Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mali Khilg..


FourMe said...

*Reserved for An0ny*

Soul said...

*kicks fourme's blog header*


and chat box!

Hasan.B said...

Wela. I have the man's flu just few days before my exams and joining you in london. I want my 3edeya btw.

Aurous said...

It's the "mali 5elg" virus..

it's been hovering around us for over a month now :p

hope you feel better soon :)

anamethystworld said...

Wala ana;\

..::Amu::.. said...

I am at work *no comments*

zwena said...

waaaaaaaaaay 9arlena alf malyoon sena refreshing the page :@ bs ashwa it's reserved :p

J o u J a™ said...

wallllah ana b3d :@

Anonymous said...

abi afham ur blog 3ala ay tawqeet??

i checked it around 4 madre 5 am 3endena makan fe shay @@

*etke7* shakli bastamreth :\

AYYYY !! Soul laish etshawteen :@.. its not a chat box its my playground :@

*etkee7 ka77a shadeeda*

Anonymous said...

kashkhaaa yen7ejezli mokaan e7em e7em

Anonymous said...

Hasan.B unless i get a 3eedeya u wont be getting one

Anonymous said...

there should be a pill to get some khilg :/

Squirreliya - malha khilg et7e6 her nickname w pass *kal 3ada*

ZuZu said...

Me 2 ;/

Âme said...

Floxacin - 1 tablet every 8 hours
Imodium - 2 tablets every 8 hours

Continue the course for 3 days and you are out of flu and loose motions.

Try not to eat anything heavy.
Stick with buttermilk, boiled smashed potatoes, boiled rice.

Drink lots of fluids.
Avoid orange juice.

Electral Oral powder will prove very helpful when dehydrated and weak.

~ Soul

Soul said...

*drills 20 holes on that ugly kid face eli bel photo*

I hate her she's a BITCH!!!

*stabs her in the ass 10 times then hangs her by her tongue and make zaytoon pee on her ugly face*

desertpalms said...

do something interesting

go see a west end musical
go to new resto
go shooooopping
rent a dvd and have ur girls over
EAT chocolaaaate
read a good book
prank call someone you dont like ;p
Sing real loud along to a song you like


SOul- LOOOL i was going to saay that the girl in the pic looks like some ugly fat mean english girl at my primary school who used to bully everyone hahahahha

sooo im with you!!

Ruby Woo said...

Zooray my blog o bikoon lich khilg ;p

ZaMaHReeR said...

laish laish laish
sho baki? laish malich khilq ha laish ha??
tell me

Anonymous said...


zaytoon peeing on her face is mean !!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY the pic is baack !! aywaa tawni ashofha :P

S E 7 E N said...

She look like a person i know mino yarabi mino yabii .... .... shoot it slipped my mind i tell u when i remember

Soul said...

DP, LOOOOOOOOl yeah mal kaaaf 3la ras-haaa maleeqaaaa! she reminds me of khwaneeta!! bent Gabi fi desperate houswives season 5.

noneee, testahel akthar men chetheeee ma7ebhaaaaa :< ee the pic is back for u ;p

FourMe said...

eshfeeeeeeeeech shalakhtay elfarkha shfeech shfeech 3alaiha?!?

and leave my header alone laa amrghdich ehny!

salaaamt matshoof shar .. Neurofen Cold & Flu w eg6aa3.. btw btw ana ely abi 3ediyaa mo ent..

cheers hun.. I know everyone has bee hibernating.. I think its the cold weather :/ well on my end anyway..

you can join my club..

dude its 3eed?!

sorry ma7jooz bs 7ag anony :p

seems like everyone is:/

Soul said...

amrghdich!!!! u mean amrdeqich?


FourMe said...

hathy 3ediytich :*

btw blog is on GMT ya3ni london time.. 4 3indy ya3ni 7 3indich.. salmat omi matshofeen shar :*

ee wala we need some khilg :/

me ten :/

you forgot the chicken soup..

shopping ..check
I don't sing
I don't do pranks
and I've been to so many resto's that I can't stand eating out anymore..Oh and I'm going through a phase where I can't be bothered with anyone.. *Hugs*

You really reaaaaalllllly made my day :**

wala madri honestly I think its the freezing cold weather eyeeb elghamit :/

and who might that be?

FourMe said...

ee nesait ablaat 3arabi.. zain miny ga3da ashoof.. madri esh7adny madri laish maroo7 akhamid :/

Manal said...

I did like the pic