed .. naaaah :P

I'd probably say something just as stupid, umm "and sometimes i love you,"

now, ..what would you say? --"

byteofcoffee said...

I think I said, "OK, dad."