Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bush Elgazma Edarab Eb Gazmaa :)

This is by FAR the best thing that has happened to BUSH in his 8 years presidency!! The Shoe Thrower is a damn HERO w arjaal rayal shefta eb 7ayaaaaty!! Hell they should make HIM president of the world seeing he's a man that fears NO ONE including the most powerful man in the world!! Today should be declared a public holiday! Shoe Throwing Holiday :D

I leave you with a great moment in history :)

Iraqi Journalist Throws a SHOE at President Bush!

Wala hal 9a7afy 3ala rasi.. Teslam eedik :*


FourMe said...

*Reserved for AnOnY*

cruxine said...

3adellllll! :D

Manal said...

What to say

this is what he brought to him-self

Hasan.B said...

Ana agol the shoe thrower erou7 emot a7sanla. Law mu bush chan that person would not have been a journalist in the first place. Bush liberated Iraq from a stupid ignorant person. He deserves flowers from the iraqis not shoes! But what would you expect from a "journalist" like him!

And I leave you with this comment from Bu jaij on ma6goog's blog:

معلش...الطاغية صدام كان جدامكم يتمختر فوق الثلاثين سنة و لا واحد منكم (تجرأ) و حذف (قندرة) عليه ...بس إشتغلتوا عليه هوسات و ورد


لأن (بوش) يملك من الرقى و الأخلاق ما يمنعه من معاقبة حاذف الجوتى بالطرق العربية (المعتادة)...و سيعتبر ما حدث طريقة - مبتكرة - للتعبير عن الراى

و سيطالب الحكومة العراقية بحسن معاملة الصحفى بو جوتى طائر و عدم تغليظ العقوبة عليه

متخلفين يا عرب و ستظلون متخلفين

Zaina said...

he doesn't deserve to be thrown at with shoes ..
7araam, .. laa wilmushkila he doesn't even care. he was joking afterwards... ;p

FourMe said...

its even better on slow motion :p

well said!

You gotta be joking!!

"Law mu bush chan that person would not have been a journalist in the first place" No No mate you gotta be joking!! Ay journalism ay 3amat 3ain? What freedom did he exactly give them? Since 2003 up to know its between 400,000 to a million deaths as a result of the smart ass's move! Is that the price tag for freedom and journalism??

You know what's worse is that Arabs themselves believe Bush is a good guy when his OWN people call him a dumb ass!!

1. Bush did not respect Iraq's sovereignty as a country.
2. He advanced into a country when his help was NOT asked for.
3. He HIMSELF admitted he was WRONG to go into Iraq.
4. He did not respect the United Nations decisions or any other country in the world!

Afghanistan and Iraq were kabsh elfedaa for September 11. He needed to stir things up to divert peoples attention from his lack of ability to rule his country.

Don't get me wrong Saddam deserved to be hit with a shoe and removed but definitely not by Bush. As for the comment from that gentleman you quoted he should go and have a look at Guantanamo Bay and see how people are treated there ba3dain eyt7acha w ygool 'rqey w akhlaaq' bush!!

you're right he doesn't deserve to be thrown with a shoe he deserves to be smacked across the face with a shoe!

Let him joke as much as he wants he will always be known as the President that was hit with a shoe :)

Cloudy Stars said...

maskeen :/

S E 7 E N said...

will they sell his shoes on eBay ?

Soul said...


ay liberation Iraq ay ba6eee5!!!
o ay ta5alof tet7achoon 3anna!!! I have relatives in Iraq makleeen 5araaa eb sebat Bush o khametta! Iraqi women are being raped by those mother fuckers, people are being killed and tortured!!

ok I know Saddam ham ma qa99ar! bas shelfayda 9adam eyroo7 o eyey bedala 9adam thani! o el wath3 nafs ma ohwa ma ta`3ayyar!

Bush o rab3a a5bath men ma tet9aweroon! bas entaw m3a el asaf el Media emsawyatlkom `3aseel mokh, bas et9adgoon elli ye6la3 bel a5bar o et9adgoon kalam Bushooo! latshofoon el `6aher!! ma khofeya kan a3tham!

etha entaw meqtan3een enna America tabi el salaaam bel Iraq ey3em 3shan el 5air o 3ashan ma9la7at el sha3b el Iraqi faaa ohma enja7aw lelasaf eb `3aseel m5oo5kom!

5al ey9eer 3endokom nathra b3eeda lel omooooor! be smart plz.. and know ur friends men ur enemies, o SCREW BUSH.

Traveleer said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Bush! That's what his 8 year tenure came down to.. a shoe in the face.

Al-Baghdadiya, the station this journalist works for, is demanding his immediate release since shoe throwing is an act of free speech. lol

ZaMaHReeR said...

that wasnt heroic it was stupid.. i disagree with u on this matter fourme.

Ansam said...

LOL but thats one flexible president.. gotta admit that! He missed him twice

f7ee7eely said...

when I first saw it on the news I instantly remembered the play chicago .. " he had it coming, he had it coming all along.." LOL

nameless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nameless said...

"كما تكونوا يولى عليكم .. "

law rathyein b9adam ashraflhom.

bas then again ohma maghair kanaw yt7al6mon 3ala 9adam, ma galaw 7ag a7ad ta3al sheila.

.. ya3ny 7athrat janab bush law maytlaigaf o ydakhil 3i9a bkil sgheira o chbeira chan e7na bkhair.

9ar Dr.Phil o ga3ad! e mo ent shako 9ar tharb wila thab7 bainhom, dera o laha 7akmha o laha nas'ha, ENT SHAKO? ..

law feik khair 7arat ildawla ilshyo3ya ely yamik! ildawla ely farsh'ha o diktor'ha ma3ashat'hom 250fils bilshahar! .. yes im talking about Cuba!

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

As much as I dislike Bush and disapprove of him, I thought that this was by far the most vulgar action I have ever seen. How would someone throw a shoe at anyone, let alone a president! There are other ways of getting your voice heard, and to gain respect you have first to be respectful.

The notion does not show Bush as a bad person at all. In fact, I respect him after hearing of the incident more than I ever did in the past 6 year.

I think this event would render us even more demeaned by the rest of the would. It reflects poor breeding and no self-respect. I mean, to see such an action from a journalist would only make you wonder what a garbageman would do. Can you imagine what this journalist would do to his kids when they misbehave?!

I am shocked and mortified!

shoosha said...

madry laish i found it very entertaining.. VERY!!

ekmakhaa bil jooti!!! qawy ya3ni!

oo il sayed Bush maa 3a9ab wala shay laaa ebosem oo far7an ib 3omra ;p maketh-ha ib roo7 reyatheeya

Hasan.B said...

Iraq was liberated and thats what the people of iraq said and wanted. Are you telling that the people of iraq did not want saddam to be thrown? And please do not tell me yes but they wanted to do that by themselves, cause we all know they tried and failed.

Iraqis can now say what they want and freely. Yes there are a lot of problems, but many come from other countries that open their borders and allow terrorist to go in and blow up the whole country killing innocent people.

Are you telling me that its better if iraq is under sadam at the moment?

Bush never admitted he was wrong for going to war! He said he regrets not finding the weapons and the failure of his spying agency.

Elmeshkila fena ena nemda7 o bes. The journalist ele 6ay7a fe temede7, e6eb fech o eb dertech lail o nahar 3la his channel!! What he did is a disgrace to all of the journalists, its not humane and it sends a bad message of how we deal with stuff.

O soul shfech dashaina fena shra3 o medaf. We watch the tv and the news, and no mo emghasal mokhna. Tra you remind me of somthing; when the americans liberated our country arabic people said exactly the same thing your saying now.

Shdaklhal il rape? Rape used to happen under saddam and no one would dare speak out. Now, even if it happens (sijin abu ghraib) people get blamed, and justice takes place.

Everyone can say I have relatives and they are in hell. I am not saying your lying but many iraqis see it differently. I know iraqis that are very happy that sadam is no longer there. They know its very hard now, but they will have to work harder.

Iraqis lived in the dark for more than thirty years!! Let them breathe and I am positive it will be one of the best countries in the region

P.S fourme and soul, ma nabe za3al, neqash seyase hatha:P

..::Amu::.. said...

eshda3waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all u guys want is reserve a place for her :D

Anonymous said...

mali bel seyasa bs its nice to see my place reserved :D

amu laish me7tar?? :P

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!

FourMe you just made my day :****

Hasan.B .. my father agrees with you :D :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

he's got alot of guts, i'll give him that much! ;Pp

Anonymous said...

sham3at al jillas: well said! That was the first thing I thought of.. As much as I dislike Bush and his ideas, what happened made all of us look really bad.. Ya3ni nagseen i7na? In3adil winsani3 winfahim meno wela meno.. We all know that what the reporter did wouldnt get him or us anywhere.. La 3aib, one's actions shows one's mentality.. Unfortunately many ppl judge then generalize, wil bagy yakloonha.
Mathalan, 7athf el 3gal, wela ilkalam el7elo ili nisma3a bil majlis likwaiti ili il mafrooth imathil likwaityeen, on international news,jidam inas, mayfashil? Sij gasat wayh!
Do u blame ppl for thinking we live in tents? We might as well have camels for pets too..


Anonymous said...

shqa9dich ya3ni shqa9dich el 1st comment reserved for anony tabeeni ya3ni aseer el 1st?? :( *gimna enghar minich ya anony ba3d ma konna a97aaaab*

as for the video, LOOOOOL mawatny thi7ek w 7ada 3ajabny eli 7athfa ya7laila saree3 :p


Homers Secret Mistress said...

He had it coming!

Gee said...

ma swat 3leeh walla .. tahaza2 :p

hatha o oho ma 7asha o chthi loya
3yal lo 7aysha ? chan sh9ar :p

ytarawali el sena el yaya be7e6ona fe "7adath fe methl hatha el youm"

This Lady said...

I think it's rude. No matter what his views are, throwing a shoe is an act of vulgarity and stupidity.

Oh, and while the "War" did not turn out as planned, let's not forget that we Kuwaitis were soooo happy when it first started and Iraq was 'liberated'..

And Hasan.B is absolutely right. If Saddam was still there, he wouldn't be alive to see himself throw the second shoe!

Um Mit3ib said...


Soul said...


how many Iraqies u know? 4? 6? ok 10?

I know Families! and some of them escaped and living here with us in kuwait.. ana ma dafa3t 3an 9adam ok! bas the situation is THE SAME! sha3b el 3raq still living in HELL!!

and NO ana moga3da at7acha 3an obo ghreb! ana ga3da atkalam 3an el share3 el Iraqi o sheno ga3ed ey9eer bel cities men el American Soldiers!

enta bas eqne3ni enna el kofar mo a3da2na! o enhom yaboon ma9la7atna! o malhom ma9ale7 ABADAN la bel Iraq wla bel middle east, o they care about us o our peace! o enna allah sb7ana o rasoola 3laih el 9alat wel salam 7athoona enna en7e6 eedna beed el kofar then,theek el sa3a I'll agree with u.

mestanseen laish 7areraw el Iraq men 9adam??? WAINHOM 3an falas6eeeen elli 9arlaha more than 50 years eb 7arb m3a el yahoood el zionists rabe3hom! dam emsaween roo7hom esket!!

do5ool America lel middle east o bel ta7deed el Arabian Gulf sababa wathe7 lel3ayaaaan! bas as I said earlier no one can see men wara el setara m3a el asaf.

p.s hasan looool red efta7 ur blog o ma nez3al ;p

Hasan.B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hasan.B said...

Soul; awal shay 3la ay asas you assumed ina I know 10 bes? I might even know more than you. And at the end its not important mino fena e3rf akthar, cause statistics speak for themselves. And believe me when I say that the statistics are by my side. Most iraqis are happy they voted for the first. No country in the region at the moment has the same freedom as iraq, maybe only israel! Please answer the following; do you think the iraqis did not want the americans to free them from sadam? If not, then what do you think they wanted?? y3ni they did not want sadam bes ma yabon a7ad esa3edum?? And do you think kuwait is not more stable without saddam? Cause when iraq was liberated the economy was booming in kuwait!

O eshdakhal il kafara o ma3raf aish!? Uba kil dawla etdawer masla7t`ha ma gelna shay. Tekfa khal ensawe moqarana bain "il3alam il eslami" 3la goltech o america? Where is the freedom of speech? 3ndena wela 3ndehum? where is the democracy 3ndena wela 3ndehum? Who respects human rights e7na wela ohma??? Tra ele 7arar il bosna (muslimen btw) are the americans, 3la fikra y3ni. El kofar ele tetkalemain 3nhum malyon mara abrak men the leaders of the so called muslim world. Inshala bes ma taben destorna yetghayar weser eslami!?

What does falas6en have to do with it? E7na shako fehum. 7alhum 7al sadam lama wegaf thedna. And do not tell me it was arafat, no the whole people of palestine were against us. Get out of the box, and stop believing that we have to liberate palestine?! Israel are a country recognized by the united nations (that fourme used against bush when liberating iraq) and we used to librate our country. La nakheth shwey wenkhale shay, and kuwait will soon recognize the existence of israel.

O tra ele dakhal el amrecan il gulf e7na il q8en!! I hope you were not against them liberating us b3d?!! Tra bin ladin kan yabe e7arirna( A known fact), but we chose the americans? Would you have chosen the muslim over the kafir?! I wonder....

p.s Fourme nazle post yeded weli e3afech:P

Soul said...

u will keep talking o mara7 en5ale9.. so just wait and see, el ayam kafeela enha etbayyen ay wejhat nathar ehya elli 9a7!

hathi seyasaaat ba3eedat el mada ohma lehom nathra `3air 3an nathretek! enta al7een bas etshoof el salaaam wel ejabiyat malat-hom! ma tadree she7afroon men ta7at!

wella chan el rasool ma 7arabhom.

a3da2na men 3omor o beytmoon a3da2na laih ma allah yareth el arth o man 3alaiha.. PERIOD.

Hasan.B said...

Enti 7adich fahma el eslam ghala6, eshdakhal elrasol 7arabhum! Aslan makansh fe amreka. O hathailak kofar o hathaila na9ara. Qesa 6ewela. Anyways, Time will tell, o elkhasran ya3zem elthane 3la ferej bu 9waile7, tawne asma3 fe o dash eb rase, deal:P?

Hasan.B said...

O b3dain laish ma jawabtay 3la my questions ha? Yala wafqay 3l deal khal askit. Elmeshkila ena bacher 3nde two exams wana ga3d ehne:P

Soul said...

kollo same same!

o 9a7 time will tell!!

deal! el 5asran ya3zem el thani 3la 9waile7 o ras sheesha looool ;p j/k

lay6oofek marqooqhom+emmawash+qaboo6+machboos deyay! awaileeeeeeeeeeeee

Soul said...

ay questions!!! loooooooool

etha bared 3la question question mara7 tadres!! ana b3ad 3endi emte7an bacher el arbe3a o ga3da atkalam seyasa hnee! elli ana mo thaak el zood anaqesh seyasiyan ta7achiat hnee! 3shan bas et3aref enni waaaaaaayed a7eb adres ;p

Hasan.B said...

Ana awal mara asma3 fe halyoumain!! Sij its that good?! Ana wasel ilyem3a ilseb7 nshala, yani walhan 3la lemmawash wel machbos, ba6leb kilshay wagis 3la ro7i y3ni sharing! mane metrayeg youmha

Soul said...

bel 3afya moqaddaman.. tegdar ta6leb home delivery b3ad. o goolohom la yensoon el achar wel ma3booch!

FourMe said...

there is no way in hell I'm reading what you 2 (soul & hasan) wrote! maaaali khilg... I'll take on a political debate anytime but 7azat el7aza mo w eho chethy almost done :/

ok yemkin etha t3dal mazaji I'll catch up on the reading..

p.s. Hasan this is politics honey mako hard feelings 3ady 3ady akhir eldiscussion soul etsheel elkersy w taksira 3ala thahrik :p kilish no hard feelings don't worry :)

desertpalms said...

i was gonnaa write a looong comment bas im kinda jetlagged nd sleepyy soo ALL IM GONNA SAY IS:


ow bas khalas =D