Monday, 24 November 2008

Respect Me

Dear Family, Friend, and Acquaintances..

Now when you have a blog and you don't tell your family, friends, and acquaintances about it, does that give them the right to view and read it without your permission?? There is a thing called "Respect" where one respects ones privacy and if they have NOT told them to come and read their blog then they SHOULDN'T meaning You Do NOT Have The Right To Read The Blog Without The Persons APPROVAL!

If I haven't told you about MY blog that means I don't want you to read it. You are my friend, family, and acquaintance yet that does NOT give you the right to read it WITHOUT my permission. Now let me show you the way out (top right hand little red box with an X on it) and I would appreciate it if you respect my privacy and never return here again.

By the way it doesn't mean that I don't like you and I want to hide this from you it just means that the same way you have your private life so do I and blogging is one thing that I do not want to share with anyone except myself and my anonymous blogging buddies. I hope you understand and don't take it personally..

Much Appreciated,


Anonymous said...

mn omma sajja! w they come out of the blue.. hey tara we know u have a blog or tara we read ur blog regularly ...SHTABOON!


Anonymous said...

o tadreen shino eli yaqher zood ena they read comment chena a7ad ghareeb! WTH !! we're not stupid tara! ya3no ya u reveal urself o you say .. ya .....

Squirreliya - men sij !! shakooo !! ya3ni you read khalas sektaw! ya3ni mo kafe ghaseb tegroon yayeen etgolon laish!

seriously WTF is wrong with ppl! :\

ZaMaHReeR said...

yes respect fourme's privacy.. 9j ma 3indkom salfa.. la7qinha le ehnee!!

ana arfa3ha lich wintay le3beha double kick.. ok? :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee wallah people ma 3ndhom salfa =S
its annoying =(

Soul said...

I say go private again! le2anich mo bas eb tastereen 3la 3omrech o ana ma3ach, yaw5ayti fethaye7na malha tali lool

Cooookies said...

6ardaa 6aa6 6aa6:p

Um Mit3ib said...

im staying ;p

f7ee7eely said...

how can you stop them from reading your blog and its public?

you gave up your privacy by going public.....

eshda3wa said...

bye bye friend family aquaintance

respect the girl!

The Stig said...


FourMe said...

ya3ni fog shainhom gowat 3ainhom!!


mo chena entay 9arlich cham post mo awal wa7da wila ana ghal6ana?!

ee wala dude la7geeni laih ehny :/

hahhaha laa ana agoool pass it a7sen akhaf ashoot khad an0ny elmatfookh bil ghala6 :p

beyond annoying and disrespectful!

kekkekekekekkekekekek :P chena walahna 3ala sowalif tali elail :p khal9aay hal exams malootich fokeena.. thba7tena eb ntham e6aliba elmojtaheda :p

if you know me than Yes.. but if you don't then entay ely dakhla w ana ely 6al3a :)

hehehhe elmokan mokanich obooy brbsay bil 7alaal :p

I gave up my privacy to those I don't know but to those I know who I have NOT told about my blog they have no right to read it.. Its as if they are entering my house without permission or knocking on my door.. Just kicking the door open and walking into the house!

Does that sound right to you?

You tell them girlie.. listen to the doctora or I'll make her sedate your ass w tshali3 ethroskom kilikom!

the stig:
3ayal an0ny by9eer 3indaha 3eed o btsra7 w tmra7 bil comments ebroo7ha :p

Yara said...

exaaactly :P I deleted a whole blog when i learnt this person was reading it secretly and i've seen them loads of times and they never told me that they are reading it.. madri i felt like it was spying or something

Anonymous said...

anony: 7adda! although i no longer feel free to write anything :(

FourMe: shaklich betkarheen anony feeni :( since am the 1st to comment ;p


Anonymous said...

Squirreliya - looool ana baghait a3aseb o agolich laish mertaza bs gelt maykhalef entay etmoneen ;*
bs lo ghairech chan bakhat lo ...................

FourMe - madre shfeni :( el 3ethala makleeni akaal ya3alhom el tharba :'/

wait wait khal a36eech el fakh el mo matfokh chod yentefekh :P

shoosha said...

and that is why im private :D

Anonymous said...

Are u insane?
The internet is open to the public, and if you don't people to read your blog go private.
I'm not trying to insult you, but what you are saying makes no sense what so ever.
You can not tell people what they can or can not read.

..::Amu::.. said...

sounds like the bike post by toota ;p

FourMe said...

true is does feel like spying!

hehe no I just want to wind her up a bit.. 9ayra 7adha kasoola lazim adig'ha silf kil cham youm :p

you kharboo6a.. ma hagait you'll get beaten that fast! w fashlataa! w fothe7taa! Ya shamtaat elbloggers feech ya an0ny :/

seems like I'll join you soon :p

What makes sense is common courtesy. When you have not been invited to read something and you come across it by coincidence than out of respect for the person you cease reading it. Again it goes back to the person and his/her understanding of respect which might I add MANY lack!

How so? I'm talking about privacy respect and she's talking about road rage.. although I see your point about respect in both posts.

TOOTA said...

don't go private hathlaak nas fa'6een!!

Oranjina fadidra said...

Go private o Fkay 3omrich..!!

Aurous said...

allah y3eench 3la el.de3al ely chethy :)

Anonymous said...

If someone was to stumble across your blog accidentally, and find out who you are, then they are supposed to just stop reading the blog because they aren't invited? If you don't want people to read your blog, go private. Your blog is a public blog, and anyone who wants to read it can, unless they don't have access to it.

Anonymous said...

Respect you? :S Um, your blog is open to everyone right? Then they can read whatever they want.

Ur Fan! said...

Maliiiiiiich Sho'3iiiiiil Feeeeeehom!
Bloggich WOW! ;**
Testahlain ur privacy!

FourMe said...

9a7 elsanich!

Oran Fad:
Why should I! Just cuz they don't understand what respect is I should go private! Ely ana mo gaylatla 3ala elblog SHOULD yest7y 3ala weyha o doesn't read it..

alah y3eena all.. trust me 3ind kil blog you'll find one or two of those ppl :/

Yes that's what I said.. If they weren't invited then they have no right to read it because they know me personally.. If I wanted ppl to know me I'll announce it here I'm so and so and I'm writing this and that! But seeing I'm under an alias that means I would like my identity to be unknown so if someone knows me reads it and I have not invited them that means they're just being noisy buggers and they wanna know things that I haven't told them..

My dear people have different mentalities and this is mine. You may not see it my way but seeing I'm the one whos writing here then I would appreciate if if the knows he know me would simply not return till they have been invited :)

Anonymous under Anonymous:
Read the comment above please.

Ur fan:
thank you very kind of you :)
I doubt I will get it..

* said...

ur back! i've missed u! please don't go private again:(

Anonymous said...

Nooooo plz don't go private :'(

Anonymous said...

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