Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Viva Pessimism

Talk about a bitch of a year ely ma ter7am! You'd think its a bad year and its almost over and a new one is coming and hoping it'll be a blast.. But NOOOOOOOO FourMe Happy??! La may9eer! Shloon? FourMe happy?? HELL NO! Honestly I don't know etha ana mawlooda gobisa or am I just destined to have bad luck or am I just not allowed to be happy or yemkin elwanasa 7aram 3alay because I've used it all up in the past! Wala madrii bs its not right that I rarely get to be happy or smile its not fair! Even the simplest things I don't get to enjoy.. And pleeeease don't tell me I can change my luck and be happy because apparently I can't because it seems like I don't own my happiness and its in the hands of others! How sad is it that that other people have the ability to make you happy with one word and alter your life.. Feeling so helpless is killing me no its not only killing me its ripping me to pieces.. I need a wake up call to see that I'm a puppet that can't control her own life and is under the mercy of others..

Fuck my newly found optimistic outlook on life. Fuck my New Years resolution of being happy. Fuck trying to be happy. Fuck hope. Fuck every fucking thing I ever wanted. Fuck happiness. Fuck life. Fuck me for ever having hope that I can be happy..

And a Happy Fucking New Year to you ALL..


Anonymous said...

its not the new year yet. i think u should have saved this post till tomorrow.

FourMe said...

why is misery reserved for New years only? My dear I'm celebrating early.. Wanna join me?

chikapappi said...

another thing we share! lol sheers buddy, and I won't say take it easy or be positive because I kow it won't work, just hope for something good to happen for a change and *hugs*

S said...


I definitely agree with it being the worst yr ever.. bas yayna el khair inshala ;p it can only go upwards from now on..

nameless said...

yes, fuck "hope" .. fuck the future and fuck what it fucking hides, live ur day by every fucking second in it, and FUCK everyfuckingthing else ! .. happy fucked up new year with many more fucked up truths to laugh about, cheers!

Venus said...

first i wanna.....
LOL ^^
then; wallah , am suffering from having the bad luck! like whenever i be happy, i know there is somethin fuckin' bad is comin in the way
ur post; such a miserable start for a new fuckin year ^^, wallah sis,
just keep hoping :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

me no likey =(

S E 7 E N said...

welcome to my world

and also join the club .... admission is 3 and 1/2 KD life time membership

Livingmylife said...

you know wat ur new yrs resolution shud bee??

to be ur own controller!!! mino ohma they control ur feelings? THey make u HAPPY .. na3am 5air enshala? liesh te3tamdain 3alehom?? they can disappoint u . but i cant disappoint urself!!

9adgeeni u'l feel so liberated just thinking about it!!

Happy new yr to u too babe!

wtara el dinya matiswa .. atleast ur not in palestine getting Bombed! =)

i suggest u PARTY tmrw .. 6al3ay all the negative energy out!


shoosha said...

dont fuck my new year!! :@

Um Mit3ib said...


jooj said...

lol ahaneech w ma aloomch 3aala ur pessimism :P
happy fucking new yr to you too :*

Fashionista said...


your post and new year wishes reminded me of this:


check out 2:28

hope the clip cheers u up :*

moi said...

edenia mateswa, shofy 7al '3airish ra7 tgolin im blessed:P o 9eray nesra 3shan ma7ad controls u;p

This Lady said...

Misery loves company. May I join you?

Oranjina fadidra said...


Squirreliya said...


MacaholiQ8 said...

Whoa! So many F-words...

Mentos? :P

Âme said...

People tend to use the F word without having a sense of good expression.

It may be used rarely to express frustration like how FourMe does sometimes, and sometimes over uses it, like in this post..... but others.. sigh!!

Happiness is a state of mind.
You need to sort things out FourMe.

We all love you.
Feel loved.

We live for a minute and this relative thought of time, does change the attitude for every minute we spend.

Sorry for being away.
Had some important issues to attend to.

Next time, will not miss a post to comment.

~ Soul

PaLoMiNo said...

hey bnooota... shfeech!!!!!!!
shely mthygech???
o b3deeen why is ur happiness in the hands of others?? ma atfeq weyach hnee.. ur happiness is in ur own hands!!!
wel naas ele y7wloon yqn3oonch eb 3axs hal kalaam just kick them out of ur life... or at least keep them away... meno hal nakdeeya ele kalmteeha elyoom ele athraat feech chethe??
7ayaty momkin 6alab?
Smile :)
We'll go out to celebrate bacher together ;pPp

Miznah said...

as long as you expect.. you'll definitely be disappointed.

so STOP expecting anything from anyone.. life goes on smoothly..

p.s. you need a vacation,,


Soul said...


<-- my new year gift to u :*

Soul said...

ambaiiiiiiih gifty mo3awwaaaaaaaq!!


<-- my (NEW) new year gift to u ;p

desertpalms said...

habibi im nt gonna say cheer up because u'll only feel patronised...

but i will say that i sincerely hope that something will come along that will make you feel better, and that 2009 is a new start..

love you sis..fuck anyone that makes you feel like shit..

Soul said...

oooooooooooh! ham mo mathboooo6!!!


<--- 3alniii 3alniiii lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...





FourMe said...

To you all:
Thank you boys and girls :*

why is the kitty mo3awaqa?? :/ hehehe thanx babe its adorable I just hope its not zaytoona :p

Lili3 said...

and to you too ^_^

Soul said...

hey anonymous laish etgboog arnoobi =<

Soul said...

fourme hatha arnaaaab mo qa6oo ya 7athi ;p