Saturday, 27 December 2008

This & That

  • I'm dying of back pains.. Its not funny any more actually its a bit serious.. they say with any movement the lower part of my spine curves to the left causing me a lot of discomfort and pain :/ Solution you say? Well the only thing possible at this time is physiotherapy (NOOOO God why whyyyyyy physio!!!) I guess I'll be taking off my shirt again *cries*
  • Mali khilg I reply to comments.. I apologise I'm not being rude but sometimes I don't have the ability to concentrate and reply with a coherent comments to your comments.. seeeee I'm not making any sense..
  • I gained couple of kilos :D Actually since Sept. I gained 5 kilos *does a little happy dance*
  • 2008 is pissing off and 2009 is gracing us with her presence in couple of days.. hMmmm I hope its better than the arse of a 2008! Even though it was the saddest (I am not exaggerating) year of my life. I am still grateful that I lived through it to see it end.. My health went down the drain, I lost the love of my life, I became anti-social, my Pmdd became even worse than ever, I became careless, my temper hit sky high levels, and many more miserable things.. Yet I am very grateful for it because I finished my hell of a thesis and graduated with a strong GPA, Got back with the love of my freaking life after 10 months of heartbreak, emmm crap not much good happened in it did it :/ Any ways I am very grateful for 2008. Thank you 2008 for being a miserable Bitch that decided to treat me good only the last couple of months.. I wish you never return..
  • I don't believe in resolutions and all that crap but this year I have one, which is to be happy :D I will do everything in my power to be happy this year inshallaa.. I don't want anything else.. I don't have goals or targets all I have is that I want to remember it as a happy year inshalla..
  • I think it is time for F7ee7eely to open a Blog! Don't ya think?!
  • hMmm can't remember what else I wanted to say :/ I'll update when I remember..
  • I'm DYING yes D.Y.I.N.G. for this Canary (yellow) Diamond ring from De Beers that no one wants to buy me :( .. (cries.. and cries.. and CRIES some more) Come on its ONLY £46,000 :/
  • Be Happy.. Be Joyful.. Be Grateful.. Be Respectful.. Be Everything That You Wanted To Be.. And Never Become Someone That You Don't Want To Become!


FourMe said...

*Mokan ANONY piss oFF!*

desertpalms said...

why are you still up!

*dp asks herself why tha hell SHES still up when shes supposed to be going outt in couple hours (and gathering her strength
for the craaaazy mad shoppers im goingg to be PUSHING, KICKING AND PUNCHING AWAY FROM ME) looool

congrats on the weight gain my dear..i know hw hard it is for you so well donee =**

ow salamat sweetie..hope your pains reducee! =/

ONLY 46K huh..;p
Inshallah youll get it as an engagement ring very soon gooly ameeeeen =D

*2009- to a better year for you, for me, and for everbody*

Anonymous said...

be happy ;*** i wish you all the happiness in the world :D

o enshallah matshofeen shar

chethee 3ala yoom etnameen etgomeen chek bom wala ur completelyy healthyy la Pmdd la madre WALA SHAY .. chethy eb qudraak gader enshallah :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

happy dance?
wieght gain?
5 kilos?


f7ee7eely said...

and who in the right mind would read the BS I will write:P

zuz said...

ur happy becuz u gained 2 kilos?:'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( !!! , enshallah u get the very cheap ring;p,and enshallah ur pain e5ef;\\ o btw ur sooo funny when ur pissed off lool;*

Venus said...

hi sis,
wallah i hope that 2009 fills ur heart with all the joy & happiness,
wallah 7abeeby ma yeswa neza3el arwa7na 3 nas WUTEVER !!! @@
my worst years were 2008 & 2006
all the luck in the world is dedicated to u ^___^

Hasan.B said...

I miss reading this blog!

Fashionista said...

your 2009 resolution sums up the goal of my life

Hope all your dreams come true this year hun :*

ZoN said...

5 Kilos.. mashallah.. how did you do it?
whats the secret.. shino jadwal il akil malich :P

Miznah said...

ah,, ur in the phase of yellow.. I say go with a decent white one, it's timeless and u'll get a better deal for what ur paying..

Appy New Year ;)