Saturday, 13 December 2008

New Years Anyone?

So what's the plan?

Where will you be spending it and with whom?

As for mine it will probably be at home with the tv :/


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

walah i think 7atan e7na :/

last year we didnt even know it was new year ,, ma3ana kelna bel bahrain @@ o wesalna lelaat new year everyone thought ray7een to celebrate :/

Balqees said...


with me and myself :P LOL

Glitz said...

I'll be in London till the the 28th only, as i'll go back to spend new years' in big family party @ Bnaider :-D



Um-met3ib captured my heart said...

I am obsessed with um-met3ib
I stalk her blog and her comments.
I would not know what I would do without her.
She is the reason I keep on going.
She is my muse.
My love.
My forever.
She is a princess.
Will she be my date on New years?

- Kindly pass this on to her -

S E 7 E N said...

am going to Morocco :)

Aurous said...

at home or in the kolya's reading room studying for my exams :p

FourMe said...

crap that's not fun :/

hehehe ok that sounds dirty :p

sounds good enjoy.. min 9ejich ana ga3da a6ag6ig mn elbard mali khilg a3atib bara baab elbait.. its friggin freezing! :/

Um-mit3ibs Stalker:
a7ad galik/ch ana mersaal elgharaam?? anyhoos I can't stand in the way of love birds.. You're msg shall be passed over :)

very classy of you..

No dear that sounds depressing.. plz find a human being to celebrate it with and not a paperback :/

at least I have a tv with fake ppl on it :p

um-met3ib captured my heart said...

you are my own personal Kha6aba
Much appreciated Dear :-*

Ruby Woo said...

I don't know what I'll be doing this year :(

For the past 6-7 years, I've always had something to do for New Years. I've got nothing this year!!!

zwena said...

haw meta sertaw kha6aba @@ .. ana awlaa @@ .. im ir adopted child!! ana awlla :@ :P


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

probably at home catching up on my long lost sleep...just like the past 5 years =S

Oranjina fadidra said...

I'll update you incase something interesting came up

Livingmylife said...

Nothing Like a new yrs Party!

Um Mit3ib said...

elfares il molatham

ikshif 3an haweetik ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

Same here , but usually i go for dinner with mom and that's it !
Sounds desperate , eh?

Charmbracelet said...

I feel like partying!!! I wanna dance and go crazy!=p hehe..i think one of my friends is making one !=D woho=p

J o u J a™ said...

lool ..
exactly like you .. bs maybe blogging not tv .. heff malal .. i wanna do something :( :( :(

Soul said...

I'll be here chatting with u, zwena and anonymous on msn!


nameless said...

new years mayghashmir 3indy, aqwaa shalaaih ma3a a7la rabii3 ;p

miss-informed said...

Wud be nice to travel but most probably shallaih :/

Traveleer said...

2 words... Word/excel...excel/word :) I usually don't go out on new years eve

Ansam said...

home with family... big chance will have a party since my sister's birthday is on 31st Dec

eshda3wa said...

i never have plans

maybe if my friend decides to have a gathering eb baittha

bs its gna be mu7aram so no partying for me

shoosha said...

barkaab horsey 3al ba7ar wayeelich :D

Fastidious Babe said...

probably dinner with the girls, fireworks later.. not sure yet!

Gee said...

at home too bs ana with my laptop :p

anamethystworld said...

With the husband, of course, but I'm partying the day after;)

FourMe said...

Um-mi3ibs Stalker:
No honey I ain't no ones kha6aba..

There is still time to plan something..

ma7ad kha6abaat a7ad :/

now that's sad! at least stay up :S

Oran fad:
lets hope the update comes before the actual newyear..

take me with you..

sheftay gam tftar methil elmaynoon ety7acha 3an jamalich w dalalich :p

not anymore desperate than the rest of us..

me toooooooooooo!

FourMe said...

la la ana awnas I get to see ppl dancing around on tv its more fun :p

sounds like a plan!

what do you boys do in shaleeh on newyears??

yes travelling sounds like a good thing :/

al7een 6ol esena matba6il elword wil excel! ela newyears y7la eshoghol :p

oh my uncles bday is on new years as well.. he's still annoyed that my granny gave birth to him an hour before newyears :p

:/ gathering bs etjabloon? well I guess something better than nothing..

i'm thinking of getting you a pony..

sounds nice..

inzain mo a7sen if u and jouja etjabloon with ur laptops ? at least you'll have company!

awww bless how cute!

atoona said...

to me, its not that big of a deal to add a new digit to the year..
but sentences like "oh, the last time i had a shower was last year" do muse me, lol

no partying 4 me, i'll be on my way back to uk ready to hit the books, i hope.

Fashionista said...

sleeping most likely

i never understood the point of celebrating new year's

so what are your resolutions?

Zaina said...

basically nothing:/ I want to PARTYYY!

Manal said...

am waiting to take some pictures of the fierworks by the Londodn eye

Anonymous said...

For the first time, i might be partying bil deera lol
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for that ..
I've always loved new year's bil shalaih.. people are always happy, it's cold! and we get to bbq in the beautiful weather.. and stay outdoors, unlike the qamta bil deera..
I believe it's just another thing to look forward too.. that always gives me some positive energy..
I've only come up with one resolution till now lol..


Cooookies said...

ill wait n see

Yara said...

I'm invited to a wedding that day.. i might leave early though and be with family bil shalaih :)

This Lady said...

Nothing 6ab3an. Unless you want to invite me on an all-expenses paid trip to London?