Sunday, 21 December 2008

365 Days of Bitching!!

Like I said in my first post I Love My Attitude Problem!!

Its been ONE year exactly!! Damn that went by fast actually too fast :/ This year has been a roller-coaster year a minute I'm up and 10 months I'm down.. The only thing that made this year less difficult from soulmate to thesis to pmdd'ing was this blog and you lovely bloggers! Some its been an absolute pleasure to know while others need a punch in the face but over all I couldn't be more thankful to have such a screwed up bunch of readers :*

You have made my year more bearable,
Very Much Appreciated :*



Anonymous said...

ser 7ubee fek qameth ;**

FourMe said...

Happy One year old bloggy :**

Anonymous said...

*ta9feeg 7aar*

walla marat sena?? chena ams tawni agra ur blog ;p ana masarli sena bs ya3ni :P

wala el wagt yarketh :P

allah ay36ena 6ulat el 3umer o enshofa ykamelel senteen o enshofech 3arooos :D

Anonymous said...

eee sa7 happy 1yr old :D

*talbes kaboos el e7tefaal o tenfakh bel safaraa* 6o0o0o6 6o0o0o06

Anonymous said...

yabeela Soul etshafe6 o etsawe khamsaata :P

zwena said...

al7eeen anaa ata3eb 3omre ow raktha asawelich comment la et9eer fech panic attack ow etsaween my comment delete :I ,, e wallah machena sena Happy blog birthday ;***

Anonymous said...

cause ana saweet !! shasawe 3 times y3aleg !! wala wegaf galbee 7abat al7een y3aleg .. bs ashwa i made it on time :D

ya5te 3ala hal blog .. 3unf yarabe :P

Um Mit3ib said...

afa 3alaich bs

desertpalms said...

haaaappy bday lil blog!! =D

nice to be known as someone thats screwed up!hehehe mashkoora w ma qasrty lool

lemme know which ones u wana punch, and i'll sort em out for you..PHIL MITCHELL STYLE BABBYYY (hopefuly it doesnt include me ;p )

<3 <3 <3

Oranjina fadidra said...

Happy Blogger Day!

S E 7 E N said...

happy veterans day :)

libero anima said...

wish you all the best in the future ! =)

Fashionista said...

I couldn't be more thankful to have such a screwed up bunch of readers :*

u deserve it babes :*

happy anniversary :)

A Journal Entry said...

happy birthdya blog!!
to many years to come ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

we love your attitude!! =D

happy anniversary! =)

Charmbracelet said...

I dont know when my blog's anniversary is !=|

Yara said...

Happy blog-birthday wish you many more! :)

Gee said...

marat sena .. 3la 7obena
thekra temor .. 6ol el 3umer

etha swaiti delete 7ag comment 3la hal ghneya ma7ad ra7 yeshrah 3laich :p

el mohem .. happy anniversary ;**

Glitter said...

Happy blogger/birthday/anniversary FourMeeeeeeee

hayya 7alan balan balan 7ayyo abol fa9aad, hey!

will look for that jumper for you, FourMe ;-)

Soul said...

kel 3am o your attitude eb khair :** wallah hal sena 3addat methl el barq !!

yekbar eb 3ezzech ;p

Soul said...

meno emsaweeelich el 9oora?

Anonymous said...

woow ..kel 3aam w enti w bloggich ib 1000 khaair ;*


..::Amu::.. said...

Happy one year :)

Fastidious Babe said...

time flies huh! happy first blog anniversary xx

Zabo0o6a said...


shoosha said...

did you just refer to me as a lovely blogger??

*ita7akak min il wanasaa.. mwahaha *

eshda3wa said...

7ayach allah

ta3alay kel yoom

happy blog birthday

FourMe said...

offf 7ada el wagt yarkith chena cham shahar mo sena! hehehe abi matching kaboos :*

heheh mara thanya la tasweenlaha comment! khaleha et9ee7 while she's last one to comment:p
thaank you honey :*

Merci 7ajeya..

woman have you NOT read the spill posts?! 90% of comments were screwed up.. hehehhe lovin the gangin up attitude! A true londoner you are ;)
cheers :*

oran fad:
thanx woman..

hahaha are you high :p

libero anima:
thank you dear :)

:P thanx babe :*

thaaank you babe

FourMe said...

love yours too!! thanx hun :*

just check your first post.. you probably posted the same day you opened the blog..

thaaank you dear :)

hhehehehehhehehehe la I'll leave it.. thanx dear :*

om lam3a:
hehehe 9ej bday mal one year old 3ala hal ghneya :p
thanx babe :)

wintaay eb khair 7ubbbbbi :** hehehe... I made the pic :D you like?

wintay eb khait babes :**

thanx mate :)

fasti babe:
ee wala it goes in a blink of an eye! thanx dear :)


in celebration of my blog I give you w mn tkbreen akhithlich oma :P

hahah cheers babe!

Anonymous said...


lah laah laah

ilsara7at testahleeen safgaa

*etsafeg eb 7araraaa*

7adha 3ajeeba !!.. elsara7a athbatay maharatech el faneya :D

f7ee7eely said...

I'm skrewed up alright.......BIG BIGGGGGG no one knows hehehe

I am trying to upload my first youtube video ever about a bunch of college students demonstarting in Sygmata Square in athens but to no avail...the christmas tree was surrounded by riot police to prevent the demonstartors from setting on fire like they did last week, so the fucked up students formed a human train and started to to circle the riot police whilst singing jingle bell jingle bell hehehehe

agool 7ag elle weyyay hedoooooooooooony heddoooooooooony baroo7 weyyahum bss makhaloony :P

f7ee7eely said...

btw this lebanese dude whom I took out with me for some nocternal adventures in Gazi ended up crying on my shoulder and thanking me for a night he wont happened to me twice since october...

f7ee7eely said...

madre esh'salfat'hum...ma33anna we didnt anything out of the ordinary...I think?!?!

Ruby Woo said...

What's wrong with the soulmate? I thought you guys were back together again?

365 Days of pure bliss while reading your beautiful posts.. be it angry, happy, funny, dramatic, I loved every word of them.

Kil 3aaam o Your Attitude ib khair ;**

Khayala said...

Happy 1st ;*

shoosha said...

hal e79aan illy yaybatli eyaaah ma egayesh ma3 maal my anoony ;*

shoosha said...

oh and that kiss wasn't for u... bas my anony ;p

ZaM said...

ee walah kil ma a7is ena widi at7al6am.. aye aqra ur post :P
ma nestaghneesh 3ano.. happy birsday to ur blog estatha fourme :D

Anonymous said...

OMG i was choosen over FourMe!


*does the victory dance*

:******* .. ( yala ta3alay adhan sha3rech)

bs 3ad el sara7a el bony yshaweg :P

atoona said...

sana 7elwa ya Fourme's bloooggg!
ya7laila the blog's a todder... 3uqbaal many years to come, growig old w/ wrinkels ;p

This Lady said...

Happy Birthday! 3oqbal malyon days of bitching!

I hope I'm not one of the "punch in the face" people!

FourMe said...

yup yup all me.. my artistic side kicked in :p

I know I know :p
hahahhahaha would love to see that.. I saw the riots but not the jingle bells scene..

looool now if you told me you made a woman cry by the end of the night I would of gave you a standing ovation here ;) bs tellin me you made a dude cry its making me go hMmmmmmmMmm.. the ordinary for you might be extraordinary for others..

wintay ebkhair babes thanx :*

thanx dear :)

3ayal khalay pony anony eyfeedich! You ain't getting nothing from me *angry face* ba7rmich mn elmerath!

sank you saaaaank you my dear zo0o0o0o0o0oN :)

aw thanx babe hehehe ya my bloggy is a toddler :D

this lady:
thanx dear.. hehehe la you're not.. you in nice people section :)

f7ee7eely said...

women kheft agoool -- etgooleen eshfeeh hatha yaay eytharre6 oo eyhaye6 3alaina hehehehe