Saturday, 27 December 2008

7asby Allah w Ni3ma Elwakeel

Switch on the news and see the hundreds being massacred in Palestine THIS minute!!

Tel Aviv official says this is "just the beginning"

I shall spare you the gruesome images!!

click on the link and read the story.. And if you believe these people deserved to be killed like this then you are a cold hearted son of a bitch!!

7asby Allah W Ni3ma Elwakeel


desertpalms said...

iknow, its fucked up world..

all we can do is keep them in our prayers

Aurous said...

allah ysa3edhom!!

7asby allah w ni3ma elwakeel

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

what was more disturbing were some of the comments on that article...

where have people's hearts gone?

fuckin politics =S

7asby allah wan3ma alwakeel...allah e3eenhom =S

nameless said...

3asa bas hatha maykon 7alna bhal deira ba3ad cham sina, .

3asalh ya9li7 il7al enshalh

zwena said...

7asbee alaah wane3ma alwakeeel

Squirreliya said...

whenever i hear the news eyeeni sh3oor ena yoom elqeyama wayid greeb.. w akhtere3 ;/

Allahuma en9ir el islam wel muslimeen fe kil mukan, ameen

Fastidious Babe said...

alla y3eenhm..

i cant blv they are justifying it. as always. 7asby alla 3alaihm

PaLoMiNo said...

allah eykoon eb 3oonhom :(

Ansam said...

this is sad :-(

Diablo said...

Believe me .. lo kan fee shay fi3li tigdar idowal il 3arabiya tsaweeh 3ashan tdaafi3 3an hadawla by FORCE .. they wouldve done it .. bas every country is worried about their own .. that they might get attacked like them if they did something .. ma3ana isra2el yabeeelha hajma jama3iya 3ashan y6ashroonhom .. bas mino bisaweeha hathy ??...

The whole world would be affraid is a strong islamic union is achieved .. bas i7na 5al n7il mashakilna wiya ba3ath awal ...

ala y3eeen those who are paying the price ...

A Journal Entry said...

allah ekoon eb 3oonhum.. il mushkila tism3een il 7achy illy egoloona il yahood oo etmooteen min il 7arrah.. i hope that foreign tv new are broadcasting this..

Venus said...

those bastards!!!!
not even to mention, wut is going on in Holand!! they wanna produce a movie abt the wives of the proohet Mohammed peace be upon him,
allah yent8em mnhum.

أحمد الحيدر said...

7asbona allah wa ne3ma elwakel ..

if u have any westren friends plz send pictures to them .. they don't know any thing !!

f7ee7eely said...

شوفي يا سيدتي الفاضلة ---

آنا ما أتمنى الشر لعدويني الفلسطينيين وغيرهم لكن بنفس الوقت أعترفلج إنهم ماحركوا فيني لو هي شعرة وحدة --- إذا نسيتي يوم الغزو وشلون كانوا يرقصون رجاجيل وحريم وشياب وجهال مستانسين آنا أذكرج وإذا نسيتي كلاب فتح وحماس شسووا بالكويتيين والكويتييات آنا مستعد أذكرج لااا وأعطيج أسامي بعد

فالأجابة لأ ماحركوا فيني شعره بس ما أبي أقول عساهم من هالحال وأردا أقول لله في خلقة شؤون

that makes me a cold hearted guy but I aint no son of a bitch


Miznah said...

I second f7ee7eely

ZoN said...

FourMe esmi7ely arid 3ala one of the comments

Me too i dont stand Palestinian and Iraqis but if we stopped and wished them the worst on this earth, that will make us cold hearted w ra7 en9er mithilhom.
Ena allah ghaforon ra7em ya akhi.. allah amar bil ra7ma w they still muslims w min wajibna ena endafe3 3anhom 7ata law ohma kanaw a3da2na.. laish ma enqabil elesa2a bil e7san, wil eslam yad3o ela hal shay.. lets get over our past w en9er a7san minhom.. true that alot of ppl hate us kuwiaties bs laish ma netrafa3 3anhom w en9er a7san minhom?

f7ee7eely said...

يا أخي مااا حنااا أبخص من الله فيهم وهم بلاهم بينهم وبين بعضهم وإذا متحمس لهم شيل سلاحك وروح حارب وياهم وانشالله الله يكتبلك الحور العين والسبعين عذرا بالجنة

وعلى فكرة آنا ماتمنى هالشي لأي أحد

صدام مسلم؟

I rest my case....

أحمد الحيدر said...

we should try to stop it :(

yes we can try :(

FourMe said...

3omrhom ma ra7 ey7arkoon feek ay masha3ir dam enik shayil eb galbik karaheya w 7iqd mn etjahom.. Forgive me for this but You're blinded with hate.. and as long as we have people who feel that way 3omrna ma ra7 enshoof elPeace wla enshim re7ta!

Ok etha ent tgool shloon tensa shino sawaw.. eshdarak hathol ely mataw nafs'hom ehom ely kanaw mestanseen ayam elghazo?? a 2 year old baby matwqa3 kan mawjood gabil 19 years? wila ana ghal6ana!!

Yakhy Hitler dash 3al no9 Europe w al7een Germany is one of the best countries in Europe that is loved and respected by all! The difference bain elajanib w baina e7na el3arab is that they understand the difference between a dictatorship regime and the people, they can differentiate that the government is not the people and it does not represent them..

فالأجابة لأ ماحركوا فيني شعره بس ما أبي أقول عساهم من هالحال وأردا أقول لله في خلقة شؤون
as for this you're saying they deserve it w Alah sob7ana w t3ala ey3arf mino ey3aqib.. 3ayal ma3naat kalamik Kuwait deserved elghazoo cuz kan 3qab min Alaah??!

Ma7ad galik forgive Saddam because he MADE the decision to kill millions as Hitler did w ma7ad galik forgive those 2 but you can't blame the whole of Iraq and Germany for the actions of 2 people?!

O ba3dain la7tha ka Kuwait supported and financed Saddam for 8 Years during the war with Iran! Mashoof iran 9arat dam ethroos'ha elkuwait!! Kaa half of Kuwait is originally from Iran so shysawoon el Iranians eytbroon min ahalhom ely in Kuwait??

Ako shay esma ra7ma w hathy tanzil mn rabik eb galb elensan malaha shoghol eb wars wla past wla future.. when you see another HUMAN BEING ga3id ynqtil bdoon sebaab tgool 7aram! Wallah w wallah lo ena the situation was reversed and that was happening to the Israeli's I would of said the same thing! Because A human being is not tagged by his nationality he is made from flesh and blood that no one in this world has the right to kill accept Allah Sob7ana w Ta3alaa..