Friday, 28 November 2008

Maksoora w Tbarid!

Me no likey injections :'( Its that time of a year when I get my Flu Jab.. I hate it yet its one of the best thing those dumb ass scientist/chemical people came up with.. Preventing me from getting the flu twice a month all year long is a godsend.. So I plucked up the courage and took myself to the doctors and supposedly should get the injection.. Instead the nurse decides that I should get 2!! One Flu vaccination and one Pneumonia vaccination, apparently it prevents you from getting pneumonia for life.. So I got me an injection on each arm :( I go in for one and came out with two!! Ohh and I didn't even cry!! I deserve a lolly.. Hell I deserve to go shopping maybe I should :D

p.s. The nurse did look like that and to me the injection did look like that :/


S E 7 E N said...

hope it didn't hurt u .....
btw to they have an injection to make your karsha go away fast ???
am in need of 1 of those shots ??

Um Mit3ib said...

la ba3ad kanat akbar china ? bazookaa ?

Fastidious Babe said...

lool go get some shoes ;P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i really dont want to burst your bubble, but you were only vaccinated against pneumonia from one bug for life...but there are like a thousand others that can still give it to you


desertpalms said...

awww..thats my brave lil girl! =)

hands her a lollypop (which i actually have.. TWO in my handbag actually!! loool)

Cooookies said...

hal kuber 3ad ?!:P men gal u dont like injections .. correction men gal ur scared of them ?!:P

* ajir oo 3afya in advance !:)

FourMe said...

6 8 9 but not sefen:
hahahah yes its called "letting a hungry dog run after you on a daily basis" injection..

hehehhe shdarach :p

ahhh shoes yes they cure any disturbing experiance..

trust me all I care about is the flu jab the rest can go to hell.. but she grabbed my arm n injected me with that thing.. knowing me I'll kill myself by myself without the help of any infections as long as I have my temper..

hahaha I only like Chupa chups not those 10p stale lollies :p

ya khtich a6ag6ig minhom I have some weird needle phobia :/ ey3afeech dear..

Aurous said...

does the flu shot really work?

Last year many of my friends went to get the flu shot and they ended up getting the worst flu of their life :p

ms you're very brave and you deserve a shopping trip :D

desertpalms said...

LOOOL min gaal have the 10p stale lolliies haaah

it was drumsticks actually lollipop for you! hehehe =p

FourMe said...

you does work.. I got it last year and not even once I got my monthly flu.. I get feverish for couple of hours n feel like I'm sick but it goes away..

Ya I heard about that cuz 2 or so years ago in London they gave bad vaccinations and it made everyone sick .. my mom ended being sick for 40 days.. I think that's what your friends got..

heheh thnx dear and I went today :p

ewww imagine drumstick lollies from Kfc :/

hahaha meanie..