Monday, 17 November 2008

Spill IT! Once Again..

Remember this post where you were asked to spill a secret and it ended up being more like a group therapy session? Anyway this will be along the same lines of that post but instead of spilling a secret you will spill another thing that has been a burden on your shoulder. Did you ever want to tell someone something and you held your tongue back? Were you too embarrassed to say it? Were you too afraid to say it? Did you not have the courage to say it? What ever it is and to whom ever it is intended to just say it here if it was meant for a parent, sibling, loved one, an ex, a boss, a friend, someone that is no longer with you, a teacher, or Hitler. Just what ever it is that you wanted to say to a person and you couldn't. You have the chance to say it here..

Rules are as follows:
1. Comments MUST be left as ANONYMOUS.
2. State who is the person you wanted to tell them what ever it is.

Follow my rules or I'll delete your comment.. Yes I am the dictator of this blog.. Happy Spilling :)


Anonymous said...

-To my cousin
& a certain female blogger


-To the guy whom i met in the summer of 2005 in a seminar


-To the slutty girl who kept chasing the guy i met in 2005 in a seminar


-To the guy who touched me when i was 7 till 10

and fuck me for not stopping you!

Anonymous said...

* Father: i hate you

* Mother: sorry for upsetting you

* Ex: i still love you although you are a bad person

* Fiance: sorry for comparing you with him

* Cousins: act like one please

* Dearest cousin: i have feelings too

* Manager: mukhik m9adi

Anonymous said...

a blogger: WHERE'S MY HORSEY!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

isnt the spilling thing my deal?!


im gonna have to think abt this and get back to you!

FourMe said...

Anonymous aKa Shooosh:

you Spill your guts.. I listen to people Spill their guts.. I say we're in the same business..

Anonymous said...

hmm how about u do ur spilling too :P Tara 3ade nertha as an anonymous :P

LOL killa u ask Q'z n avoid answering them .. is it a way to encourage urself to talk ?! or just see how ppl think/react ?!

chena u can figure out who i am by now ;s

FourMe said...

Anonymous 4:
Who said I won't? Will do in due course ;) I never avoid answering questions.. I practice what I preach after writing the previous spill post I spilled a secret and posted it.. The point of the whole blog is to get me to talk and I think I've done more than talk/rant/spill/and complain here.. so no its not just to see what ppl have to say..

In a way I believe every person carries a burden with them and most keep it to themselves.. this might be a silly attempt on my behalf but trust me it is a good venting mechanism especially when its done as anonymous... and I'm quite sure every single human being has been put in a position that they wanted to say something but they couldn't..

hMmmm nope no clue..

Now my dear if you haven't spilled yet I suggest you spill.. or was this your spill and it was directed at me?

Anonymous said...

My Ex-wife: You are a mean horrible, horrible bitch. I hope you die a slow painful death.

I was the good one in this marriage. I gave up a lot of things to make it work, but you were too worried trying to get to your inner slut and become free of your family's control, and you dragged me down with you. Why did you do this? Why did you marry me, just to avoid your family's fucked up life and control, and dragged me into this? What did I do to deserve this?

You damn near ruined my life, and practically ruined my career to irreparable extent, which i am still working on rectifying you passive-aggressive bitch!

You wanted a fucking divorce to go "places" being single so no one would hold you down from being the bitch that you are. My family warned me of you but I stood against them and married you, you worthless piece of shit.

I am glad you got fucked over. I am glad that your whorish plans didn't work and that you got stuck with the social stigma of a divorced whore. I heard your family tried to marry you off as soon as the divorce papers were final to avoid people finding out you were unfaithful and was fucking around with men, even if just mere phone calls at night. I was shocked that your mom supported your horrible acts, but then again like mother, like daughter.

I am not one bit regretful I divorced you. Everybody was so happy I did. Friends, family relatives, ALL. Even most of your family! I am glad that most of your uncles gave you the cold shoulder and hated you for what you did, let your pseudo-feminism benefit you.

I was so glad half of kuwait found out about the divorce mere days later, and that your cousins still think you are a whore.

You are a prisoner of your own doing. You got hitched to the next bozo to cover up the story and im sure youre getting fucked again and probably divorced once more.

I love how everybody found out the truth and realized I was not to blame. I am glad that everyone you and I knew supported me and gave you the cold shoulder.

You claimed to be innocent, when I kept quite for the sake of MY reputation and for the sake of this god-awful marriage. You kept telling your family I was a bad person and I asked for bad things, when YOU were the one who asked for them and did them, and then blamed ME for them you passive-aggressive bitch. But when everything fell apart and people found out everything you did, you got fucked, and here I am standing.

You are stuck with a poor schmuck for a rebound 3ashan yaster 3alaich and here I am living my life with peoples love and respect.

Now whos hurt? ;)

Anonymous said...

To Father: I wish you would disappear

To Mother: You must stop asking the same questions everyday I can't handle it anymore

To a female blogger: You are a cynical bitch who is just rebelling by talking about sex all the time

To a male blogger: stop being so feminine and in touch with you feelings

Anonymous said...

to a sibling: i hate that you always have your ways around the house to do ANYTHING you want, and not care about the impact on us! selfish! but i still love you, even though i can never say it to your face.

to a parent: I know that you have been drinking long before i was born, and i appreciate the effort in trying to hide your addictive habit, but it doesn't work. i really do hope that a miracle would make you stop drinking, for I cannot bear feeling guilty because of talking to you in an angry manner. i love you.

to another sibling: stop remembering past childhood experiences and complaining to me about it! there's nothing anything can do to change it, life isn't perfect. If only you can see how lucky your life is through my eyes, you wouldn't put yourself in a depressive mood! i love u too.

to a lovely blogger: thanks for letting us 'spill'

Anonymous said...

To a female blogger:
I expected that outta of you , thought my turn would come and the tables would turn but never thought it'd be so soon. Anyhow,
5alai lsanej elwase5 ynf3ej you twisted bitch !

To mom:
I love to bits and pieces. Seeing you hurt before my eyes is hard to tolerate but i feel bound to do anything ! I wish I can do something about it without causing too much damage !

Soul said...

ollah ollah @@ lol lemme think of somoething yeswa :p

Anonymous said...

to Sa3ad:

im sorry for beating u up and making u eat soil.. I heard that u r gay now! im so sorry :/

to Abdullah:

Im sorry enni kent literally adoos eb ba6nek.. and used to call u Tahani..

to Abdullah's sister:

I'm sorry for hitting u with a bottle on ur head :/

to mom and dad:

Im so sorry for causing u guys alot of troubles.. ur other 2 kids are amazingly quite and deciplined, while I was little miss eveil.. sowwy ;/

that was all in the past.. thank god allah hadani now..

oh! and to Bader:

I wish someone breaks ur fuckin heart.

..::Amu::.. said...

I have nothing to say against anyone...but there is something I want to write. Everytime a post like this is written by you. I really get touched deeply with the way people are being hurt and I do say el7emdella for every thing I have ;)

Anonymous said...

To Sushi ;p

I love you so much :***

Please Come Back...

f7ee7eely said...

I used to have a crush on this girl and whenever I run into her I get butterflies in my stomach ( seldom happens to me ) ... so this one time I decided to take action and go talk to her, so I went after her to the parking lot of the avenues and the following dialogue took place:

Me: excuse me...
she: n3am?
Me: stare..
she:khair fee shy..
She: 3asa mashar..
Me:stare...( my tongue was so darn heavy and I couldnt spit a word)
She: rolls up the window...
Me:la7tha ne6ree eshwyyy el7achyy eby6la3...
She: giggles...
Me:...la7tha ga3ed a9afef elkalam...
She:....khala9 etha 9affaft el7achyy oo khala9t...ey9eer khair.

I went back with my tale between my legs only to face my friends's cynism....hehehehehe

tara el3ada aana moo chethy bas hal bnt lamma ashoofha ey6egny bo9far..

Anonymous said...

to him:
i hope you what i felt towards you at some pojnt to someone else...and then i hope she shuns you out the way you shun me out, and then i hope she keeps you hanging by a thread like you kept me hanging by a thread....and then i hope you come back to your senses and want me back...

and then, i hope is ay no, and watch you beg as i walk away...


and to a certain flana,
if you're so fucking bitter about living in kuwait and traditions of kuwait and life in kuwait, then go back to your fucking country and leave kuwait...its very simple!
ee kaify...deerty o at7al6am 3la kaify...l2ana ana eli bag3ad feeha oo ba'3ayer oo a9ale7...
bs ana mo ga3da akel akelha oo ashrab mayha oo a5eth floos-ha oo b3dain be an ungrateful bitch!
loo elwath3 a7san bdeertich, chan ma shefna reg3at wayhch hnee, dont you think?

i have nothing against expats, bs wallah yb6oon chabdy lma mo 3ajebhom deerty oo ohma eli yayeen hnee bkaifhom!

Anonymous said...

to a blogger: give shoosha her horsey

Anonymous said...

to her: i know abt him

to him: i know abt her

Grey said...

I've got nothing to spill out , its already spilled out on my blog anyways ..

Anonymous said...

to you fourme: mt3mda tshilen ilprivate option?

to a sister: adri ina u hate our mother bs sadgeni she did what she can and plz stop complaining about it, ta3abteny

Anonymous said...

To a blogger: you were offered a horsey, you refused as you dont have a place to keep ;p

To Ex: If I knew you would do all this after years of being together I would have fucking never spent a min with you. Even though the memories are too sweet but the way you left have shunned me...

I know life is a bitch...I know you probably got stuck in some trap...but at least a call to tell me its over would have made a big difference. I have hated women since that day. Every female I see I try to find you in her. I hate every women. Seeing them crying makes me happy. I know I have turned bad but its just not in my hands any more. I dont know to love you or hate you.

All I feel is I wasted my five years in vain!

FourMe said...

hehe whatever on your mind babe it will do..

somehow I don't believe that.. I'm sure there is something you would wanna say.. the least of it to your ex!

would never of taken you for one who gets his tongue in knots!

Anonymous 12:
Let her buy me an elephant first!

good to hear you're one of those who let it all out..

Anonymous 14:
yup I am private no more..

Anonymous said...

I've been staring at the screen for a while. I can't think of anything.

..::Amu::.. said...

I did as anonymous and its there :)

A Journal Entry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

to cousin:
i couldn't beleive houw u reacted that day when i most needed u..
u were not only a cousin to me u were my best friend.. i was really shocked by the way u "supported me" during that awful time

to a sibiling:
tara sometimes what u say is hurtful! ur too obsessed with perfection that u criticize aqal il ashya2!

to a friend:
ur not ra3yat muwajeeb at all oo that annoys me.. ur not a child anymore.. ppl expect u to respect them ..

Anonymous said...

To my father : thanx for everything u did to make me who i am today

to my mother : sij u love baby bro akther wa7ed oo sij ina ta3abtich while growing up but i always love u no matter what happens between us :*********

to my brothers : i'd die for your guys... sij inkoom mo kafow oo u always ruin and dirty up my shit i love u all

to my uncle : 7abeeby a7iiibik akther min omi oo oboy put together ... sij mi9tag3i9 3alay hel chum yoom bs maloomik ... but still i'll never forget what you did for me since i could remember ... thank you for all the toys, boats, bagiyat , il QR ile kila ithlni 3aleeh oo my job .. i love you 3amiiiiiiii

Anonymous said...

I need to break free from my inner inertia which is short circuiting my flow.

To someone who is really so pleasant inwardly:

I am getting to know you more and the more I am knowing you..the more I am getting to like you.

Or may be its just my hormones playing nasty.

I have this little crush, do you ?

Anonymous said...

to my friend: why didn't you tell me?

Anonymous said...

My friend: It was completely inappropriate, don't you think?

I still think I shouldn't have spilled the beans.

Anonymous said...

First of all, i love this post/spill session..

to my cousins: i miss u girls. i cant even remember why we stopped talking, but not having u in my life hurts.

to my person: i hope u realize that what ur doing is driving us further apart each day, and that if u dont do anything about it.. one day, i will be gone.

to my family: i love u so much, even though i dont show it enough.. but i do.

Cooookies said...

Wow .. allah e3een ilkil we9aber wefarij 3an ilmahmoom wefari7 gloobhum..

fourme yalla i insist ur turn :p

Anonymous said...

to ex:
even though i know that u lied to me and u did hurt me a lot i cannot hate u or treat u bad, u were good to me at times and i appreciate that

to dad:
i love u so much, i know u had affairs before and u screwed our life a lot but i still love u and thank god that u got back to ur senses

to mom:
i love u, take care of ur health pls if ur gone we would not have a reason to live

to brother:
i love u but i cant stand u, i seriously think ur brain is messed up, pls just let us live the life we have now and stop making it worse every now and then

to my friends:
i love u but every single one of u annoys me at times, sometimes i cant stand u at all

to a blogger:
u made me realise something without u knowin it, i thank u for that only

to fourme:
thank you for letting us "spill" here, im sure this made a lot of people feel better

FourMe said...

Was out all day long and came back to see the spills.. Glad that some are letting go of their burdens and opening up..

To those who thanked me you shouldn't have.. It is an absolute pleasure to hear what you have to say.. and feel free to spill here anytime you feel like it even if its not related to the posts I put up :)

Anonymous said...

to that fine machine in the showroom: i wish i could take you home with me...=( i love youuuuu...and i'll come back for you dont worry! just as soon as im 'official' LOL..and once my parents agree *e7em e7em*..COUGH: might take some time to convince them: COUGH COUGH =D

to my tutor at uni: wallah u got the wrong impression of smart.. really i am! =( its not MY fault im laaazy as well!

to a guy at uni: yeaah i know i already said this to ur face but again i say..YOURE A PRICK!

to a certain monkey: i miss you, you idiot! <3

to an anonymous emailer: stop emailing me with ur racist bullshit...mallaait minak yabn elhalaal! spend your time doing something worthwhile...ow im nt gona say anything more than Allah yihdeek ow yihdi eljamee3 inshallah!

and lastly to myself: try to stop second-guessing people's intentions and please let go of all your doubts...just live laugh and love without any second thoughts...

to FourMe's comment box: you stupid idiott..*punch punch punch* tryna tell meee theres an error! pshtt

to the one and only lady herself, FourMe: you're more than welcome to come over tomo to watch the england v germany game..we can scream and shout at the tv together hehehe =P plus i can fatten you upp with sweets and choclates..waddya say? =p

OH and i think u shud confess which team u support..yallaaa 3aaaaaaad masaakhteeha !

ehehe i think its pretty obvious who i am now dont you loool =P

FourMe said...

hahahhaha I knew you from your 'pshtt' ;)

Team?! Who? Football?!? What is that?! is that the small yellow round thing that you smack with a racket:P

As much as I would love to accept the invitation but I can't MUST keep the (not so anonymous) anonymity under wraps :P

Oh and stop beating up my comment box woman!!

Anonymous said...

no its not the yellow thing..its the big fat wooden bat im gona use to hit you on the head with! =p

hahaha laaa kaifii..i can hit ur comment box all i waaant and you cant stop meee..yeaaaaaah babbyy =P

okiee..u can always wear a gas mask to cover your face and use a voice changer LOOOOL at least the people on the street wont care...theyll probably start copying you and youll start a fashion trend =p

Soul said...

to a certain anonymous here:

how come u have a crush on her? she has a soulmate! what could possibly happen?

just wondering la akthar..

Anonymous said...

to 'the' certain soul: its the strange caprice of human heart.

thats why it is spilled as anonymous otherwise, it would always remain in the darker corners of my heart.

i am not expecting anything, although i am letting my mind get lighter by saying it.

yes, its for a selfish reason iam spilling it.

Anonymous said...

To Tanya: i hate u bitch .. ur the most fucking annoying shit on this earth .. get the fuck away from me u whore !! i hate u and hope u'll rote in hell ..

To forume: i love u ...

Anonymous said...

Dear ex:
I sometimes wish my heart stops beating because I can't take the pain anymore..

Anonymous said...

to my cousin

just because you got married doesnt change who you are

you cant hide your family

stop acting so ashamed of them
ohma taj rasich
bs intay moo kafo

even though you deny it we all see it

stop trying to be someone your not.

basich telizig esti7ay 3ala waihich

stop acting like intay ele so innocent so sweet oo 3ala neyatich and the rest of the world misunderstands you!

I know your trying to fill in some void .. et3awtheen naq9 feech

talking about designer bags and your traveling... maskeena

nesaina ma kalaina ayam tekshkheen min aldo and the only trip you took was when u were 8

so when you want to etifalsifain
latifalsifain 3alay ana

since you know a7i6ech ta7at aba6i.


Anonymous said...

To my Mother

you fucked up my life in more ways than one

i dont know how to love you

i dont know how to get a long with you

i hate you more than anyone and anything

eshda3wa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eshda3wa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

to myself

im so disappointed in you

Anonymous said...

i know your using drugs

stop fucking up your life and come home you ass

Anonymous said...

To him: ur such a selfish arrogant moody kid!
i swear to god if u don't start acting like an adult soon, i'll walk out of ur life in no time :@

GROW UP !!!!!

FourMe said...

hehehhe :*

Anonymous "Crush":
The least I can say is that I'm flattered :)

"Tanya Hating" Anonymous:
If you're a female, luv ya too babes who ever you are :)

If you're a male, would of loved you to if you only could spell my name write :P

Soul said...

anonymous crush:

no it's not selfish.. u expressed ur feelings.. thats good

Anonymous said...

to my father: who are you? i dont know you anymore. i never did. talk to me. please.

Anonymous said...

Did u get over your ex?

Anonymous said...

mmm... TO ALL BLOGGERS I HAVE Leukemia!! and by the way this is my first vist to your blog i love it!!;p

Soul said...

anonymous above me:

allah eyshafeek/ch in shallah.. what does it feel like?

*9ayra malgoofa*

PaLoMiNo said...

ajir inshala o el7mdela 3ala kil 7aal ;* :)
Leukemia is treatable & there is nothing to worry about :) Just dont forget ur medications plz :)

Anonymous said...

btw your one of my great friends in blogger and THANX by just saying that you made my day!!;p

MeeMzZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

it's a she
btw i'll tell you how is feels like how does it feel like spending most of your time in the hospital and what does it feel like feeling sick well, it sucks doesn't it well, that's waay worst and what does it feel like that you know that you are gonna die in 3 years or tell me what does it feel like!!

i'm sorry i know i was kind of harsh but i need to spill it all out isn't this post all about spill!!

FourMe said...

I tell people to spell right and I can't spell myself! Way to go FourMe :/


Anonymous with Ex Q:
I'm assuming the question is meant for me.. nop I'm not over my 'ex' and that's why we're back together..

Anonymous (above me):
First thank you dear, hope you'll keep coming back..

Second inshalla raby yashfeech w y3afeech w ya36eech 6olat el3omr w 9e7a wil 3afyaa inshalla goolay ameen..

There is nothing anyone can say that could make this easier on you.. but with medicine advancing day by day I'm sure within no time you'll be cured and you'll be around for a 100 more years to come.. just have faith that you will be around healthy and happy for years to come o inshalla you will... feel free to spill anytime..

and I know I won't understand how it feels but a very very dear person to me had cancer and I saw the hell they went through.. So I understand how much pressure it is.. so if you need to talk to a stranger anytime.. I'm here..

Anonymous said...


THANX FORME YOUR a really great person!!

Anonymous said...

ow i will need a stranger to talk to some day!! when ever i needed to spill i'll be right here!! and at amu's too!! your the best!!

PaLoMiNo said...

anon 7ayaty dont ever say u have 3-4 years to live!!!! New medications el7een increased life span to more than 10-20 years! o b3deen il a3mar eb eed allah :) naas healthy mafehom shy yemkin y6l3on min byt-hom o they die eb 7adith..
btw if u dont mind i ask, r u on Glivec?
7abeebti never lose hope okay :)

Soul said...


it's ok.. u don't have to say sorry! I intentionally asked u that question so u can spill it all out, and say it loud ;p

like what palo and Fourme me said.. never give up hope.. u may live more than all of us here..

again.. allah yashfeech o yashfi kel mareeth..

Anonymous said...

yeaaah i'm on Glivec no it's oky thank wallah i was over reacting about 3-4 years!! i started taking it 3 years ago my doc told me about it!!