Friday, 5 December 2008

All In ONE Woman!




Two Faced..



and Powerful..I love being a WOMAN..

Show me ONE man that can be half what a woman is!


S E 7 E N said...



jesterat314 said...

bedeena inghale6

Nemo said...

like the pictures :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mako ;Pp

la half wla quarter ba3ad ;)

fourme RCOKS!

anamethystworld said...

My favorite post on your blog is offiically this one!;D

MeeMzZ said...

loool i love being a woman too!!

women rock!!

Cooookies said...

laa tara men arent bad either .. we need someone to carry all those shopping bags no?;*

..::Amu::.. said...

ha ha ha!!!

hun we are alot more than what you are..dont even go there ;p

Âme said...

I agree.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

the 3 boobs are freaky! :P

desertpalms said...

ahaam shy the nipple/boob grabbing looooooooooool

FourMe said...

ya yaaaa dream on..

I haven't even started yet..

thank you dear..

heheh mako 7ata 0.00001% :p
No babe YOU ROCK!

amethyst the blushing bride:
hehe thanx 3aroosatna :*

Amen sister..

hahahhahahaaha ohh I missed that one :p Yes men are good for carrying bags :D

mate you're not even a quarter of us!

See boys all of you should just accept the fact and agree like this boy :p

taw enaas 7abeebat galbi ana agool comment bacher!
heheh and the boobies are freaky..

cuz we know where it hurts :P we go for the kill straight away ;)

The Stig said...

Women ???? What is a WOMEN ??? can i drive a women ???

Âme said...

This wisdom is in accepting the fact than trying in vain to guard a fragile ego.

Ultimately, we got to come face to face with the fact one day.

Females of human species are much developed than males, a scientific study reveals.

~ Soul

انت تسال والكمبيوتر يجيب said...


تحيه طيبه
ندعوك للمشاركه فى برنامجنا الأذاعى عن النت والمدونات من الأذاعه الرئيسيه لمصر اى اذاعة البرنامج العام وهو يذاع يوميا التاسعه وعشر دقائق صباحا عدا الجمعه وبموقعنا رابط بالضغط عليه والأتنتظار قليلا وقت أذاعة البرنامج يمكنك الأستماع الينا
ندعوك لزيارة مدونتنا والتعليق على ما نطرحه من موضوعات وهذه التعليقات تذاع باسماء اصحابها فى حلقات برنامجنا
وموقعنا باللغه الأنجليزيه

Ruby Woo said...

So true, but nontheless, I would much rather be a MAN in this country (kuwait) than a women!

Cuz lil asaf, it's so hard being a woman where everything is mamnoo3 7agna and everything is OK for them.

ZaMaHReeR said...

i will give u the "two faced" thats right.. bs still we are better.. WE RULE

Yara said...

aywa aywaaa way to go Fourme !! :))

TOOTA said...

proud to be a woman!! women are stronger then men!!;p

eshda3wa said...

to all my ladies

*lifts up her bra in triumph*

Ms Loala said...

And they can bear lives inside of them while men can't even survive a flu.

Oranjina fadidra said...
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Errant said...

he he he .. ;)

pictures were so expressive

Vixen said...

i love women too!

i mean being one : p

outrageous said...

now bowing us and warning us not to go there is all what u have to say for ur defense i think u should try harder ... then again no u don't have to even try cause simply ur men here ,men don't try they just get what they want ...

for me i think we are both equal but women in Kuwait ROCK cause we have to try harder than u all men just to be at least 10 % equal , but i still believe there are great men out there but i don't know where they are in Kuwait

Ms. D said...

shoes um panty leopard shagagy! Aby mina!

I want her shoes!

Fi one category u missed, ala wehwa shoe fanatics :p

plastic said...

I love women but i hate them too . Indecisive bitches .

Soul said...

I love men but i hate them too. sick fuck bastards.

Soul said...


desertpalms said...

3eeedich mbarak ya FourMeee! =D

Aurous said...

Women ROCK :D

& 3edch embarak :)

nameless said...


Ghadoor said...

ana ash.had :p