Saturday, 29 November 2008


I am sad very sad I feel so hopeless and unable to do a thing to bring about a change. I am sad and fed up of racism, inequality, and inhumanity!! Till when is this going to go on? Till when are human lives are being treated like they are worthless, meaningless, and pointless existence that can be discarded with the blink of an eye?! To the aggressor, this life he is killing it might seem pointless and all he can see is a human life that is a representation of an ideology or nationality or belief. To the mother who carried that human life for nine long months she sees hope, love, and part of herself in it. Who gives you the right to kill a human life??!! I am angry. Angry at the state that the world is in I want to do something anything to stop this inhumanity!

People are being killed every second for various reasons ideologies, beliefs, colour, political and religious affiliations, and worse for education!! Till when are innocent lives are being taken for such reasons?! Who are you to judge this person deserves to die? Who are you to be the judge and executioner??? Who are you to kill someones child, mother, brother, sister, friend, husband, cousin, and grandparents?? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? WHO HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU SUPERIORITY??

In Iraq over 220 + PhD holders have been assassinated since 2003 till the present day. Why? Because they are educated and can improve and help build up Iraq. In Palestine young children and teenagers are being killed on a monthly basis for the past 50+ years. In Afghanistan more killings. In Africa even more killings, in the Balkans, and in every spot in the world innocent human lives are being waisted with a a bullet, knife, or an explosion!!! And with the latest Mumbai attacks people are being killed because they are British, Americans, and Israeli!! Regardless of their ethnicity they ARE HUMAN BEINGS THAT GOD CREATED!

Enough is enough STOP judging people on their beliefs and origins. Don't judge by a persons skin colour and religious beliefs but accept a person for who they are. Who are you to judge FULL STOP!!

I cannot take this anymore what can I possibly do to help the world? I am one person out of 6 billion people my voice is unheard, I am undetectable, I am not seen, to the world I do not exist but I am willing to give my life to end this inhumanity and inhumane killings that are happening right this second across the world. We should be ashamed of ourselves, we should not call ourselves human beings, and we should definitely not boast about being Muslims because Islam calls for forgiveness, acceptance, and humanity. We as a world and specifically as an Islamic race are not doing anything to stop these acts that are happenings across the world. I hope and I hope and I hope that a day would come about where Human beings would stand united in bringing a change to the world and end this inhumanity and killings.


THE STIG said...


Notorious said...

It hurts every time I read about this topic .. but when will it stop? I don’t think anytime soon the reason si that people have the greed to want more and individualism .. the only way this thing can stop is if the nations r satisfied with what they already have and unit.. but they all know that but they’re not willing to change

..::Amu::.. said...

I dont see it stopping anytime soon :( its really sad to see all this happening....I just hope for things to get better soon....

sadia said...

i hope justice prevails...and fast.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

lel2asaf theres absolutely nothing we can do =S
life sucks...

f7ee7eely said...

eshfeeeh Haile Selassie?:P

Soul said...

salamaaat dear :**

human beings aren't smart when it comes to peace.

*big*bitch* said...

dat wont eva stop!! yall hate dead ppl y not stop em!! i personaly hate wars ma family died from wars me no likey!! we want peace!! we want peace!! we want peace!!

desertpalms said...

i know man...its fucked up =/

TOOTA said...

i agree with dandoon that's life it sux!! we can't do anything!!;p

S E 7 E N said...

ee wallah 7aram .... ppl are dieing every single day for no reason .... sij shay mo7zin

A Journal Entry said...

this is really sad..
oo lil asaf racisim is becoming an issue we are facing here in kuwait.. ayam awal ma kan il wath3 chithy..

eshda3wa said...

i wish we could forward a copy of this to alqeda and friends

FourMe said...

the stig:
even though this is a sad post but your comment actually made me laugh..

Its not only about nations its about those ill informed morons who are going around killing innocent people..but you are right about greed, if its not in taking more land then its about cashing in on the natural resources..

Inshalla it will I really hope so even though I doubt it..

Amen sister..

No there is I'm sure there is..we just have to get off our arse's and do something about it..

hehehe Yes that's one of my sides that I keep under wraps :p

FourMe said...

eysalmich dear :**
You're right they are quite the dimwits when it comes to peace..

Big Bitch:
Show me the way and I'll stop them.. If I knew a way I wouldn't complain here with my hands tied behind my back I would of done something to stop it already.. Yes we do want peace..

Beyond fucked up :/

Yes we can we just need to do something about it..

It so is :(

I have noticed that.. I think its becoming an issue because there are more ignorant people around these days..

Be my guest.. bs khofich they hunt me down and blow me up :/

Ruby Woo said...

It's an effed up world we live in. Instead of ya7midoon rabhom 3ala il ni3am, they go around blowing up people in pieces. Laish ya3ni laish? Shil hadaf?..

You know what I'm looking forward to? Judgement day and I'm soooo gonna be there looking at the stupid Qa3eda people once they realize they're going straight to hell 3ala hal azma ili imsaweenha all in the name of Islam.

Shawihaw soorat deenna 3ama ili ta3meehom inshalla goolaw ameen!

Âme said...

The reality is different from ideal talks.

When things get real on the road, then comes racism, partiality, my people ideology, intolerance, and anger.

About people dying, the entropy is accelerating and people are getting more chaotic than ever.

Materialism at its peak, is haunting like rabies infecting wild.

Most of us are helpless individually, but collectively, great difference can be bought about locally for sure.

~ Soul