Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The WishList

As always I do Ghadoor's tags without her tagging me.. I don't think this was meant to be a tag but I'm turning it into one so here goes FourMe's WishList..

1. Ring from Graff
2. Buy my OWN flat in London.
Not my family's, not my husbands, not my friends flat.
No I want to buy my OWN place.

3. Graff Necklace
I wouldn't mind a necklace from there as well.

4. Phd :/
5. Bugatti
6. Birkin
7. Ducati
(I want to own and learn how to drive this baby)

8. Handgun
Ain't it a beauty?

9. Meet my favourite footballer.
10. Jacob & Co
(any limited edition will do)

Last but certainly not least..

You're all tagged..


Soul said...

abeeeeehom kelehoooom =@

ma 3ada el footballer o him of course ;p

o ma abi hatha el Ducati, I want B's old Ducati :/

Anonymous said...

graff ma 3ndhm walad ytzwjni ? maby mnhm ela shabka ;( enough ! manby 3ers wla mahar :P 5AIRHN MAN GALAT MHOORHN

ZaMaHReeR said...

ma tabeni ana bil lista ba3ad?!!!
fee shay ma 7a6aiteeh mashallah 3alaich!!

madri laish askin eb london.. khali9at il amakin ily bel3alam!! khe6an eshfeeha.. waid a7san min london :P

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Aaaah ya Graff... Whenever I pass by their window I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Oh, and the handgun, a piece of art.

S E 7 E N said...

1) Nice But i don't think you have the money for it

2) Why not ile gablich a7san minich no inshalla you will

3) Same as 1

4) Same As 2

5) Same as 1

6) I really don't see whats all the fuss over a BERKIN

7) Hmmmmmm 1198s Next to my 996s would be amaaaaaaazing

8) I'd rather get this

9) WhO is HE ????

10) malat RAPPERS don't like it

11) i want him toO .... WHOs HIM ??? any way

Shoush said...

*sigh* Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

eshda3wa said...

isnt him 3ndich.. shldnt he be crossed off the list..

im gna refrain from a wish list 3ashan ma abchi

desertpalms said... first love of bikes first love of cars

ive only ridden the first..the 2nd one..i can only dream =P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i dont do bugatti...
i want zonda =D

shoosha said...

ya3ni eseemha wishlist!

3allamich u dont wish for a horsey 7aggi?

il na7asa min wain nazla 3alaich?

Um Mit3ib said...

matabeen wikalat graff ba3ad:P ?

S E 7 E N said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : 3ala rasi sij u know ur cars :)

Aurous said...

I want the Bugatti and HIM :p

f7ee7eely said...

entyyyyyy ahalech lazem eyzawjoonech millionaire bu ma3ash mayla7eg weyyach..

atoona said...

Graff.. *nods head* Niiiice!
handgun?.. now im worried about u ;/

Vixen said...

well its a good time to buy property now, i say go for it : p

..::Amu::.. said...

SHIT....I am pissin in my pants of you will carry that hand gun ;p

TOOTA said...

LOOOL THAT DUCATI IS KINDA COOL!! you buy it ow i teach you some tricks!!;p HAHA

Oranjina fadidra said...

4me your scaring me woman! why the handgun?

FourMe said...

hehe when I get them we can share them ;)

wala ya rait 3indhom I'd marry him in a heartbeat.. ana mabi mahar bs abi shabka mn Graff.. qanoo3a mo?

lol! lo mo 3indy thak chan 7a6aitik :p No noo my list goes on but I thought I should only list the priorities..

Its London baaaaaaaaby.. I wouldn't want any other place.. hehehe khai6an mafeeha 7ilween :p

I don't feel anything when I pass by it I just go numb and light headed.. So true ..

the birkin is art its not so much the design as much as its exclusivity..
8. oh maamaaaaaa that's one hottie!
9. mo shoghlik :p
10. its is very very nice..
I do NOT share HIM!

Oh yes they aree yes they areee..

I can never have enough of him.. yes very cheesy but what can I do :/

heheh do it do it!

how about we rent a Bugatti and rummage through the streets of London and end up the night in jail.. You up for it?

ham ma agool Laa.. would want that too..

FourMe said...

hahhahahahaha go do your own wishlist hatha malty 7agi magi :p

ya khtich ma agoool LA!

I don't share my toys! and HIM hMmmmm la tkhaleeni atwa7aad feechehny he's MINE :p

ee wala 9dagt :/ You know any? shda3wa hook a girl up dude!

heheheh its not for killing just for appreciating the piece itself..

yes I'll just sell my Graff ring and buy the flat.. *crying* I'm unemployed damn it.. I can't afford mcdonaldes let alone a flat in London :'(

You should.. you'll be first on my hit list :D

It ain't cool its a HOTTIE! You've got yourself a deal there girli..

Oran Fad:
Woman I love handguns they're a big turn on ;)

Ghadoor said...

7ubi it wasnt a tag .. ana 2alafta bro7i :p
wla chan i tagged u awal wa7da afa 3laich :p

SOS! said...

I went back home for 3 days last week, and it seemed to me like there was a birkin overpower. I would still like to think that having a hermes bag is something special, and I don't really appreciate how 12 year old are wearing them..