Friday, 9 January 2009

Brain Sex Anyone ?!

brain sex*:
Sex= intercourse. Intercourse= Dealings or communications between persons or groups. Sex brings a rush in which both the physical body and the mental capacities are focused on one aim, one goal, and that goal is to reach a physical awareness in which pleasure is wholly present. Reading/Writing/Talking is similar. Instead of exchanging fluids ideas are exchanged, creating a "mental orgasm".

I was watching Brothers & Sisters and this phrase kept coming up "Brain Sex". I never thought of it this way but it sounds about right! OK this is quite difficult to put into words so bear with me :/ Anyhow I get a kick out of discussions especially topics that interest me like politics, football, and other important issues. During uni you would always find me having endless discussions and at some points arguments about wars and actions of certain countries and what drove them to those decisions. I loved knowing the details and the intentions of every action that caused a certain event in politics the little details and the whole process of the decision making and the interaction between countries; I'm fascinated by small details. I truly enjoyed what I studied and it was always interesting when I get into discussions with fellow students or professors. Its was truly enjoyable to be able to throw ideas back and forth or stand for what I believe in causing a tantalising debate. Though I have never thought of it as brain sex but come to think of it its sounds about right!

Since uni I stopped discussing politics simply because I find it pointless. The people I have come across don't know heads from tails when it comes to politics they are literally talking out of their arse. I miss those days when I was able to discuss and have "mind blowing brain sex". Dare I say I've had a few interesting discussions here but I don't find it as pleasurable seeing the typing takes all the fun out of it!

Which topics causes you to have "brain sex"?

*as Defined by Urban Dictionary


Miznah said...

"mental orgasm" sounds more like it
cuz sex ain't always good my friend..

to me, problems like politics that you can't really solve nor fully comprehend I don't bother with. it's useless and a waste of energy

philosophy in general, deep thinking
مو تفلسف
basically conversations that broaden my horizon and make me see things in a different light

bonus: having brain sex with a hottie :D

that would blow my brains off ;)

moi said...

psycology and philosophy, especially the 1st one;p

Gone Bonkers. said...

fourme, i know this is not related but i wanted to be sure you read this.. thank you! from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
you commented on my blog when i was reading your blog especially posts where soulmate was mentioned.

from your last post, i got that you vacuum when sad and i told you i iron.. if i could just take a picture of the stack of clothes i ironed you'd be amazed!

anyway, i felt better that i can relate to someone .. i wish you and your soulmate be bound forever in good times :) thanks to you i'm keeping the hope, 366 and counting...

chikapappi said...

He hee! Brain sex is what we (two friends) use to describe the kind of relation (mental - intellectual) we look for in a guy! You know, speaking of intercourse and how fun or whatever feelings it arouses - so the guy that I want to be with has to stimulate my brain in a good way hence the term "brain sex" ;p and that to me could include politics, religion.. etc.. it's the kind of interaction that brings out the best in both you know

Her Majesty said...

hmmm.. really intersting, you know I've heard about this from that lady, Maryam Noor :/
she was talking blah then she mentioned this, along side every aspect of life that is considered 'sex' to her,

oukaai mental orgasm would be on, issues related to us women I can get all feminist you know :p next is how stupid Paulo Coelho ..can't explain it, last but not least semi political issues, I mean am not an airhead but political issues are fun even if I used words that don't exist in dictionaries and twisted facts to prove myself --"

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

my brain sex is during sleep ;)
its the only time when i enjoy my brain working...or the lack of it for that matter ;Pp

im not making sense, am i?

ma 3alaih...

TOOTA said...

the first one

eshda3wa said...

different things gives u mental physical or emotional orgasms

like when eating a juicy tender perfect steak

or indulging in chocolate

or reading a good book

and a GOOD discussion which is hard to come by

nameless said...

baaih, 3ala chethy im having sex everyday ;p

3moman, anything related to logic causes me to have "brain sex",

o 6ab3an, qathya syasya, o getting into the small details of them, (never discussed this online) bas a7la shay lama anaqish qathya syasya ma3a nwab 7alyein aw mas'olein sabqein,

aw 7ata fei nadwat aw mo7atharat syasya, where i get to hold the microphone for the last 5 mins,

ilqathaya ilfalsafya, ham tshdny, 7al qathyat ilro7 wiljasad 7ag mo96afa ma7mod,

a7b ilqathya il3ilmya wilfi6ra ilman6qya fei ilnqashat,

anyway, so yea these are a few, 3moman, this inspired me to write a new post,
thank u sis

Squirreliya said...

oh loved the word :p

mm.. a good conversation regarding the topic itself will shisma, do the job i mean :p

Livingmylife said...

LOOL!! never thought of it that way ;p .. hmmm i realy dont know which topics .. maybe math? cuz i realy LOVE maths .. i can study maths all day .. hmm maybe .. i duno

and i know what u mean when u stop talking about a certain subjects cuz ppl dont know shit wesawoon roo7hom fahmeen! wkithir ma teshri7een mako fayda!


Fashionista said...

i second Miznah

Aurous said...

The problem with politics, or any other topic that challenges the mind, is that you can rarely find people who can appreciate it or understand it.

Personally, I like talking about philosophy... I find it very challenging :)

seriously2009 said...

Any sort of arguement in which I am winning.... that creates a mental orgasm =)

Âme said...

I can have a mental orgasm on almost anything.

Hail Google and common sense.

~ Soul

f7ee7eely said...

what happened to intellectualization???????

Arguements and brain stimulation is really wonderful if you r in the midst of the right people....

would love to elaborate more but gotta packkkkk leaving to DC for a month babbbbbbbbbbbby:P

Traveleer said...

I am ready for brain sex when you are. Condoms are on me